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  1. Scarlett Bordeaux among New PC Recruits

    She's here to give Diva stans what they want. Get on board.  
  2. Scarlett Bordeaux among New PC Recruits

    I wonder if she'll get renamed.
  3.   Four new recruits have reported for training at the WWE Performance Center, strengthening the ranks of WWE’s training facility in Orlando, Fla. The latest group to report includes three independent women’s wrestling standouts and a referee. Chicago’s Elizabeth Chihaia – aka Scarlett Bordeaux – has made quite the name for herself in America and abroad. The self-proclaimed “smokeshow” has been a standout for promotions like Mexico’s AAA, Ring of Honor and Ohio Valley Wrestling. Ashley Urbanski, who has performed under the alias Shotzi Blackheart, made a big impression on the WWE Universe during the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Celebration, which streamed live on WWE Network. Ashley Urbanski, known on the independent scene as Shotzi Blackheart, is renowned for her fierce, in-your-face style. Fans will recognize Urbanski from her standout performance in a No Disqualification Match at EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary Special that aired on WWE Network. She was presented her WWE contract by NXT General Manager William Regal last month at an EVOLVE show in Atlanta, Ga. Australia’s Samantha De Martin, also known as “Impressive” Indi Hartwell, has been just that during her time on the indies. The 22-year-old has cited Bayley and Sasha Banks’ epic battles in NXT as her inspiration in pursuing a career inside the squared circle. She’s racked up titles in her home country and for promotions like SHIMMER. Referee Stephon Smith is a graduate of Ohio Valley Wrestling and has donned the stripes for EVOLVE Wrestling. Referee Stephon Smith rounds out the group of newcomers. Smith, a Baltimore native, started out as an in-ring competitor before transitioning to donning the stripes. He’s a graduate of Ohio Valley Wrestling and most recently officiated for EVOLVE Wrestling before joining the PC.
  4. Scarlett Bordeaux

    She's there!  
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I love twins. 
  6. Superstar Photo Booth

  7. WWE Under Fire Over "Racist" Shirt

      Dis tew much.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Joey is spilling all of the ROH tea & I am here for it.
  9. Such a weird situation. Meltzer says it wasn't an issue with the plane or weather and that something else happened. Satin says it's something with the plane. PWInsider says it's something with the plane, but something else might have happened. SRS says something might have happened with Vince. So weird.  
  10. Women’s match to actually take place at WWE Crown Jewel

    Will the E! cameras be in Riyadh? 
  11. Halloween Hurt or Heal | Scream wins!

    Scream (1996) - 16 (-2) Interview With a Vampire (1994) - 8 
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

  13. Halloween Hurt or Heal | Scream wins!

    Scream (1996) - 20 (-2) Interview With a Vampire (1994) - 10 
  14. Halloween Hurt or Heal | Scream wins!

    Scream (1996) - 25 Interview With a Vampire (1994) - 13 The Shining (1980) - 10  The Craft (1996) - 7 (-2) Halloween (1978) - 12
  15. Halloween Hurt or Heal | Scream wins!

    Scream (1996) - 25 Interview With a Vampire (1994) - 15 The Shining (1980) - 8 The Craft (1996) - 11 (-2) Halloween (1978) - 14