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  1. Impact Wrestling August 9, 2019: Results

    Thanks for always posting these! I used them to finally catch up on Impact because I haven’t watched in a while and they reall6 have a great division. For whatever reason, though, I can’t really get into Su. I’ve tried but she is just meh to me.
  2. Well fuck... I actually really like this show and I feel like she’s about to ruin it. 
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules Ugh sometimes I really miss Stacy. I wish this feud with Victoria had gone on longer.
  4. Santana Garrett Signs With WWE

    Oh that’s great! I honestly haven’t followed much of her career but I remember enjoying her run with Impact. I’ve heard great things so I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to to the table. 
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Candice is really on insta live right now talking to 50 people about how she couldn’t figure out how to create fill in the blank lines on her mac computer because she was using the wrong font.... and talking about this 21 day champ challenge shit... I-   I think I need to turn in my stan card cause I just can’t. 
  6. Finally got to watch this and Io and Candice showed the FUCK out! That match was amazing! Candice finally getting the chance to show everyone wha she can actually do. It was great!  Shayna vs. Mia was... meh. Shayna grew on me for a while but I’m back to being over her. And Mia doesn’t interest me that much. The match was good but was second rate compared to Io vs. Candice. 
  7. It was amazing. Trish is amazing. I wish there was more build but so happy she got one last singles match. 
  8. Jillian Hall Expecting

    bitch.... Rasabelle Clemintine... sis no
  9. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    Ugh it was so good. I stan Trish forever and always.
  10. I’m shook! Looking forward to seeing her again.
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Honestly though if this means the tag titles will actually become a part of the show it might be for the best
  12. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Alexa’s power 
  13. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    oh..... well Let’s not make that fool famous girls c’mon now y’all are better than that 
  14. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Luv, you really just said cents instead of sense    im sorry let me not be rude just cause i’m mad IIconics have been done dirty as usual ugh
  15. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    WTF was that... we really about to see the god damn Kabuki warriors as champions I’m done
  16. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    At least they looked good with offensive before they lost but still. I hope Mandy & Sonya win.
  17. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    They really did the IIconics like that...
  18. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I will never understand these fatal FOUR ways where only TWO people are legal at once...
  19. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Am I the only one excited for the tag match? Trish 
  20. Stratus V. Flair Tale of The Tape

    That is beautiful! Great work. And I’m excited for the match. 
  21. We’re tired of hearing this argument, regardless of who is speaking. Anyone can win a fake fight people... it’s called entertainment.
  22. Candice Michelle on Chasing Glory

    I listened to this morning. I still stan Candice but as many have pointed out she doesn’t make it easy...
  23. That’s great news. I’m so damn ready for this match! 
  24. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    gah such a fucking man, i’m obsessed.