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  1. Go in but now my question is who was her and Goldust's kid with while she had time to ask Sable these questions.
  2. Holy shit this is DISGUSTING. 
  3. Pokemon

    I haven't done any of the battling stuff on the island yet, I've just been catching everything I can find so I can breed its line. The island feels like kind of a maze. I played for like three hours before even discovering Loop Lagoon when I turned into its cove running from a Sharpedo gkjhg.
  4. Pokemon

    The cuteness of being chased by Jigglypuff and Buneary as soon as you step foot on the island is worth the $30.
  5. Pokemon

  6. RIP Former WWE Superstar Chloe

    Chloe having more accomplishments to her name than a lot of these girls today. We'll miss legend. ❤️
  7. New "Wonder Woman 1984" Poster Leaks; Cheetah Revealed

    Her still having human ears. Sis is about to look like Tori at WrestleMania 15.
  8. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    He and his twink need to leak a tape.
  9. Bravo TV

    They have been trying to take Kyle down since season 4 and always end up digging their own graves. Based on the editing of the past episode, this season will be no different. Garcelle is grasping at straws for a storyline, and Denise's marriage is about to blow up in her face. Also Denise keeps touting about her career like she didn't fall all the way down from the A-list to being on a soap opera. Kyle has a major motion picture coming out this year, off the legacy of a movie she did 40 years ago. Nobody is still talking about any movies Denise did, unless its a countdown of the worst Bond girls.
  10. Pokemon

    Staryu, Horsea and Psyduck all making the DLC. C'mon, Misty.
  11. Rumored Marvel Cinematic Universe X-Men Line-Up

    I'm happy with this lineup. I think Jean, Storm and Cyclops are essential and I'm glad they're holding off on Wolverine for now. Sunfire especially I think is a nice addition, but I'm a little meh on Thunderbird. I hate that Colossus is being used as such a surface level character in Deadpool, because I think if you had him in Thunderbird's spot in this lineup, that would have been perfect. And I don't mind them holding off on Rogue until Brie Larson is ready to leave...
  12. Jojo and Bray Welcome 2nd Child

    I thought her stitches were still healing from the last one, its been that long already? 
  13. Drew Gulak Back with WWE

    A beacon of hope for 2020.
  14. Deonna Purrazzo Regrets Pulling Out of All In For WWE

    I believe it.