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  1. I MISS YOU :pinfall: 

  2. Random Thoughts

      Exactly. You did the right thing. I would've done the same thing. It's your friends fault for not finding another way to realize. 
  3. Random Thoughts

      Never go past a mirror without looking at it
  4. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      AJ is
  5. ...Til Your Last Breath: Favourite AJ Moments

    When I first noticed her     16:34   & then her string of matches with Naomi (esp. that one where they both put their titles on the line) along with NXT just solidified my love for her.
  6. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      AJ is Jesus. Stephanie is Pontius Pilate.   
  7. ...Til Your Last Breath: Favourite AJ Moments

      I have playlist going. At the end of every video I am this dude and YT is Nicole and immediately plays another video.     But I'm gonna need full segments now.
  8. AJ Lee RETIRES!

  9. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      As long as AJ leaves him before/during the time he's getting fat.  
  10. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      At least I got a chuckle out of "they was"
  11. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      Omg I can't deal with that fool rn.
  12. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      omg tru
  13. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      DUDE like what is this??? I can't even start to overanalyze it
  14. AJ Lee RETIRES!

      Ok, now I know this is all a dream.  
  15. AJ Lee RETIRES!

    I mean, it makes sense she wanted to leave, but still. Ugh, as long as she's happy.