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  1. This kinda stuff worked out so well for TNA.
  2. Pokemon

    I mentioned that I do a lot of Pokémon breeding, and I'm slowly starting to catch everything I see with plans to breed its line to work towards completing the Pokédex, but I was thinking of taking requests if any of you have Pokémon you want bred. I picked up the oval charm last night which makes Pokémon breed eggs at a faster rate, and I have a a Flame Body Pokémon to make the eggs hatch twice as fast, and I've caught adamant, modest, and docile natured Ditto for stat influence. If there's a Pokémon you want but haven't gotten around to catching yet, or if you want a Pokémon on your team now that you can’t get until late game, or or if you just want a "better" version of one you already have, I was thinking this could be a fun way to help me complete the Pokédex without it feeling as tedious (Or to give me something to do when I’m waiting for new raids to spawn or when the system is down. Like now. Again.) You can choose between those three natures, and gender and ability preference. And I have Sword, but I've already been traded a few Shield exclusives, like Ponyta, Corsola and Spritzee, as well as all three starters. Idk what my Dittos' IVs are so I can't help you if you're looking for competitive Pokémon, but that's what bottle caps and vitamins are for.
  3. Should Superman Be Rebooted and Recast?

    No, he's worth the wait. 
  4. I know she was the It Girl at the time but damn.
  5. Pokemon

    Someone finally figured out how to get the rainbow Alcremie and I tested it and it works. You have to evolve Milcery at dusk, and I spun counter-clockwise for 30 seconds and got the rainbow form.
  6. When you and @Travis are finished copying @Mariah.'s homework, someone pass it to me.
  7. I haven't done my list yet because I kept meaning to ask, are we scoring them 1-10 for each category, or just one score that averages all three? Because if it's the first one I wasn't trying to do that much work.
  8. Pokemon

    Okay it turns out it has to do with the topping you put on Milcery, time of day in-game, and which direction and how long you spin the character kjhkljh. My Alcremie is blue with strawberries.
  9. Pokemon

    Do we know what determines Alcremie’s flavor yet?
  10. Mark Wahlberg Cast in "Uncharted" Movie

    I liked for this comment, not the announcement btw.
  11. Well I wasn’t feelin his energy.
  12. He's ugly but I'll take it over Harry Styles.