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  1. My Heel Dancing Choreo

    It's been a month and I've made some serious dance gains!!! Growing from working with amazing people and I wanted yo share.  
  2. My Heel Dancing Choreo

    Here's my new choreo I came up with, I'm seeing improvement I think.
  3. My Heel Dancing Choreo

    Funny you bring up the lip sync,. I used to perform drag 10 years ago in the clubs (I'm 31). I've been a bro is the gym since I quit, but wanted to take sexy heels class for extra cardio and skill development.I literally made this up in 20 mins. I agree with the space.. I was doing this in my room. The knee pads was because I was practicing my floor work, and I'm not about to bust my knees for this. I'm a big time rookie, i'm aware. I can slay my classes k pop choreo, but my house has so much fucken capet i have no where to slide.
  4. My Heel Dancing Choreo

    NEVER!!! No one can compare
  5. My Heel Dancing Choreo

      Hey guys,   I recently started heel dancing classes and whipped up a short lil choreo in like 20 mins.  I've only had 4 classes so far, but none of my moves were stolen from the choreos I've learned. Don't be too hard on me because I'm still learning.Tell me what you guys think!!!
  6. I'm Canadian and not a Trump supporter lmfao.
  7. lol, uneducated one track minded poor individual.
  8. Priscilla Kelly Vomits on Joey Ryan's Penis

    this girl is such trash. she don't love herself
  9. Here's the thing people, before I get bashed for sharing my opinion let me start off by saying I'm an openly gay man that used to be giant liberal. Now I'm an openly gay man that can see the arguments some conservative make. This whole Trans thing is becoming way to fucking much. I agree with Santino if he made these comments on competitive real sports. I do not think trans women should be going out playing hockey or whatever destroying the other team full of born females with their strength due to hormone replacement therapy. Regardless of the intake of estrogen, their T levels will always be way higher than a born female. However, wrestling is a two person dance that involves protecting one another so hes stupid for making that comment within this realm. I feel like society is turning life into a witch hunt for "the white man" and it's ridiculous.
  10. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    poor Ruby, the girls more of an after thought then I expected
  11. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    can ronda always cosplay Sonya??
  12. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    this promo is really bad. poor riot squad. Charlotte's a beast beside them.
  13. Lana Selling Her Gear

    that cut from Total Divas must be hurting her spending habits. She don't love herself.
  14. Random Thoughts Went to WWE Live last weekend and posted a clip of me trying to save Alicia's life. She must of appreciated the attempt and started following me!! Just wanted to share the highlight of my day   xoxo gossip girl