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  1. The IC Title Curse Strikes again

    Rusev injured his ankle on a match with him. Though I think that was on Rusev for not wearing boots.
  2. The IC Title Curse Strikes again

    Will he be forced to drop the title? If he has to, please, not to the Big Show...
  3. Call to me, call to me!

    You can show off all you want. I'll give both my kidneys to meet Summer. Didn't even know she's in town and I'm in LA.
  4. Hello guys, newbie here

    I would but I'm a dummy, how do I do it?Nevermind, donated.
  5. Hello guys, newbie here

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys especially onetooth for the list minus #10 Rosa was amazing with Primo and Epico, they never should have broken that team up. I think she shines as a manager but not so much inside the ring. I think she should go the Eva Marie route and get some more training if she wants to get better.
  6. Hello guys, newbie here

    Thanks King
  7. Hello guys, newbie here

    I've been stalking this forum for quite a bit now but just decided to create an account. Have been a fan of divas since Here Comes The Pain. It sounds bad but I got introduced to them through the Bra and Panties matches lol. The Divas I'm a big fan of are Alicia, Summer and Lana. Hope to have some good discussions in here and thanks for having me!