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  1. Favorite Matches from 2018

    1. Royal Rumble 2. Becky vs Charlotte - Evolution 3. Kairi vs Shayna - NXT Takeover : Brooklyn
  2. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Well, i'll just pretend this match never happened just like I did with Money In the Bank 
  3. I'm hoping that Kairi wins back the title tonight but I'm pretty sure Shayna will retain via some shenanigan from Marina or Jessamyne.   Team Smackdown is definitely winning this year. Having Sasha joining Smackdown and screwing up Alexa would be a nice angle but I doubt creative will go that route, they'll probably juste usher Nikki Cross in the team (or Mandy but they could have announced her on Smackdown so we'll see.)   I don't see Ronda vs Charlotte having a clear winner. It'll probably end via interference from Nia and Tamina (or Shayna if she loses tonight). However this is WWE we're talking about so they'll probably make Charlotte lose to Ronda and have her celebrate with nothing else happening. 
  4. Mariah Carey

    So what do you guys think about GTFO ? I really like it, it's a bit different than usual and quite catchy , I'm so happy she's back 
  5. I'm happy for her, she's been consistently good with every role WWE put her in.
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

      God this was so iconic 
  7. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV: Live Chat

    That match was so good, they told such a great story!  Kairi is one of the best babyface in all of WWE 
  8. Enzo Amore Vows to Never Wrestle Again

    Well hello, let's celebrate that
  9. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    RIP Jim. I feel so bad for Nattie and her family, hopefully all the love they are receiving is going to help them get through this.
  10. Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

    I really liked Xia in last year's tournament, i can't wait to see how much she has improved!  
  11. Hello, hello, hello!

    Hey guys! I've known about this website for a while now and I finally decided to join, i'm excited to finally be able to discuss women's wrestling with other people ! I've been a fan since I was 6 years old, my first experience with wrestling was playing Wrestlemania X8 on the Gamecube with my first match being Stacy vs Trish in a Steel Cage Match, I've loved wrestling ever since! female faves: now: Alicia Fox, Naomi, Ruby Riott, The IIconics (and might start to stan Liv Morgan soon!) past: Jillian, Aksana, AJ Lee, Layla. male faves: Andrade Cien Almas, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn.   (I'm french so hopefully my english isn't too bad ahah)