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  1. Lana is Salty

    The injury is real? 
  2. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Are any of you excited? I think this PPV is serving filler until WM personally, and it's a shame because EC used to be one of my favorite stipulations
  3. Carmella Is Innocent

    I mean it obviously sucks, I've been cheated on so I sympathize with the wife. But I'm not gonna cancel Carmella, frankly I blame Corey only. He has a whole ass kid, my take away is that men ain't shit and Mella is messy. However if we can overlook these bitches supporting trump I can overlook whoever she's fucking
  4. Carmella Is Innocent

    Mella is serving Lita with Edge, can she be permanently heel 
  5. Carmella Is Innocent

    Carmella did nothing wrong
  6. Which one of you phaggots were bullying her for saying Paige is the reason Women Wrestling is being taken seriously 
  7. At least they agree that they were better as rivals 
  8. Caramel is cumming for MORE diva credibility, the greatest of this generation
  9. The Newest Addition to the Total Divas Cast is...

    She was in a majority of the new season anyway, so it makes sense to add her
  10. Candice LeRae To Work SmackDown Live Events?

    She's entertaining but her moves speak for themselves, she doesn't really have a personality. I thought her bleached blonde hair was cool and unique before it started looking tragic  Her MYC look >
  11. Smackdown February 12, 2019: Live Chat

    Mandy looked good, can her 2k20 render look like that
  12. Raw February 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Nattie must have not heard her cue
  13. Hello!

    Eden Xo is THAT girl  Also, I love a hardcore K2 stan, she's like my number 1 fave of all time but I don't talk about her enough in this modern day era. But you full time stanning is iconic, I hope we interact more in the future 
  14. Sasha Banks Is Reportedly Not Cleared For In-Ring Competition

    Love sasha but if this costs HugnBoss the titles then..
  15. Smackdown February 5, 2019: Live Chat

    How come Charlotte lowkey turns out a new look every tuesday but Becky wears that same smelly jacket and tights every week