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  1. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    Gurl!!! No one ever talks about Clueless the TV show. I used to love that. I'd watch Clueless, Breaker High & Sweet Valley High all the time.
  2. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    OMG! I never got into Will & Grace, but Queer as Folk was my jam when I was younger. I think mostly because I knew I wasn't allowed to watch it, but it was so eyeopening and really stayed with me.
  3. Normani

    Normani snagged a Puma campaign!  
  4. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    Madonna. I fell in love with her music when I was a kid and that really was monumental for me as a young gay boy at the time. And I also have to mention the Spice Girls. I was the ultimate Spice Boy at the time and that really helped shaped how a lot of my classmates & people around me viewed me.  
  5. Vanessa Borne

    Y'all better stan!
  6. IIconic Goddess drags King of the Smarks

    I'm SCREAMING! No lies detected though.
  7. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    In the segment last night, Charlotte said that Carmella is a diva in a woman's world or something like that.
  8. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    This has to be @Vinaro's fault somehow, I just know it.
  9. IIconic Goddess drags King of the Smarks

    Well deserved. His initial "apology" was horrendous, condescending & creepy as hell.  
  10. Music of the moment

    Got milk, bitch? Got beef?  
  11. Miz & Mrs Renewed for Season 2

    So happy for them!
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

  13. Danity Kane

    Hands up if you're excited for the reunion tour!  
  14. I really hope the stories Safaree is telling about Nicki aren't true. Domestic abuse is not cute.