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  1. Possible Location For The 2019 WWE Backlash PPV

    I know. It seems as if though the WWE always goes to cities like Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, NYC/NJ, Philadelphia and Boston when it comes to PPVs.
  2. Even though it hasn't been announced yet, I've been hearing rumors that the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri will be hosting the WWE Backlash PPV in late April. Thoughts?
  3. IMO, I think it's getting old. Thoughts?
  4. What would your reaction be...

    Or what about pajama pillow fights, Halloween costume contests or Santa's Little Helpers matches that the women used to do for Tribute to the Troops?
  5. What would your reaction be...

    ...if for some reason the WWE brought back bikini contests and lingerie pillow fights?
  6. Divas Storylines vs. Women's Storylines

    During the Divas Era, most storylines either included the likes of two women fighting over a male Superstar or the mean girl type like LayCool bullying a good girl babyface like Kelly Kelly but these days, the Women's Division storylines have gotten more intense like the recent Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch feud. Thoughts?
  7. Would you like to see the Diva Search return?

    I don't see the WWE Divas Search returning anytime soon. Let's face it, the Divas Search came at a time when the WWE hired mainly models but these days, the WWE has hired more wrestlers and athletes instead of models thanks in large part to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who are determine to treat its female Superstars as equals to the male Superstars. 
  8. Back when the WWE had the Divas Division (which consisted mainly of former models), the TNA Knockouts were serious and fierce fighters who combined beauty with athleticism. Do you think that the WWE Women's Division has been influenced a lot by the TNA Knockouts as of late?
  9. WWE Diva Costume Contests and Matches

    Definitely, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon pretty much took that away due to the fact that they want the women to be treated as equals to the men not to mention that those segments tool place during the "Divas Era" and that the WWE wants to put the "Divas Era" to rest.
  10. WWE Diva Costume Contests and Matches

    Remember the time during the Divas Era when the WWE did Halloween Costume Contests during Halloween and Santa's Little Helper Matches during Christmas? But unfortunately, the WWE has stopped doing those matches now that we are in the Women's Revolution. Do you miss those kind of matches? I do!
  11. With the exceptions of Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey (who will be facing Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women's Championship at SummerSlam on August 19), I notice that Total Divas cast members such as Carmella, Nia Jax, Lana, Naomi, the Bellas and Maryse are being pushed ahead of the likes of Asuka, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley, among others. As a result, it looks like the likes of Banks, Asuka and Bayley may be left off the SummerSlam card. Thoughts?
  12. What did you think of John Laurinaitis as WWE's Head of Talent Relations? During his tenure, he mainly hired former bodybuilders and football players for the men and former swimsuit models for the women while rarely hiring indie wrestlers (CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were notable exceptions to the rule). With that being said, would the likes of Sasha Banks, Asuka and Bayley would not be in the WWE right now with Laurinaitis at the helm due to the understated beauty?
  13. Should The Women Be Featured...?

    Basically, WWE Main Event episodes tend to feature a match including either the likes of Curt Hawkins, Heath Slater, Rhyno, the Revival and Apollo Crews as well as a cruiserweight match.
  14. Women's Matches on WWE Main Event

    Why don't the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss have matches on WWE Main Event (the show that features low-carders and the Cruiserweights) anymore? Back during the Divas Era, it wasn't uncommon to see women's matches on WWE Main Event or WWE Superstars where they would get more than two to three minutes.
  15. Like for instance, bra-and-panties matches, pudding matches, Santa's Little Helper matches, bikini contests, pillow fights and Halloween costume contests or have they been retired for good?