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  1. Very normal for the era and Sherri/Moolah were koo after this so I guess it was a good thing to be done
  2. I mean that's different from the story I heard about WWE deeming her too skinny and releasing her on that basis
  3. I got a new women's wrestling game in progress for HB in the near future. Unlike last time, I'm making sure everything is prepared before the game begins. Stay tuned.

  4. Diva Spotlight - Every Diva Ever

    AEW Section added! This is basically a continuously updated roster page as opposed to a Spotlight page because I keep this as updated as possible. Highkey it should be a pinned topic
  5. Honestly I don't keep up with the ins and outs but I just know factually that WWE higher-ups are very pro-Trump and etc. As for AEW, we're not 100% sure on that yet other than Jericho (and I'm sure others) but I think more in terms of a company and a business, WWE takes the cake on the negative side - if that makes any sense. I think in this case it's more just a major star is pro-Trump and providing a platform for them, and just so happens to be on the AEW end and thus is bringing heat to the company when it's not really to do with them. Or maybe I'm looking at it wrong 
  6. Ding dong he wrong. But I think it's weird af that the anti-AEW fans are using it as fuel to have something against the company all the while supporting WWE which is doing more than just having a conversation with a Trump member, but fully well funding the Trump campaign as if part of his cabinet. Strange behaviour.
  7. AEW Beats Smackdown in Ratings/Viewers

    Not gonna lie, AEW is the first show in a WHILE I sat and watched from start to finish and wasn't completely bored watching male matches. It's definitely fresh and entertaining
  8. Check out my renders below - featuring new weekly content

    1. Christon


      Yas Audrey Marie

  9. Why didn't the WWE do photoshoots anymore?

    As a photo hoarder... this bothers me too
  10. Karma works in mysterious ways
  11. MYC III Tapings Announced

    The only thing WWE-related I look forward to yearly Shotzi Blackheart will defo make the cut this year
  12. You coulda jus posted in Extreme Rules or something instead of makin a new topic homie 
  13. New WCW Women's matches & segments will be uploaded to my YouTube channel throughout the next few weeks

    1. Christon


      Thanks for giving us this content! :clap:

      We love an early Torrie segment in HD!! Brings me back to watching it on cable.

  14. WWE Signs Indi Hartwell

    Been a fan of her for years... long overdue
  15. I'll be waiting on a house Martell / Dorne / Sand Snakes spinoff