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  1. TO FREEDOM: Charlotte Allegedly Exposed as Racist

    Sis is leaving my universe mode thats all I know
  2. Ronda?? A reality show?? Why would we wanna see her and her musty husband looking like bums and eating saltine crackers while watching Friends
  3. I screamed @ them coming up with that arm choreography last minute   
  4. McLegend reflects on LayCool & more

    Shes beautiful, if these raggedy ass men can get resigned why do the ex divas only get one night to return 
  5. So make the title an open challenge and have Nao and Asuka scrap for it
  6. Muscle & Fitness' 10 Greatest WWE Women Wrestlers of All Time

    Michelle and Kelly deserved a spot don't @ me and I feel like Nia has done more for the company than Alexa like she won a championship at Wrestlemania so early in her main roster career AND was the first superstar besides Stephanie to have a storyline with Ronda.  I won't knock the list that hard but I would re-arrange the order a bit, like Trish would be #1 for me and Charlotte maybe #3
  7. Why is AJ Lee so in demand?

    I watched some AJ matches on WWEnetwork and was kinda shocked at how high energy and "smooth" her in ring ability was. She moved like liquid, and her finishers are so bad ass. As someone who missed out on her, Paige, and Kaitlyn's entire careers I really would love to see her perform again. It was way too short lived for ppl like me to enjoy
  8. WWE pressured to cancel Crown Jewel

    Thinking of the waste of promo Baron did with this dumb ass pay per view just for it to get potentially cancelled   
  9. Random Thoughts

    DKDSK I can't wait for the memes of her on the floor in pain
  10. What's Your Favorite Lilian Garcia Moment?

    Sis FLEW 
  11. Random Thoughts

    Nia would have interesting bumps and ronda and her could have a cute moment, then nattie and ronda could also have a moment, i said what i said But I know right, only one female hell in a cell so far..
  12. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

    Tbh if evolution is a hot mess it's not even the girls or our faults, we'll be right behind the straights trashing the show, this might be the worst thing to happen to the women's division era. So rushed and messy and full of failed excitement
  13. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

    Mella vs McCool for evolution omg 
  14. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

    I don't see the fairness in Undertaker and Shawn giving these emmy nominated speeches but leaving Trish and Lita in the dark like this 
  15. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

    Should I stop watching now