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  1. Mike Kanellis Asks For His Release

    When you read "MARIA Kanellis asks for HIS release" 
  2. Angelina Love Lashes Out On Fans Who Body Shamed Her

    Clearly in-character. Nothing to worry about
  3. Draft Guest & Rules Revealed

    Darling please don't drag 'em into this mess serving PG ECW's last episode
  4. Did Sasha make a mistake returning and staying with WWE?

    I feel like they just screwed up the whole comeback storyline to begin with. It would have made sense for Sasha and Nattie to have an extended feud just based on the fact that it was "because" of Nattie and Beth that her and Bayley lost the Tag Team Titles, and THEN have her feud with Becky, especially because since their match at COC, Sasha already lost all of her momentum. The HIAC match was great, nonetheless, but the outcome left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth
  5. Why Do You Dislike Who You Dislike?

    Azealia Banks, for the simple fact that she prefers to make money off of insulting other people rather than because of her music, which she's supposed to do to begin with
  6. Latest poster for ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot

    Gowns. Beautiful gowns.
  7. Impact Wrestling October 4, 2019: Results

    In all honesty, I'm just let down by Tenille's performance in the match. She might be playing it safe because of all the injuries she went through, which I can totally understand, but she's done so much more entertaining stuff while in NXT and WWE. Kiera has all the talent in the world, she needs to be put in a storyline with Rosemary and pick up from where they have left with Allie
  8. MYC III Tapings Announced

    There's a difference, tho. The CWC was aimed to create a Cruiserweight Division that now has its own weekly show, and there was the Title on the line, nonetheless. On the other hand, the Women barely made it to Evolution last year, just to get snubbed in favour of Crown Jewel and similar crap. I don't mind the MYC at all, the girls deserve it
  9. Molly, Stacy, Trish, Lita, Torrie, Gail, Victoria... and now her. It saddens me to see performers of her caliber almost silently hanging their boots, but it's also great to think about the great memories they gave us growing up. Great performer, and surely will make an even more amazing and knowledgeable coach to the future generation.   And the bald head look is fucking iconic. PeriodT.
  10. Total Divas premieres to 252k viewers

    I understand WWE may be trying to give some visibility to some of the girls, but Total Divas is just not needed anymore... and neither is Ronda  
  11. Impact Wrestling September 27, 2019: Results

    I've always loved Maddie tbh. It's clear she's there just to put other girls over, but I don't mind having her around at all, she's always a nice asset to have. Hopefully Kiera benefits from it in the long run. I don't know about Tenille tbh, it seems to me that since she's been released from WWE, she's just going through the motions during the matches, but it might just be me.
  12. Asuka and Sonya actually had an NXT Women's Championship match at a live event a few years ago. They showed crazy chemistry
  13. I understand where you're coming from, but I think the main problem is the inconsistency their character went through during the years because, for some reason, they just didn't know what to do with them without the Tag Titles or Paige around. They can be huge together, Creative just needs to put both on the same level and stop pushing Mandy as the leader, while always keeping Sonya as the sidekick
  14. Seth Rollins drags Sasha Banks

    God I hope this leads to a mixed or, even better, intergender tag team match with the Universal and Women's titles on the line. That would be an amazing Main Event.
  15. NXT Superstars get new T-shirts

    And also, looks like Chelsea and Deonna are being paired up together, at least judging by the designs. I need Laurel Van Ness back or else...