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  1. Alexa bumps safely when trying to drag  too  
  2. Another Superstar Shake Up

    Okay but honestly, I'm not ready to Live because my sis needs more seasoning. I know if she goes to RAW - Bayley, Mickie, Emma, and Sasha will carry her to a good match and she'd just be over on SD because nobody on that brand can carry. But I just don't want ha to make huge ass mistakes frequently because she's green. I look at the backlash Dana and Lana get for their inexperience and it scares me for my own sis especially since she gets a lot of hate now as it is. 2017, I think she just isn't ready, I don't want this for her TOO soon.
  3. Another Superstar Shake Up

    Y'all ready to LIVE?!  
  4. Dana Calls out Lana's Ability

    I don't know if Tenille hyped up ashasebera's head over a glass of Sunny Delight once arriving to tonight's venue, but she most definitely doesn't need to be taking a page out of that book because where has complaining gotten Emma? Nia Snax? Tried the same shit and even IF she did end up on TV, what the hell has she been doing notably? This woman was playing cheerleader at ringside last week. I understand frustration, if I was in Dana's position,  I would be frustrated too. But this is not the way to go about it. Playtime is not only over but if she keeps it up, playtime might be releasedT.
  5. Liv Morgan

  6. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    This is honestly embarrassing to see the same ad  
  7. This was very cute. Sasha is so stank  by the fourth Cena mention from Nikki, Sasha was looking like "If I have to hear about this motherfucker one more time"    
  8. This is just turning into a big ass mess, I don't know what to say anymore.
  9. Another day, another topic snatched from me.
  10. Role-Playing Games | Discussion

    Olivia wants to scene. HMU  
  11. UGH I can't even deal with that rn
  12. I'm a Jacob Sartorious stan. 

  13. Emma celebrates 5 years with the WWE

    This is only sad to me because Nia complained about the same shit of not being used and found herself back on TV the next week meanwhile Tenille is staying seated backstage eating paninis and voicing her frustrations through 140 characters without seeing a result  
  14. Keep the shade in Sasha topics.   
  15. FUCK! My fav TNA knockout besides Alissa Flash. I miss her so much, she was so underrated.