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  1. Hello

    Classic fans are needed here so welcome g
  2. I GET HIS POINT But no and while we're on the subject... Candy Lee better be in the next Mae Young Classic
  3. WELL I was ready to come in here and plug the legends reigns but... It was the thought that counts tho
  4. Lemme plug some WCW pics for y'all while I'm here  
  5. Flop Title Reigns

    I've never been so mad watchin anything diva-related until they stripped her of the title. She really won a poll the week before on which was "Who deserves to face Mickie James for the Divas Championship" so that's why she probably got the role of being a pass-over from Mickie to Melina. Fucked up
  6. Flop Title Reigns

  7. I know most of y'all ain't watch WCW so here are her non-copyrighted matches from my channel... she came a long way Torrie vs. Madusa (CLICK) Torrie vs. Paisley in a mixed tag match (CLICK) Torrie vs. Tygress (CLICK)    
  8. Sunny Arrested Again

    @Wiccan Venus WCW prevails again
  9. NXT UK Spoilers

    I hate reading spoilers but I do it every time...
  10. This is why he was booted outta the Filthy Animals
  11. Charlotte n Sasha had a feud?