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  1. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

  2. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    This red carpet is BORING! Can we get a Ric Flair interview so Bhad Bhecky can send him flying through the WWE Evolution paper? That’s spicy!
  3. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Maria Mimosa looks 23, youthful queen.
  4. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Brie interviewing Madea? Maria Menopause must be a surprise entrant in the battle royal, c’mon wig.
  5. IMPORTANT: New Staff Member

    i’m a lil tipsy still but i just want to thank Mariah, Shoaib, everyone else on staff and all my friends and EVERYONE for this opportunity! I love this forum so much and always remained loyal so I’m so excited to expand our safe haven into the crazy world of Twitter! Plus I found out I can put this shit on my resume???? Oh mawma it’s on and POPPIN! WWE Universe twitter account found dead, dead dirt.com is a broken link. I’m so happy, thank you. Love u 💕
  6. Chelsea Green signs with WWE

    They may has well had just kept her after Tough Enough then. You have to go TNA just to develop a gimmick?? 💀
  7. Hello :)

    hey sis! i'm only here because i saw your name was 'barbiej33p' which is a FFUCKING BOP! STAN LEGEND KITTY OMG, welcome <3 
  8. Maria shades The Bellas

    Her child's spit-up is serving more longevity than her cartilage so success can't possibly be the best revenge because she has nothing like that. She has nothing of the sort.
  9. I've come to say that... Liv was robbed.
  10. Eva Marie's Brand Partners with Nordstrom

    She will finally be able to eat at night omg let me restan
  11. I would’ve never thought of all the women’s wrestlers she would turn out to be THAT girl and rebrand herself outside the world of wrestling but she DID THAT!  
  12. Liv is literally so happy y’all, it brought sis to tears   Her figure is so cute too!
  13. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    Honda’s husband in attendance, only one can dream that Alicia scissor kicks and splats his brains across the front row. #BringBackOurGurlz
  14. Did Trish separate from her husband

    He’s uglee so hopefully