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  1. Nikki Bella Can't Masturbate

    Slow news day?
  2. WWE signs Lacey Lane

    This thread  this chick is talented and innovative
  3. Comics Thread

    Interesting if true..    
  4. PROGRESS Wrestling

    So what are the best Progress matches featuring the women?
  5. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    That Extreme Rules match was a mess. Can WWE please send Nia back to the PC to learn how to sell moves? And Alexa to build up some strength? It was embarrassing at how Alexa is not strong enough to make the weapons look impactful. I never noticed Ronda's disgusting cauliflower ears before. And if that match wasn't bad enough WWE aired that SummerSlam commercial was made in Windows Movie Maker.  I just signed up for the free trial of Progress Wrestling, so let me cleanse my palate with some Moustache Mountain and Toni Storm matches.
  6. John Laurinaitis as WWE'S Head of Talent Relations

    How about the rumour she spread that the Bella's were fucking their mother's boyfriend?
  7. John Laurinaitis as WWE'S Head of Talent Relations

    Was his hiring the issue or was it WWE's inability to make stars for the past decade? Maria is hardly a reliable source.
  8. Hulk Hogan Reinstated Into WWE Hall of Fame

    Of course 
  9. WWE signs Lacey Lane

    Is she good in the ring?
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Which messy f*g scripted this promo?