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  1. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Never forget the first Latina in WWE Nidia, how these cunts ignore the trailer trash blind goddess 😩
  2. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Dana jobbing to BUGLY 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Since their in Dallas, imma need Jackie Moore to appear tonight and stiff a bitch!! Or become a mentor of Dana Brooke (I randomly love this bitch) 
  4. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Evolution will be feel so rushed with no build up especially with over 50 women featured 🙁
  5. Hell in a Cell 2018: Live Chat

    Okay Becky vs Charlotte was somewhat underwhelming given their awesome storyline! But I honestly don’t care that the match was verging on basic, Becks is finally champion again!!! I just hope Charlottes next win isn’t for awhile! Let Becky face the likes of Naomi and Asuka first, even Carmella one on one :3 Alexa vs Ronda was okay, I’m glad Rousey didn’t dominate, that’s never fun and Alexa held her own I guess! Just keep her far away from the title for at least 2 years like Becky ❤️ Bitches coming for Maryse are annoying, she hasn’t wrestled in years but she took bumps and she looks good so honestly who gives a fuck!? The mixed tag served its purpose ya heard me! Alicia Fox becoming a modern day Sherri Martel with her crazy ass outfits!? All for it, keeps people talking DOES IT NOT???   
  6. Raw September 17, 2018: Live Chat

    A gauntlet or #1 contender match battle royal plz  literally something fucking different!   Evolution is the next PPV so let’s get the build up started!! Announce Tag Titles, more matches, returning legends etc...
  7. Okay I agree that I hope they don’t drag Shayna Kiari too long, i wanna see Bianca in the title scene like STAT   Bianca and Nikki have amazing chemistry together, all that personality was fun to watch, they’d make great tag team champions in the far future ❤️❤️❤️
  8. WWE Evolution Leaked?

    Honestly they will probably announce it after Hell in Cell, since that’s their focus rn, also Shayna vs Kairi seems likely but Bianca better somehow insert herself into the title bout!
  9. How long does it usually take to upload all segments on YouTube? I missed everything 😥
  10. WWE Evolution Leaked?

    Ivory doing something with Bayley would be a dream come True for Bayley!! I say save that for the Rumble! Bianca will obviously be the one facing Kiari Ember vs Asuka seems random but I’m all for it  Alicia and Kelly!??? Lmfao!  Naomi vs Melina ❤️❤️❤️🙏 We need some stipulation matches tho ❤️
  11. Raw September 10, 2018: Live Chat

    Not the only one ^^^
  12. Raw September 10, 2018: Live Chat

    Elias and his lisp, annoying lol
  13. Raw September 10, 2018: Live Chat

    Ember vs Dana should have been on Raw, ughhhh
  14. Raw September 10, 2018: Live Chat

    Okay fuck Alexa, Foxxy cost that Bitch the title plz 🙏
  15. Raw September 10, 2018: Live Chat

    I legit thought Diva Supreme was Ember Moon holy shit lol Big Show is so annoying good lord