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  1. Chris Hemsworth playing Hogan in biopic

    First off, why would you want to play him? And secondly, he doesn't even look like him. Just no.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    First I've seen of this, I think I like it.
  3. Tye Dillinger Ask For Release

    Not surprised.
  4. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    I never saw this coming, but I'm happy for them.
  5. Smackdown February 19, 2019: Live Chat

    The life of being a fan of the IIconics isn't fair, I'm so bummed.
  6. Smackdown February 19, 2019: Live Chat

    Have Billie and Peyton been on?
  7. Nikki Bella's criminal past EXPOSED

    I love my bad girl twins. 
  8. Bianca Blair on Chasing Glory

    I love Bianca, I can't wait to see what she can do on the main roster.
  9. Raw February 18, 2019 Results : A Bunch Of Rowdy Nasties!

    Lara would have been the way to go, she's the best. Instead, Honda decided to chose some Mortal Kombat character who I've never heard of.
  10. Hello its blue FONT girl

    We've never met, but hello there!
  11. Raw February 18, 2019 Results : A Bunch Of Rowdy Nasties!

    Ronda's outfits are always so agg.  Is she never going to learn that?
  12. Random Thoughts

    If you need any emotional support, we're here for you, sis. 
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    This is just awful. Zelina is playing herself, not AJ.
  14. We better get Candice along with Johnny.
  15. First Feud For The Women Tag Team Champions?

    The IIconics should. They deserved to win them last night. Ugh, the IIconics, and the Riott Squad just need to be seen as legitimate competitors and not jokes, wwe!
  16. Chyna Getting Inducted as Part of D-Generation X

    It's about time! It's what she always deserved. 
  17. Lana is Salty

    I get it to an extent, but this is too far.
  18. Lana is Salty

    I'm honestly wondering what's made her go into rage mode. Either way, she needs to stop it.
  19. Peyton Royce

    They looked so cute too, I'm still so hurt.  My girls deserve better.
  20. Maryse Pregnant

    I'm so happy for them, they truly are couple goals with the perfect family. 
  21. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    These pay per views never go my way.  I guess it's because the brunt of who I like are people wwe either treats like dirt or makes them complete jokes. I give up. And one more thing, I hate wwe.
  22. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    KOFI DESERVED TO WIN!!!!  But on another note, Kofi's pigtails are such a cute lewk. 
  23. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Maryse looked amazing as ever tonight, we love a diva!   I'm so happy about baby #2 
  24. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Ugh, I hate the four horse women.