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  1. I mean, they blatantly tried to sabotage the first Evolution PPV by promoting the Saudi Arabia show instead. That answers the question.
  2. Not in order: I know she got her ass beat by Lacey, but this deserves just for the LEWK alone:
  3. The way you tell no lies. Like, I can understand Brandi's point of view of wanting to be a Wrestler, but she's just not that good at it. What she excels in it's actually promos, she's very good in that department at least in my opinion. I can't help but think that she thinks it's degrading to her being a valet or just putting people over. Girl, don't nobody care if you're married to Cody, if you're good at something then more power to you, but that's not within those ropes.
  4. I mean, the Twitch "scandal" really did rub a lot of people wrong, and rightfully so. Looking at it now, and with all the rumors surrounding her release, I kind of see her 'push' the same way it was for Emma: nothing more than a goodbye present for all their hard work. Vince is just pathetic, honestly.
  5. Hasn't really blown me away since leaving TNA some years ago, the Brittany gimmick was and still is her best work to date. With that said, depends on what she wants to do: if they pay her enough to stay, I can see her choosing WWE, but if she wants a real chance to wrestle consistently, she'd be better off back in Impact Wrestling as it stands right now
  6. She's gorgeous, and to be fair quite good on the mic. She seemed confident enough to carry her part. Fact is, I'm just afraid she's going to be just another way for Brandi to get more TV time, rather than be pushed as a legitimate Wrestler or Valet in her own right. I just hope I'm wrong on this one, because it looks like they still don't get the message.

  8. Do you reckon they're gonna go with Randy/Nikki vs Fiend/Alexa before any title actually gets involved? Wouldn't be too bad of an idea if done properly, tho the continuity and consistency of the interactions between Alexa and Nikki has been so bad Sis I so am with you. I honestly thought that turning Lacey heel the way she did and after just some months was a stupid move to begin with, but her and Peyton just don't click even as allies, so what's the freaking point of it all. I thought Peyton would be surviving at least, but I feel like Billie could surpass her on SD i
  9. Why have Charlotte vs Ronda when we can have Sasha vs Bianca? Thank u, Next!
  10. No lies detected. WWE has always seemed quite abusive in that regard
  11. I have to start by talking about the wedding: the murder was such a genius move, I didn't see it coming by a mile! Impact incorporating fictional drama in such a clever way to further a storyline is everything! Tommy Dreamer screaming "NOOOOOOO!" is me after I realize I'm out of trousers for work lol. Looks like the good ol' days are slowly coming back to us y'all! As for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament, I'm so excited! There's not one team that I don't like. Like I said before, I'd love for #FiyaAndFlava to actually be the first champs and have a badass run with the ti
  12. THIS! Tho I feel it's gonna be Taya and Rosemary And as for Kimber ruining Deonna's entrance, she's clearly being portrayed as nothing more than her lackey, taking the Ls for her. I honestly didn't mind it
  13. Didn't expect to see Su Yung come back already, but I can't say I'm against it, I love her character work. They hopefully will incorporate her with the Rosemary/Taya/Havok storyline. Also, I think Deonna lost the title a bit early, so it's quite clear at this point how much Impact wanted to snatch her away. Nonetheless, great match. PS: Am I the only one who thinks Deonna should keep the top onesie but wear it with just high knee boots? That'd be #hothothot
  14. I swear Impact/TNA has recovered so much quality-wise when it comes to women storylines from 2016 onwards. These ladies deserve those belts so much
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