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  1. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

  2. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    BIG multi-women matches. Battle Royals as a number one. Make it a THEMED match and thats even better. I loved all the Halloween ones and Cyber Sunday type shit. OTT gimmicks are my favourites too. Ariel being a whole ass Vampire was something I fucked with, for an example
  3. Lars Canceles His Own Push?

    Ion know a thing about him other than he recently blocked openly transgender women's wrestler, Candy Lee, after flirting with her before finding out she was transgender. So he's consistently problematic
  4. Bird Box

    It's the better version of The Happening
  5. WWE announces women’s tag titles

    Suddenly I stan Mickie James
  6. WWE announces women’s tag titles

    Lacking Xmas Spirit for what?  Anyway, literally all of the former champs have individual Topps cards bar the Jumping Bomb Angels, who were the most relevant holders at the time, so the decision to air the former belts would be dumb dumb
  7. WWE announces women’s tag titles

    If they snub the history of the Womens Tag Team Championships then they can keep it
  8. Random Thoughts

     And not one lie was told  Gracias for yo words    
  9. Random Thoughts

    Earth isn't for me  I don't fit in on this normal ass planet
  10. Do You Miss Theme/Gimmick Matches?

    Themed matches were the best matches
  11. Hello

    WELCOME check out my classic youtube channels WCW Women's Wrestling and WWE Women's Wrestling
  12. Tamina feuding with Nia Jax as her career sendoff 
  13. I'll take my warnin points but Ronda better get injured from this mess
  14. Honest Opinion on Shayna Baszler?

    She's ugly & the UFC wrestling style is also ugly