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  1. Ugh Cherry truly is one of the most underrated and forgotten ladies of the past. I stanned this feud.
  2. I will always be salty about Alicia dropping the belt so quickly. But this does bring back great memories of how shocked and happy I was when she won the belt. One of the times I was genuinely surprised.
  3. Congrats to them! I think Renee will make a great mom.
  4. #byedon Even more excited to see Kamala take office!
  5. This is a massive loss for them, honestly. Hopefully she is on to something better. I’m sad to see her go but proud of her for standing her ground.
  6. FINALLY Deonna steps up on the ring gear. She looked fantastic. The sidewalk slam on the apron early on in the match was brutal! A great spot! I have to be honest and say I am not excited for Su to be back. I don't know what it is but I have just never been into it. I honestly prefer her much more as Susie.
  7. Agreed. She deserves and it’s time.
  8. They really did THAT. Would have been sooo good with a live crowd. Cannot wait to see Sasha finally defend a title successfully... she better.
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