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  1. Santana Garrett Signs With WWE

    Cool for her, kinda wish she signed with AEW though, but whatever.. Santana is awesome.
  2. Impact Wrestling August 9, 2019: Results

    When is Tenille debuting? I need more wrestling to watch since AEW is not coming until October and I don't follow WWE anymore.
  3. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    The gameplay is very slow and repetitive.. Not to mention the endless amount of glitches because 2K doesn't know how to make games without glitches.
  4. Who wore it better?

    Cardi B has swag, she can make that awful outfit look good.
  5. Jillian Hall Expecting

    Congrats to Jillian. I'm sure she'll make a great mother.
  6. After taking a year off from watching this crap.. because you know, WWE is a pile of shit.. AEW still continues to impress me with the talent they sign and the shows they put on. Jazz and Ivelisse are great signings.  Really looking forward to their debut on TNT in October. Save us AEW.
  7. Disney rebooting Home Alone, among others

    Disney needs to fuck off. Stop ruining everything.
  8. Candice Michelle on Chasing Glory

    They couldn't throw her in the battle royal at Evolution.. Seriously? They should've called every women for that PPV.
  9. He's not wrong. It is unrealistic unless the man beats down on the woman, but nobody wants to see that.
  10. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    Relax. They gave her a script and she said what they told her to.. Don't cry about it now.
  11. Will AJ appear at ''Evolution''?

    She's the one person who won't be there.. She's never coming back to WWE unless she get's a divorce out of respect for her husband.
  12. Carmella’s Reign

    If they want the title matches at Evolution to be great wrestling matches, take the titles off Bliss and Carmella.. They're simply not good enough in the ring to put on wrestling classics.. she doesn't even get a reaction either.. I like Carmella as a character, but she struggles to get over with the fans. Evolution is about wrestling and how far the women have come in the ring. Carmella is a terrible wrestler. Her matches suck, they need to take the title off her for that PPV.
  13. Alexa Bliss Supports Hulk Hogan

    Fuck all the racist comments he made.. Just forgive and forget like nothing happened like he didn't offend an entire race of people. People are so stupid... No white person should have any say on this matter. Keep your mouth shut.
  14. Miz & Mrs Premiere Ratings

      It had to. It's on the USA Network.. If it didn't get at least 1 million viewers it would be cancelled before the season ends.. It's not airing on the shitty E network.        
  15. Booking the Tag Titles/All-Women’s PPV

    Ronda vs. Asuka should main-event.. Who cares about brands for this show. Asuka's stock has fallen a lot since WrestleMania, but it still feels like a big match..