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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Dexter Lumis and Karrion Kross
  2. She has been shining lately given some more opportunity so maybe she's not lying... kill it Sonya!
  3. Impact Fires Tessa Blanchard, Strips Her of World Title

    A racist and a fool. I hate an I-can't-be-bothered type of bitch. Girl, bye.
  4. Impact Wrestling June 23, 2020: Results

    I'm sorry but Deonna is boring and always has been. I hope she can change my mind.
  5. Wow, so sad that he and many others have gone through things like this. I hope him speaking up about this helps others do the same. A man speaking up about something like this will hopefully help other men who would normally remain ignorant understand the importance of this movement and do better to be an ally to all victims, whether male, female or other. 
  6. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Just got around to watch Raw and can I just say that I am so here for The IIconics push. I love them so much. Also, I love Billie but girl needs to learn to take a belly bump without putting her knee down... drives me insane. Lol.
  7. RIP Former WWE Superstar Chloe

    Ugh RIP. We stan a legend. 
  8. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    I listened to Corey Graves’ latest podcast where Randy was the guest. Based on what Randy said, it seems like the decision to have a program with Randy was Edge’s decision. Randy said he was honored that Edge “chose” him and trusted him to work with for his return match. 
  9. Total Bellas Renewed For Season 6

    We already knew
  10. LOL its on Forbes. I'm not here for never again but definitely not for a while.
  11. I definitely wouldn't hate this! I liked her back in the day. I still remember her debuting with the open challenge from Awesome Kong. 
  12. Paige Criticizes Use Of Women's Tag Titles

    Yes, i forgot about Glow Money as a team! I like them together. And I agree, I want to see Dana get a singles push and in general I have no interest in Jessamyn and Marina so I can't disagree there.
  13. Paige Criticizes Use Of Women's Tag Titles

    I completely agree with her. They seem to be doing better now with the return of the IIconics but I hope it will continue. There are actually a lot of teams so they could be doing better. Kabuki Warriors IIconics Bayley & Shasha Nikki & Alexa Dakota & Raquel Shotzi & Tegan (apparently) Vanessa & Aaliyah (but where's Vanessa? Is she injured?) Dana & Carmella (listened to a recent podcast where Dana talked all about how her and Carmella are a great team because they were signed the same day, started the same day, etc.) Nia & Tamina (been a while but can be back together) Kacy & Kayden Jessamyn & Marina They could have had Fire & Desire (although I have enjoyed their breakup) and The Riott Squad but they ruined that.