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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    New FCW and OVW matches added to my Channel    
  2. Women's Match Graphics

    Bumps this legendary topic
  3. What's Your Mixed Match Challenge Dream Team?

    Rey Mysterio n Tygress
  4. Does WWE make you turn on the girls you like?

    Thas right! Injustice will one day be made up for
  5. Superstar Photo Booth

    I uploaded some matches involving Mae Young Classic competitors Mercedes Martinez & Meiko Satomura    
  6. Does WWE make you turn on the girls you like?

    Yes, I usually favour the girls who are underdogs 
  7. Alright, I went out of my way to prove she wasn't defending Moolah, so y'all can cut back on the hate for living legend Princess Victoria The "Camp of Moolah" girls had some wild ass discussions after the Battle Royal fiasco occurred and were all lashing out. Princess Victoria (Vicki Otis) and her tag-team partner Velvet McIntyre were both on the "against Moolah" side of the battle. So there you have it. Put some respect on her name.
  8. You guys are so rude for no reason   Princess Victoria was one of the greats in her era in both the tag-team division and the singles division, and played the role of a babyface very well. Y'all judging her on "defending" Moolah is ridiculous when all she did was state her facts. She admitted Moolah being crooked and stealing from the girls, but also stated that Moolah was basically their plug to even get booked - which was true. They had to go through her to receive matches in that era. And she may have been a bad person but she did give a platform for women's wrestling during that time as well, so that's where she's coming from when stating they should've kept the battle royal under her name. But anyway, she really suffered a career-ending neck injury and was brushed under the rug in a heartbeat by WWE. She was even a tag team champion at the time and all they did was replace her with another wrestler to hold the belt. I mean, everything was handled differently back then but at the very least they should've paid for her medical bills to have the injury fixed. I understand her grudge against WWE because of that. If I suffered a life-changing injury in my workplace and got the boot due to it, I'd eliminate any trace of that company from my life too, I think that's quite normal. If anyone actually wants to see who she is then I got a ton of Victoria videos on my channel (CLICK).
  9. Maria wants to bring back the Divas title

    I mean at least she's promoting former champions like Jillian. More than I can say for WWE
  10.   WWE recently revealed the Female Superstar who became the first ever NXT UK Women's Champion. So if you wanna spoil yourself then go ahead and read below Source:
  11. Sara Lee Pregnant

    She could've been a champion instead
  12. Good because we don't want it either
  13. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    I agree
  14. Are there any apps that can give you a second phone number from a different state


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      @Ari M. @Ninja Balenciaga Omgah no it's for someone to call me without a hefty overseas cost

    3. Qwan™


      @Ninja Balenciaga I was just about to ask the same thing.


    4. Angelic


      It's okay, I love a good scam.