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  1. Ember Moon whoops Becky Lynch on Twitter

    I am enjoying this. Tear that bitch apart.
  2. Raw April 8, 2019: Live Chat

    Please have Becky lose a title tonight.
  3. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    Omg. Charlotte was supposed to win but Becky the greedy bitch conspired with the ref for a quick 3 count on Ronda and all the glory.  
  4. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    The match sucked. Anticlimactic finish. What a waste of a main event slot. 
  5. Not the former Diva's champion I wanted but glad she's supposedly coming back to a match that she likely won't win.
  6. Raw April 1, 2019: Live Chat

    Wtf @ the arrests and cop car brawls. So stupid and extra.  The only thing that can save this three way feud from flopping into oblivion is if they blueball Becky and have Char win at WM. 
  7. Smackdown March 26, 2019: Live Chat

    Charlotte always wins.
  8. Apparently WWE aren't interested in him.
  9. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    I hate her. I wanted a final championship run. 
  10. Raw March 4, 2019: Live Chat

    They didn't show anything related to Vince's Devils or even Dawn Marie smashing a vase over her head. I am fuming Legends like Torrie deserve better. 
  11. Lana calls out Ronda Rousey

    Yes. Attack the real overrated enemy. The man can't bring ratings or wrestle all that well either.
  12. Not Ronda Rousey. She's going to turn it into Doomsday Preppers. 
  13. Oh wow. ChyNia Jax breaking barriers.   
  14. Backstage News On A Potential Top WWE SummerSlam Match

    Stephanie McMahon better bury B+ Becky Lynch.