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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Y'all need to watch Tygress WORKING this routine. Voguing, ass-shaking legend  
  2. Hulk Hogan Reinstated Into WWE Hall of Fame

    The plus side of this means more showcasing of Wendi Richter from the Rock n Wrestling Connection which could lead to Cyndi Lauper finally hitting Celebrity wing HOF
  3. Four More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

    Along with Barbi Hayden, Lei'D Tapa, Jessica James & Tegan Nox
  4. Four More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

    Nicole was a backup for the first MYC so they'll probably add the others that were there as replacements too. Other than Jinny, they can keep this tournament though
  5. HB GIF-cionary

    Iconic, but idk which of my others qualify for the GIF-cionary  
  6. Rhea Ripley announced for Mae Young Classic

    Kaitlyn... Rhea Riples... At this point, I'm already over the MYC2
  7. Tygress Rey Mysterio Jr (WCW Unmasked) Spice Konnan (WCW Era)
  8. Should The Women Be Featured...?

    Even back in the 80s and 90s, WWE Superstars was used for secondary talent that weren't heavily featured as a spotlight superstar on the main shows so 9 times out of 10 it's just filler matches just so the fans aren't completely unfamiliar with them when used on the main shows. It's good for exposure and especially with WWE's now-hefty roster full of women so they should invest in using the girls more on minor shows.
  9. Which WWE women’s wrestler are you?

    I got Sasha Banks and I'm not happy
  10. Past/Present: Tag Team Edition

    Instead of adding a former talent to an already-formed tag team, I'll just pair one gyal from past & present.   Obviously Vanessa is new to the game but she just gives me Maxine vibes in all aspects so the duo surely is bound to work. As opposed to heel tag-teams like Laycool and the Iconic Duo, I don't see them doing the comedy act but more of a "mean and keen" attitude. Probably toy with a few male superstars in their run too.    I feel like Candice Michelle during her Vince's Devils era would compliment Mandy Rose in a pair for some reason. The way Mandy carries herself just gives me a sense that they'd merge well together, the same way Candice did with Victoria and Torrie. Maybe it's just me.   My excuse to add Tygress to every topic, but the pair could actually work out. Both portray the New Yorker with a feisty attitude and use their male counterparts to further their careers. In WCW, Tygress would have her teammates cheat for her to pick up wins - just like Mella does with Ellsworth.   More of a wildcard tag-team duo but if you deep it, they're compatable in more ways than one. I think if they were coupled up then they'd produce a unique tag team when it comes to aspects like their entrance, double-team moves and etc. Idk, but I like the look of the two together.
  11. Are Guts Becoming Sexy?

  12. Are Guts Becoming Sexy?

    I wouldn't consider it "my type" on paper, but then again I don't even think I really specify on a body type just as long as it's reasonably healthy. To each his own I guess
  13. Wait-- I just re-watched the Melina vs Alicia Fox match   Not Maxine getting that feature But, I wanna know why WWE hoards all of it's good footage from the WWE Network. How've they not uploaded OVW/FCW, the early days of WWE Superstars or the later era of WCW Thunder. My YouTube channels could be popping  
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Name a better duo
  15. Superstar Photo Booth

    I love their lil division, Candy Lee truly is a breakout star & WWE is gonna pick up on her sooner than later