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  1. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    Relax. They gave her a script and she said what they told her to.. Don't cry about it now.
  2. Will AJ appear at ''Evolution''?

    She's the one person who won't be there.. She's never coming back to WWE unless she get's a divorce out of respect for her husband.
  3. Carmella’s Reign

    If they want the title matches at Evolution to be great wrestling matches, take the titles off Bliss and Carmella.. They're simply not good enough in the ring to put on wrestling classics.. she doesn't even get a reaction either.. I like Carmella as a character, but she struggles to get over with the fans. Evolution is about wrestling and how far the women have come in the ring. Carmella is a terrible wrestler. Her matches suck, they need to take the title off her for that PPV.
  4. Alexa Bliss Supports Hulk Hogan

    Fuck all the racist comments he made.. Just forgive and forget like nothing happened like he didn't offend an entire race of people. People are so stupid... No white person should have any say on this matter. Keep your mouth shut.
  5. Miz & Mrs Premiere Ratings

      It had to. It's on the USA Network.. If it didn't get at least 1 million viewers it would be cancelled before the season ends.. It's not airing on the shitty E network.        
  6. Booking the Tag Titles/All-Women’s PPV

    Ronda vs. Asuka should main-event.. Who cares about brands for this show. Asuka's stock has fallen a lot since WrestleMania, but it still feels like a big match..  
  7. Jim Ross gives opinion on Carmella

    She's not a very good wrestler and barely get's a reaction... She'll lose the title to Becky at SummerSlam and drop back down the card... They tried with her and it failed.. Silence is go away heat and Carmella has that.
  8. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    No. My avatar is better than your shitty avatar.
  9. She's not known for being very intelligent.. She just spoiled the entire announcement, now there's no reason to watch RAW. What a dumbass.
  10. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    Only if she improved as a wrestler.. She was terrible at everything.. She came out, smiled and waved to the crowd. That's all she ever did.
  11. I don't know this chick, but all these Impact wrestlers are so sensitive because Impact is treated like a piece of shit now. Nobody respects that promotion.. It went from a respectable #2 promotion in North America, to being at the bottom of the barrel.. It's all about NJPW, WWE and ROH now.. Nobody pays attention to Impact anymore.   She also took part in a WWE tryout this year and didn't get the job...
  12. Hulk Hogan Reinstated Into WWE Hall of Fame

    It's about time.. Hogan is a legend, he should be back... Mistakes happen, he shouldn't be banned forever for some stupid mistakes. Everybody deserves second chances.. Just don't have him on RAW every week stealing everyone's TV time.
  13. Farrah Abraham wants a match with Alexa Bliss

    Who the fuck is this?.. Get out of the wrestling business you nobody.
  14. Who could be WWE's poster boy?

    The first poster .., Elias is shit in the ring, one of the worst in WWE.   The answer is Seth Rollins.
  15. Did Trish separate from her husband

    Are you fucking kidding? This is actually a thread.   Focusing on women wearing their wedding rings.