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  1. Kiera Hogan Comes Out As LGBTQ+

    Good for them! That article though 
  2. NXT UK Spoilers

    Day 2 https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/07/spoilers-for-wwe-nxt-uk-tv-tapings-from-plymouth-720-656580/
  3. Richard Madden’s pap strolls with his man getting him some marvel coin Excited to see what they do with the Mandarin and the Dr Strange horror movie.
  4. Veronica Mars Season 4 teaser drops

    I rushed through it to avoid the spoilers. I really liked it. Thoughts on the final ep
  5. General Gaming

    Played a little bit of Marvel UA3 on handheld and it was enjoying it until the boss fight with Sandman and the screen became to cluttered with people.
  6. Worlds of DC | Wonder Woman 1984, One Year Away

    I picked up Shazam on Blu Ray and I really liked it. It has such a different vibe than all the other superhero movies out there.
  7. Vince's senile ass is going to think Ruby got implants when K8 shows up.  
  8. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    Can she go back to blonde?
  9. He's so handsome. IDGAF about the Witcher but I'm gonna watch every minute.
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    She looked really cheap. 
  11. NXT UK Spoilers

    Day 1 https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1115987-nxt-uk-taping-spoilers-7-19