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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I feel like I shouldn’t turned on but I am
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I feel like I shouldn’t turned on but I am
  3. Shadia Bseiso released from NXT

    I’m sorry who
  4. Eve Torres Reveals Past Sexual Assault

    Wow, I am so sad for her having gone through this but of course queen is using it to help others. We stan.
  5. Becky Pulling Double Duty At MITB?

    I want Becky to drop the SD belt so one girl doesn't have both titles but it looks like they're going to give it right back to Charlotte... which is just so... boring at this point. I actually really like Charlotte but I need something fresh.
  6. Becky Pulling Double Duty At MITB?

    I expected this tbh
  7. Bravo TV

    I don't watch anything on Bravo except Summer House... anyone else watch?
  8. Hey y'all

    Phew a Christy stan means I'm a stan for you, welcome!
  9. Becky Lynch Part Of the Raw Roster

    Not surprised at all, especially since her main focus is feuding with Lacey who is on Raw. 
  10. Sasha To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract?

    I'm over hearing about this lol
  11. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    Did anyone else think the leaner, blonder Bray looked kinda hot... if you ignore the weirdness of the segment and just admire the man lol. Never found him attractive until now. 
  12. Hello

    Welcome to HB!
  13. Hello

    Welcome! I love a Stacy stan, come through sis.
  14. The Evolution of Heartbreakers Community

    This new look is definitely the tea, I approve.
  15. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Phew he’s never looked better
  16. LOL I'm actually dying at this thread right now. Ya'll CAME for @nintendoboyds. I know nothing of whatever this beef is about but I do have to say I like watching RTB, mostly for the shade DS sends Lola and then watching Lola dramatically respond hahaha. It would be nice to see DS post more around here if he wants to be involved but I do appreciate the exclusive interviews he gets.
  17. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Does anyone else find this ref kinda hot now that he has a beard? He gives me daddy vibes and I don’t hate it 
  18. Video: Kairi Sane's emotional NXT farewell

    Aww this was so sweet. The WWEPC YouTube channel is awesome.
  19. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    yaaassss he is so fine. I want more. I need more. I wanna rip those little things off of him.  Why am I so thirsty lmao
  20. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    I hope this move for Liv and Mickie will do them some good! Kind of weird they break up the Riott Squad now though when they just created tag titles but ok.
  21. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    Is this for real.... I feel like that doesn't look like Rusev. But whether its them or not she really posted that shit on snapchat wtf is going on im dead. 
  22. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Please no. I really hope that rumor is false. We don't need another hour.
  23. Favourite Wrestling Moments

    There are legit so many moments I could list but I am going to limit myself to some older stuff that really stuck out to me personally at the time, for whatever reason, even if they are not considered to be at the typical iconic level - Lita's 2003 return to save Trish from Molly Holly and Gail Kim - Christy Hemme's Playboy cover unveiling - Torrie and Candice heel turn on Ashley  - Trish's 2005 return to help Ashley take out Vince's Devils - Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal - Victoria's heel turn during the bikini contests - Victoria smashing Christy Hemme over the head with the glass vase - Jillian Hall winning the Divas Title   Just to name a few of the ones that immediately popped in my head.