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  1. Favorite B-Feuds

    one of my faves was deff eve vs layla when they were both on smackdown in 2009. thats when both have started to improve greatly. and their dance off ... 
  2. The Sexualization of AJ Lee

    I personally didn't enjoy it at first, cause it's not the AJ I fell in love with. But like Charlie said, it has warmed up to me. There are times where it bothers me that she portrays somewhat of a slut, and I at times do see awkwardness with it. But hey, at the end of the day, it is a gimmick and a great one at that. Crazy vs slut, how much can you do with both?
  3. AJ Lee's WrestleMania Diary

    oh gosh, reading all of this and watching these videos is so humbling .. i f-ing love this girl 
  4. Exclusive Q&A with Trish Stratus

    Having Trish steal Lita's finisher during their feud would've been so epic to see.
  5. Should they have been champion or not?

    i liked tori. so why not. 
  6. AJ Lee NJ Monthly interview

    aj <33 
  7. Raw March 18, 2013: Live Chat

    i missed the first hour, looks like i didnt miss much tho lol.
  8. Controversy: Michelle McCooL

    as much as i like the woman, i have to say that yes, she was waaaay over pushed. she basically, was in the title picture from late 2008 to early 2011. I agree that her being the first ever divas champion didn't really matter, as she was being pushed for the top face spot on smackdown. i think when melina was drafted to smackdown and michelle was put in that title picture was pushing it. melina could've been feuding with gail. when mickie won the title from michelle, that's when her mega push should've stopped. as for the unification of the titles, they should've never been unified in the first place. but anyways melina was always buried by laycool, which was bs. tbh it was ridiculous of how much she was in the title hunt when it should've been all these other divas. overall, she deserved maybe 1 or 2 times as champion, but all of these accolades and history making, just no.
  9. Death of the Divas Division?

    offt, a lot of interesting points guys 
  10. Best match of.....

    yup. if she returns to the ring anytime soon, i hope she actually wrestles instead of just hair pulling, catfighting, etc.
  11. New WWE PPV Revealed

    eh, weak name. 
  12. Which persona is harder to pull off?

    i believe it's harder to be a face. you have to have a reason for the crowd cheering for you. heel is deff more easier. you could just attack a huge face, antagonize popular stars, be a douche to the crowd, etc. if you have that momentum as a heel, then it would be easier to shift over to a face.