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  1. Feuds That Ended Too Soon

    Rosa Mendes vs. Tiffany Savannah vs. Rosa Mendes Lena Yada vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Layla  
  2. The amount of comments similar to that i have on my YouTube channels is CRAZY
  3. Ok but where's "Alicia Fox: Crazy Like A Fox" Network Collection
  4. Thoughts on Ronda Rousey?

    Fuck her
  5. True but the season before that which had SCSA as the host and the sole power to eliminate the contestants, we still ended up with a winner who didn't make it to WWE TV while legit starts were eliminated weeks prior. Anyway, I'd rather a Diva Search 2019
  6. Hi there

    Right answer! Well hola, you're already one of my fav Heartbreakers
  7. Hi there

    Welcome! Did you watch WCW in 1999+
  8. Post Your Pictures

  9. Evolution was a success. Surprised?

    Cause on most shows where people generally buy tickets to see the men, majority of matches contain a dry crowd and even huge matches will have dead factors for the match. But at Evolution, every match (that I didn't skip) had a LIT crowd for the entire duration so that was shocking to me.
  10. Evolution was a success. Surprised?

    I was jus surprised the crowd was LOUD throughout the entire event
  11. Samoa Joe is injured

    Isn't he the one dat ended Tyson Kidd's career? Ion wanna say Karma but...
  12. Eva Marie is ready to return to WWE

    No thanks
  13. Charlotte Sued by Ex-Husband

    Get your bucks brodie  
  14. What's Your Favorite Lilian Garcia Moment?

    Here's a bunch of legend Lil Brawling with Stacy Keibler latina legend Charlie Haas accidentally knocking her off the apron Almost getting Widows Peaked by Victoria Getting dragged by Beth Phoenix And getting dragged by Stephanie McMahon Then her infamous interview with The Rock, her live performance of Torrie Wilson's theme song & her entire storyline with Viscera