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  1. WOW – Women of Wrestling

    Jungle Girl oh wow. An original 💕😩
  2. Favorite Female Faction

    Team Bad 😍
  3. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    Laycool vs Bellas sounds so good! Ughhhh 
  4. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    How would you book the inaugural winners!? Personally crowning them in a chamber seems so lazy to me. This should definitely be a WM moment and a tournament of sorts needs to happen. I also don’t like how the match will only feature teams from Raw and SD.... especially in light of the Laycool, Team Beatie and of course Bella’s rumors?? I’d want all three teams involved tbh
  5. Omgggg plz be true 💕💕💕
  6. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    Bianca doesn’t sound bad at all.... is she now a face tho? Or is this heel vs heel?
  7. Should have been CHAMP!!

    Luna and Tori 😩😩😩
  8. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    I feel like shenanigans will occur for some reason. A DQ perhaps? 
  9. Should have been CHAMP!!

    Heel Naomi was incredible indeed. A title run would have been great in 2015. Hope she gets a few more before she retires. Jacqueline is an HOF but both of her reigns are complete trash which is why I hate that TNA didn’t give her an industry reign back when the Knockouts were hot! She deserved at least one GOOD REIGN! Roxxi, Sarita, Traci Brooks and Alissa Flash deserved some love too!
  10. Should have been CHAMP!!

    I’m obviously a Nidia fan girl but in 2004 when Trish was injured and Lita was “pregnant” WWE should have built Nidia into a huge star by having her defeat the evil Trish Stratus. She was over and talented af, instead WWE released her. It is my dying wish to see the trailer park princess back in some form (I’d settle for a RR appearance) :cry
  11. Should have been CHAMP!!

    But for some dumb reason WWE or even TNA for that matter never gave these ladies the opportunity to be in the history books! Who should have been champion!? And to make this interesting which reign would you scrap from the record books in order to rewrite history!?
  12. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    Nidia and Nobles trailer trash gimmick 💕❤️❤️💕
  13. Raw January 14, 2019: Live Chat

    The tag titles are so pretty!! 😍 much more effort went into those compared to the men. I would have liked a tournament of sorts, not some random chamber match but the match itself would be different for the ladies! Sonya & Mandy Nia & Tamina Alexa & Mickie (something tells me Alexa will be cleared just in time) Riot Squad  The Iconics  and Trish & Lita!? Or  Bayley & Sasha  Or Naomi & Asuka (should be Cameron) Or  Bayley & Natalya  will be the teams
  14. Bianca Belair Reveals How Her Hair Whip Move Was Developed

    Can’t wait til she hits the MR