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  1. Yerrrrrr

    this would be cute if i didnt hate eve's divas championship reigns 
  2. Yerrrrrr

    let’s not get carried away now
  3. Yerrrrrr

    she’s from jersey too and was a broke bitch.  she’s relateable to me 
  4. Yerrrrrr

    i lowkey wanted this one. future champion. next?  
  5. Yerrrrrr

    we love a welcoming committee 
  6. Yerrrrrr

    cute girl! has plenty of potential if she only had the support! her and emma would have popped off together, i’m sure of it
  7. Yerrrrrr

    i’m a twitter fool (@fymSTEVE) and was told to join this forum so here i am bitches.  i was always playing the wrestling games growing up (Smackdown 2 know your role/SVR Series) but the first wrestling segment i ever watched was “mickie james gives trish stratus a present” on youtube when i was around 9-10 and i was hooked. shoutout to @Taryn and @Travis Roucka for wildin out on twitter and making me wanna join the stan community. idk how active ima be on here but.....i’ll always be lurking   anyways. current day biddies i stan are Liv (cuz we from the same area code in jersey), Mickie James, Naomi, and IIconics if creative ever gets their shit together. divas: AJ LEE (DONT @ ME.), Beth Phoenix, Mickie James (yup she’s here twice bby. legend.), Melina, Trish, Chyna, Victoria ask me about any of the other girls i’ll tell you my opinion