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  1. Dakota Kai possibly injured at NXT Live Event

    Yeah that seems super fast.  She just had surgery January 17th, so less than a month post-op.  Maybe it was only a partially torn ACL?   From Halftime Heat still looked like she was wearing a big brace out and about, but if she's walking on a treadmill for PT that's got to be a good sign.
  2. Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey NEED Charlotte Flair?

    Does Charlotte need to be added to the match? No.  Do I think she'd add to the match?  Absolutely.  Charlotte has always seemed to deliver in big matches and moments.  She's the one that generally busts out the sort of "wow" moves that adds a little extra to the match.  I've personally enjoyed more of Becky's triple threat matches in the past than singles match.  However, I don't want the story to be about Charlotte and then her win the title.   Though I do believe Becky and Ronda could have a good match.  I was worried about just Becky/Asuka and that definitely delivered, so Ronda/Becky could as well.
  3. If anyone told me that was the match that would bring back intergender wrestling in WWE, I would have never believed you.  I enjoy intergender wrestling when it's done right so hopefully this is.  Guessing this is to gauge reactions to see if they want to proceed further or if it would work on TV. Hey if it brings more, then I won't complain (provided it's done right).  Got a few of the best/most well known women signed for doing those matches (Candice, Ruby, Tegan, Mia, etc).
  4. Wrestling Merch

    I have way too many wrestling shirts.  Pretty much all my faves mostly, with a few randoms here and there.  I probably have a problem tbh, but these damn UK wrestlers keep releasing fire shirts and I can't stop resisting buying them. This wasn't really a random person, but I stopped Dakota Kai before she got back on the bus for a picture after a NXT show last year for a picture.  I had one of her PWT shirts on with a jacket partially blocking it, and she told me nice shirt.  Which made me even more awkward and nervous meeting on of my faves.  So of course I forgot to smile for the first picture, but luckily I took another.  Then she signed my shirt.  All and all she was super, super sweet as expected.  
  5. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Yes to both. Jinny has consistently been one of my favorite parts of NXT UK. She really stands out.  As for Isla, when I first watched her wrestle in Progress to now, haven't liked her in-ring work, agree it's sloppy.  Havent seen much improvement either. I'm not sure why they seem to be so high on her. Gimmick is cool I guess, but doesn't really connect with her in-ring stuff. 
  6. Dakota Kai possibly injured at NXT Live Event

    Dakota's having surgery this morning for her torn ACL. Honestly so bummed, was hopeful it wasn't a tear, but wasn't too optimistic. Just when she started to get traction appearing on NXT TV a lot. 💔
  7. WWE Signs Alpha Female & Kay Lee Ray?

    Very well deserved for both.  I didn't see anyone reporting anything about Jazzy/Alpha signing so that was a very nice surprise to see!  I was sad that she missed out getting signed after the first MYC due to her neck issues.  Seemed like she missed out on her one opportunity to get signed.  Glad that isn't the case and glad she's able to wrestle again.  Didn't seem likely for awhile.  A good addition for the heel women for NXT UK.  She naturally had that powerhouse/dominant heel aura to her that others don't.  Was really impressed with her only MYC match.  Could easily see her fit in where Rhea is when/if they move her back to NXT.    I was so happy that that we got confirmation for Kay Lee Ray.  I felt between the first two MYC tournaments that KLR was the biggest misbooking of either tournament.  She should have definitely went to at least the second round and gotten more offense.  KLR is one of those that can have a good match no matter who's across the ring with her which really benefits the inexperience of the NXT UK roster.  Think she could really boost them.  Also feel she could get over big as a babyface all over with the daredevil stuff she does, and is willing to do.  
  8. WWE opens up second Performance Centre

    Good, hopefully that will help a lot these guys and girls with promos, etc, as it's very much needed. NXT UK has been a slog to get through, to the point I gave up a few weeks ago.  Hopefully it's better after Takeover.  Wonder if they make everyone move to go to the PC everyday like the US PC, or some of them will just show up every so often. 
  9. Selfishly I hope NXT UK gets both, but I'd be happy with either.  Viper would be a great powerhouse and a lot different in-ring from the rest, and KLR is one of the absolute best at making anyone look good.  I wonder how it will work/pan out since I feel like I've still seen both advertised for February World of Sport live shows.  NXT UK women's division needs more bodies and talent.  Feel like there's a big in-ring talent disparity between Toni and everyone else.  Both Viper and Kay Lee Ray would certainly make it less noticeable and I feel help raise the division quite a bit.
  10. I believe what they mean is midcard women will be paid the same base pay as the midcard males, and same for low and high card guys and girls. Assuming base pay will be the same, but things like bonuses for merch, PPV sales, etc will be how others (like Jericho, etc) will make more than others. 
  11. With Brandi alluding signing or wanting to sign some girls from Europe, Australia, and Japan hopefully they do grab quite a few of those girls (KLR, Bea, Shazza, Indi, etc) as they'd be an absolute steal and make for a solid division.  Love to see those girls get US exposure. 
  12. WWE announces women’s tag titles

    Such a weird place to announce it, but happy we're finally getting the tag titles. Next we just need an all women's weekly show to showcase all the girls. 
  13. Aliyah's future in WWE

    There hasn't been a real effort to put Aliyah over or really introduce her gimmick to the crowd (or at least as of late). Her gimmick seems cool, but I really know nothing about it.  The times I've watched her she has a heel demeanor but doesn't really do anything heel, and I honestly don't remember the last time she said more than a few words.  I don't know whether that is because of whatever she's doing personally backstage, or her just not standing out when she's on TV to invest in her more.  She's had a few opportunities the last few months to show her value.  She had Mia's TV debut and then a short mini feud with Dakota.  So they must like her to some degree, especially if she's been there that long. NXT girls appearing has always been random and sporadic if they're not a main feature at the time, so it's really hard to guess.  I think ultimately if/when she gets called up she'll end up a manager for someone.  Basically serve as a distraction and what not.
  14. Dakota Kai possibly injured at NXT Live Event

    Could also be they were letting her go home for the holidays before they choose to operate. There's no way she could do 20+ hours of travel back home to New Zealand a week after surgery. 
  15. Dakota Kai possibly injured at NXT Live Event

    Her latest instagram post you can see she's wearing a knee brace.  Lots of people I know has been fine to walk on their knee a few days after tearing their ACL. The knee tends to start feeling better to where it almost feels like nothing happens. Well besides the fact you cant move laterally. I'd say the brace is so she doesnt tear anything else, or doesnt tear the rest of her ACL. It may just be partially torn.  Hope we find out soon.