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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Y'all these crazy bitches on this hockey forum are coming for Summer and all WWE women calling it a "slutty" profession. do drag a bit xx   http://www.talk-sports.net/nhl/girlfriend.aspx/Tyler_Seguin
  2. Summer Rae and friends shade Lana

  3. Summer Rae is featured in this month's edition of Men's Health magazine of Malaysia. She's featured as Danielle Moinet, not Summer Rae, and the article isn't WWE related. She's in a feature about the Fittest Women of Instagram, where she has a few photos, and discusses her favorite on the go workout. Queen putting in that work on her time off with the injury. Getting that exposure and building ha brand! Woo! 
  4. My fave didn't have to have her daddy out with her for the first few months of ha main roster career, baby. 
  5. First of all, ctfu at him asking to link him to some matches. I guess he only became an NXT mark when the four horses came.  Then for him to ask a fan in DMs if in their honest opinion, do they think Summer can "hang on the level with the best of them"... what a slap in the face to one of, if not WWE's most loyal, and mistreated employees. I know Summer Rae isn't a Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, or Charlotte in the ring, but for a home grown talent she's well above average, and makes up for what she does lack in ring skills in every other category. I mean, it is called World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT for a reason. She has THE best mic skills of any woman, and maybe any man on the roster. She takes any role, no matter how awfully written, and does it amazingly, but this man has the audacity to ask for links to her matches as if he's never heard of her, and ask if she can "hang" with the best? So disrespectful.   Also, it doesn't matter how incredible a women's revolution is, when it's benefiting two women. 
  6. Paige quits WWE?

    quitting a career she's LITERALLY worked on her entire life for a man she's been with for a few months and for sure won't stay with? sis...
  7. Summer Rae featured by Maxim

    Not WWE, sweetie. 
  8. First Impression: Raw or SD?

    SmackDown women's division seems to be fresher and more new and exciting, but I think RAW will continue to be the top show. 
  9. Ha tweet makes me think it has to be a return... then ha following tweet about making tonight's live event "light up"... dear god not AJ... PLEASE.   But yeah, a return or somebody totally unexpected like Eva.
  10. Raw & Smackdown Get New Logos

    these are both so hideous and cheap looking. let's hope the new sets and theme songs (if they're getting those) make up for this mess.  
  11. Superstars July 22, 2016: Results

    This match was cute. Loved Alicia's new gear. Summer getting ha first win as a RAW superstar! legends only 
  12. So Who will Be Sasha's partner?

    I thought Naomi at first, but idk now that her and Sasha are different brands. Summer would make a lot of sense, but WWE putting Summer on a show than Superstars? Think again.  I think Bayley is the obvious choice.
  13. NXT Women react post-draft

    Also this announcer slays. Renee Young shook? 
  14. NXT Women react post-draft

    Who tf is the Nikki gal? I don't even remember any news about her being signed 
  15. Eva Marie To Be A Judge At 2016 Miss Teen USA

    Yaaas! She better get this big gig.