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  1. This cursed content appeared on my feed. If I had to see it, so do you.



    1. Black Canary

      Black Canary

      View the photo full sized if you dare..

    2. Charlotte's Weave

      Charlotte's Weave

      :skull: I - he's always doin too much. 

      Image result for wwe staring gif

    3. Layout
  2. I’m late to the party but I really like BTS’s music.

  3. Gonna tell my kids this is Nikki Bella

  4. What happened to the thread about Dakota/Shayna?

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    2. Black Canary

      Black Canary

      Same and then I saw girls talking about it on Twitter and remembered to come take a peak at the tea and it was MIA

    3. Shoaib.


      they broke up

    4. Mariah.


      I didn't realize Dakota was in the closet, so I deleted.


  5. :terri:

    1. Black Canary

      Black Canary

      Why is she still here making discussion threads? 

  6. I don’t often remember my dreams but last night I dreamt that Miley Cyrus was hanging out in a giant recycle bin outside my childhood home and we had to call the police to collect her and they sent her to a mental institution.

  7. If you want a good laugh, go to Brian Cage’s Instagram and watch his stories of his wedding to Melissa Santos and her signing to Jewel to him really badly. :trickie:

    1. Ninja Balenciaga

      Ninja Balenciaga

      They deserve each other. :stephanie:

  8. Renee Zellweger is iconic in What If.


  9. Thoughts on Tyler Blackburn coming out?

    1. Black Terminator

      Black Terminator

      Proud of him. I knew he was bisexual for years as well as Ashley Benson. Helps to have had gay friends in high school and middle. It took him some courage to come out on interview and I am happy. Much more respect for him. :) 

  10. ok you brittleboned methhead

  11. Gays and girls, make sure you preorder Rita Ora’s long awaited second album Phoenix. It drops on Friday :shook: 

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    2. Travis


      I'm busy that day


    3. Black Canary
    4. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      I really wish she had thre album ready when Anywhere starting gaining success.

  12. Rest in Piss

  13. [Bridge: Lady Gaga]

  14. Who won the challenge?

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    2. prince.


      That's not a nice way to address me, Cordie. But @Henry Cavill I did!

    3. AntiKingAndrew


      definitely not the host

    4. Gavin


      we all lost

  15. Toni Storm is so talented that she made a Shayna Basler match exciting.

  16. Arriving at the Royal Wedding microphone.gif

  17. This is amazing while I slept 1100 of you all followed me you all are amazing! I adore all my fans! Thank you for being a #Cavillnator

  18. What is your sig from? It looks amazing.

    1. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      Sailor Moon.

  19. Procrastination

  20. So how many new members are just WSM only members these days? :specky:


  21. Prepping to celebrate Fistmas. ??

  22. Do you have an issue, sweaty?

    1. Gavin


      I don't know what you're talking about


    2. Black Canary
  23. It's nearly 2018 and I just saw a man wearing a DX shirt.