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  1. ...Til Your Last Breath: Favourite AJ Moments

    Literally nearly everything from her and i'm not even kidding ya'll   but I guess if i had  to choose all of her segments in the bryan/punk feud where she was the focal point of the wwe championship only God J  , everything in her feud with Kaitlyn. her pipe bombshell and of course ZiggLee   and ohh her very limited interactions with princess Eve 
  2. AJ Lee RETIRES!

    Sorry for the long ass message but am kind of in my feeling right now 
  3. AJ Lee RETIRES!

    Omg noooooooo              I was in shock when I saw this on fb soo i came on here to check if it is real and unfortunately it is like i guess I was denial for awhile but we all knew it was coming but still ya'll     Thank you AJ for making me fall in love with wrestling again with the whole daniel bryan/ big show angle... i knew she were going to be my fav when I saw her on smackdown getting manipulated by bryan.. she was just amazing from there to the end and she just got better in each story line and ugh AJ was just one of a kind for me and I felt like i could relate to her soo much, and she literally helped me so much in my life with my depression that at one point her segments was the only thing that made me happy  and now i'm absolutely  heartbroken that she is gone   and now that she is gone, I guess I can finally bow out from wrestling all together... My whole bloody holy trinity is gone form wrestling and AJ was the final straw...  so again thanks AJ 
  4. Most Popular Diva(s) of All Time?

    I selfishly voted for Micike  because the stan in me  and AJ  really doesn't need my vote anyway   My rankings would be: Lita, Trish, Mickie, AJ ( interchangeable with Kelly), Kelly (interchangeable with AJ), Torrie and Sable 
  5. Random Thoughts

    It's always a great feeling knowing that you were being used, it's so awesome you guys, especially when a guy pretends to be your friend only because they think you would hook up with them. Ugh boys are the worst and i hate them. But most importantly i missed you awesome people a lot   
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    As Princess Eve would win the dance contest because she is the princess after all  but yes it was  I find it very hilarious that Lay the best dancer has never won one like why? 
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I would always fucking scream when Lay was in the dance offs and would never win      
  8. Random Thoughts

    yass the original Disney queen coming back to slay 
  9. Random Thoughts

    Yeah that is what I thought. great now i need to tell my close friend that her crush is flirting with me, this could get messy 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I cried so much when I first watched this, my heat broke  . This is what makes me fall in love with wwe again
  11. Random Thoughts

    so i;m not good with guys or anything so I don't know if my friend is flirting with me or not. I started out talking to him on FB and when I wanted to log off he kept insisting that I stay on and then started sending my voice messages of him singing that stay with me song  and another thing happened he kept making me dirty jokes to me and when  I was eating a banana and he said "good your practicing" , oh and he said he would teach me to play an instrument at his house. So is he flirting with me or being overly friendly? somebody help me here    
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    it's funny those twitter stans seem talk more about AJ then their own favs but hey keep giving the queen that promo tho slay     
  13. and woo lord Dixie is a moron, you never do your bread and butter dirty let alone for Vince Russo of all people 
  14. I know it's always fun to mock TNA but this is actually quite sad and must suck for the wrestlers. It's not fun seeing a wrestler lose their job let alone a whole bunch of them. I do wish for the best.
  15. Revisited: "Fire the Bellas: Yay or Nay?"

    lol I don't remeber what I said in the other thread but i would've said yes to firing them    Now times has changed and it is a whole different ball game and they have both greatly improved in the ring and on the mic and they have proved me wrong. I would actually miss them if they left, am a fan of them now. A little bit off topic but I feel like i'm the one only who prefers Brie over Nikki, yes Nikki is far superior in the ring but I still like Brie more, I don't know why tho