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  1. Kelly Kelly on Chasing Glory

    Yep. She said if she returns to reality TV, she'd rather do that sort of show instead of a show revolving around her personal life.
  2. Kylie Rae Quits AEW

    Did she get into some sort of altercation with Brandi?
  3. Asuka

    Her YouTube channel is everything.  
  4. Superstar Photo Booth

    Yes. Safety first, but make it fashion. 
  5. Superstar Photo Booth

  6. Superstar Photo Booth

  7. Thanks for the memories.
  8. Mike Kanellis Asks For His Release

    Hmm. So Maria hasn't asked for her release. From her IG: 1. Family first. 2. I love and support my husband. 3. I make no apologies for either of my pregnancies. 4. Mike never went to rehab nor did WWE pay for it. 5. Mikes addiction was from about September 2013-July 2017. 6. We debuted in June 2017. 7. He never took time off. 8. I have not asked for my release. 9. You can unfollow me at anytime if you don’t like what I stand for. 10. Suck it. P.S. Have a nice day!  
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

  10. soon does Cody snatch Eric up just because?
  11. Zoe Kravitz Cast as Catwoman in "The Batman"

    Zoe is going to slay as Catwoman. I'm so here for this casting.
  12. Mike Kanellis Asks For His Release

    I doubt they'll grant his release. Poor Mike.