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  1. Top 25 Matches of the Year

    Charlotte is always present on these YE best lists. She really is that bitch.  
  2. Eva Marie is ready to return to WWE

    Come back Red Queen. Give me a reason to watch someone pretty on WWE television unlike Rondike Rousey.
  3. Idgi. Why are people calling her a coon and white? 
  4. Brie vs. Maryse Announced for SD Live

    If Maryse can still lift her leg high enough to do the french TKO I will stan again. 
  5. Maria wants to bring back the Divas title

    I've only posted twice about Maria + someone has to keep it real.  Btw, you should be nice to me I know heal bell. I could use it on Maria's busted wrist.
  6. Maria wants to bring back the Divas title

    She didn't win it before and she's not going to win it even if they bring it back. 
  7. SummerSlam 2018: Live Chat

    Who gives a shit about that washed up bitch, Rhonda. Legend Becky turned heel... I think or she just became an even bigger babyface. 
  8. Trish coming back to extend her record to 8x champ. These hoes thought they could catch up. 
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I remember back when that bloated, cholesterol riddled, whale told Kelly Kelly fans to kill themselves.  Like, all we were doing was stanning a future legend. Mind your calorie intake, fat.
  10. Here for it because it means Bayley will be the first one out. 
  11. I agree.  I still don't think that he'll reach The Rock/Stone Cold levels of stardom. I think he'll have a cute Edge-like career.
  12. Nikki Bella RUMOURED to be dating a WWE Executive

    Not surprising. She needs someone with the means to keep up with her spending habits. Queen. 
  13. Agreed. But idk why he thinks he needs a WM main event. It's not like it's going to elevate him onto the same level of stardom as The Rock or Stone Cold.  Times were different back then.