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  1. WWE, 90210 - Enrollment | Defunct Thread

    bitch stop tagging me in your posts 
  2. Good luck in Orlando, sis. 

  3. Raw September 5, 2016: Live Chat

    i'm SHOUTING, i don't think she meant to hit her with the box
  4. Raw May 30, 2016: Live Chat

  5. who gon' welcome me, boo?

     as far as team paige goes, i like them a bit, but not as much as Bellas or BAD. i'm just not sure what it is they're missing for me to actually be interested in them as a team, especially since i really liked charlotte & becky down in nxt. it might just be these 13 minute tags with, imo, no real compelling story to them. on top of that, that "commentary" on that last raw by PCB   was just not enough to keep me interested in them despite them being good in-ring talents also. but i can say that i prefer them separately. i'm not exactly rosa's biggest fan, but i appreciated ha presence on total divas if that counts for anything.   but yaaas, more of the k2 crew!! i knew there had to be more us out there even though tumblr/other forums seemed to suggest otherwise. really though, i'm glad i came across heartbreakers in general, compared to some of the other forums i've seen this one appears to be the most inviting. so thanks to all of you taking the time to welcome me in! 
  6. who gon' welcome me, boo?

      omg hi everyone!! i'm stephanie and i've been checking out the site since i came across it, and ultimately i thought it was very cute and decided to finally join. i'm 19 and a stan for many, but the main FLAWLESS goddess among them is queen barbie blank. and atm i'm all for #TeamBella & #TeamBAD, along with emma, eva, alexa bliss, lana & summer rae. anyway, i'm excited to be here and i'm looking forward to getting to know all of you at some point.