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  1. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    Charlotte and Alexa. Lock the thread!
  2. The former WWE female superstar and TNA Knockout took to Twitter with the following series of Tweets.     It seems to be no more miss nice girl for The Rockin' Redhead. Are we about to be treated to some tea, girlies?
  3. Sunny claims Seth Rollins gave her an STD

    It's fake. Still a good laugh tho!
  4. NXT April 19, 2017: Results

    The match was nothing special, I don't think Liv botched tho jdjff since Peyton was doing the pulling on Billie's arm spot two seconds after so she'd have to sell Liv's break up in like .1 seconds   at least my sis looked cute, Iconic Duo were cute, no words for the othe member featured.
  5.   "It's ya gurl Liv! I ain't neva gave a fuck! You know me! Ya girl got no license! I prolly got a warrant! I could be on probation if I got caught up enough! All kinds of shit. Tags expired! FUCK 'EM! They ain't gon' get me, I'ma keep doing my thang! Got work in my sock, glock in the seat. We ain't playin' wit 'em! You gon' have to catch me, go 'head try to catch me!" - LIV  NICKNAME: Livvy Liv, Sno Bunny, (if looking to piss her off, call her Carmella-lite) GRADE LEVEL: Freshman AVERAGE GRADES: C's and D's SOURCE OF INCOME: Grandmother (Respected UCLA professor), Grandfather (Open heart surgeon) SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight CLIQUE:  The Token white person in the group, jocks, druggies (but just to smoke weed, crack is whack) HOBBIES/SPORTS: Camping out for the new Jordan's, getting custom made Snapback's from Lids, Gym, rapping PREFERRED MUSIC: Hip-hop/Rap ft. Drake, Future, Kodak Black, and Eminem FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS:  John Cena (friend/sidekick),  James Ellsworth (an annoyance), Carmella (arch nemesis), tries to fit in with anyone African American PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: A chick can only flip dough, spread pizza sauce, and put pepperoni's on Maggio's Pizza for so long before she finally commits the number one against the rules things to do: she eats the product while being the manager of the parlor AND on the job.  After being fired from Maggio's - a famous east coast restaurant that she was forced to take in order to help her single mother with the bills and her siblings - Liv decided she wasn't about that life. But she was about the life that was mirrored into the music she commonly bumped through her headphones: the street life. Liv befriended and became adapted to the lifestyle of the Jersey "hood", wanting to gain the acceptance and respect of the people she surrounded herself by. But this attitude caused much distress for her mother who had no choice but to send Liv off to Beverly Hills with her rich and established grandparents, hoping that Liv would find some guidance in her life. Or so she thought! Now that the new resident  has transferred, she's taking her brash and bold personality with her. But how will she be accepted in The Hills? Perhaps  she can only lace up the J's on her feet and find out! The last time The Hills saw the pint-sized loudmouthed Liv Morgan, she was in a Grand Theft Auto hot pursuit with LAPD after her smoke sesh with Kevin Owens ended going up in flames! But the Dirty Jerz native wasn't going to go running away from The Hills that fast because this trap goddess has returned with new alliances, new friends, and new enemies. Though a Freshman, the hallways have been buzzing about Morgan's arrival to the VKMHS and the trouble she's already found herself in during her young school career but this can't be the end for 90210's Danielle "Cash Me Ousside" Bregoli. 201 has some tricks and troubles up her sleeves, fa sho! PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blonde hair, blue eyes, nose piercing, 5"4 with a little bit of cake because she does squats. COLOR CODE: GUNS GO BRAAAP
  6. Liv Morgan

  7. Liv Morgan

    Pics from tapings!  
  8. NXT Spoilers

    Next tapings, I gotta make sure my ass is WOKE so I can really get these spoilers popping.  
  9. NXT Spoilers

  10. NXT Spoilers

  11. NXT Spoilers

    Y'all know NXT spoilers is my gig?!?! Wow! Can I file for unemployment? I have no purpose. @Mariah
  12. NXT Spoilers

    Lacey Evans is cute. But miss Sonya Deville?