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  1. This Queen's Court situation is a mess. C'mon Khia, get your shit together.

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    2. Travis Roucka

      Travis Roucka

      lol khia didnt pay for shit because khia didn't ask for any of those over the top props and tacky skits. maddie was the one being extra. 



      Khia still continued to sit her ass down for weeks to continue filming so I don't wanna hear that excuse, it's actually becoming more worn out as this situation progresses because it only shows her unprofessionalism. She just so happened to clam up when they booked that Monique interview and left Maddie by herself? Yet it's funny people wanna run with that excuse because there is an actual youtube video from years ago of a Khia vlog and it had the SAME get up as the Queen's Court of today minus Maddie. Hell, they had someone introduce Khia with all the props and stuff so why all of a sudden is there an issue today? Doesn't make sense. 

      This is a silver lining cause Khia is self sabotaging and Maddie doesn't need that. She was getting booked by actual important people before Khia so she's good. 

    4. Ninja Balenciaga

      Ninja Balenciaga

      Who do y'all think Madison will get to replace Khia? I can see some people not wanting to get involved due to all the drama.