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  1. I have to say Michelle. Girl showed up like she didn't even retire
  2. Well, his pie is legendary so...
  3. Best of 2018

    My top 3 albums of 2018 would be:   1. Caution by Mariah 2. Joyride by Tinashe 3. Liberation by Xtina & Sweetener by Ariana   Can't say much about TV shows and movies, haven't been watching any consistently. I'll just say I liked "The Nun" 'cause I went to the cinema back when it came out to watch it with the guy I like lol
  4. WWE Reportedly Considering a Queen of The Ring Tournament For 2019

    I love the idea, I've always wanted a concept like this for the girls, especially back in '08-'09 when they already had a nice amount of women to do it. I would stan Andrade and Zelina as King and Queen of the Ring right now
  5. What would your reaction be...

    Victoria always cracked me up with her costumes 😂 The Battle Royal one was a Sumo Wrestler costume and she bulldozed everyone in the ring with it lol
  6. What would your reaction be...

    I would be fine with Halloween Battle Royals, Tribute to the Troops and Santa's Little Helper. Those matches would still be competitive and fun, regardless of the costumes. Can't say the same for pillow fights tho...
  7. Favorite Matches from 2018

    I'll probably be super duper predictable, but I will say: 1. MITB Match 2. Royal Rumble Match 3. Elimination Chamber 
  8. I can understand his point of view to an extent, but on the other hand he needs to realize that we're blaming the creative team and Vince for writing awful MR shows scripts, we're not really criticizing in-ring performances most of the times. This is WWE, it's on TV weekly for everybody to see, not indies. Matches can be great but still utterly boring without a story to follow.
  9. Music of the moment

    Please ain't nobody sleeping on this bop
  10. Zelina Vega & Aleister Black Get Married?

    As long as I get Andrade, I'm fine with it  
  11. Nia and Tamina vs Natalya and Ronda announces for Raw

    Truth to be told, that feud would be the only thing that would make people actually care about Tamina these days
  12. Who are you 'on the fence' with?

    I have two.   1. Alexa. I loved her run in NXT and SD and I was really seeing improvements in the ring as well. However, since joining RAW both her mic and in-ring work have regressed a lot and I cannot blame it all on booking here, especially because compared to her potential and even other WWE homegrown talent, her overall showings have been underwhelming   2. Sarah Logan. I don't really like her selling most of the times, but her brutal brawling style is refreshing to see in the Women's Division. Her gimmick has potential, but she has to be let loose and go "crazy"
  13. NXT Spoilers

    Bianca better not lose clean to Shayna when she faces her.
  14. My inner hoe coming out everytime Girlicious' "Maniac" is on lol

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      Sorry for the wait, had to upload it on Imgur to be able to post it lol 

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      Omg yaass :cry: 

  15. FOX Wants Ronda Rousey On SmackDown In 2019

    Queen will also give us her sister back, have them dominate and become inaugural Undefined Women's Tag Team Champs lol   But in all seriousness, a PROPER push is the least Alicia deserves for everything she has done for the company in these twelve years