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  1. Back back back again ^^

    SIIIIIIIIIIS Welcome back! 
  2. @Twisted Bliss Good God Almighty look at all the blessings. Loverboy's original version seeing the light of day after 19 years :cry:


    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      She’s going to have me bankrupt.


  3. Naomi has been screwed out of a good program so many times and with so many people, especially Sasha and Charlotte, that could've finally propelled her to the top of the company to the eyes of many, but say what you will, she's already one of the best ever in my eyes. She has all the rights to leave this racist ass company, she's legit wasting her time and her life away staying there, yet she gives it her all for the fans STILL. She's genuinely one kind soul ❤   PS: A GlowBye reunion would be awesome! 
  4. Impact Wrestling July 14, 2020: Results

    If yes, it's gonna be a slow build up, especially since Deonna is praised amongst the marks for being a good wrestler, but I don't recall her being particularly popular with the general public. I'm sure Deonna vs Jordynne will be a very good match, but I do feel Deonna shouldn't have been put in such a feud during her debut. It's a very big risk to have her lose right away to Jordynne, because most of the Knockouts are now seemingly headed towards Tag Team territory, and most of the remaining singles competitors are not exactly prime choice to have Deonna develop right now, with the exception of maybe Tenille, who hasn't been particularly exposed since she debuted.
  5. Impact Wrestling July 14, 2020: Results

    The Tag Match was okay, I just feel like Kimber Lee is just... there, looks like she's the Tegan Nox of the Knockouts division. Also, Alisha's face when she went "PICK ME UP!" sent me for real lol. Jordynne is just a badass. As for Maddie, it's painful to see she's part of the gauntlet just for the numbers, as it's clear the winner of the match will be the one dethroning Jordynne
  6. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I lowkey vibe with Ruby and Bianca together. They're so different yet their both so good that they actually click for me. Liv shouldn't have been included in the storyline the first place to be fair, I'd rather have her facing girls like Asuka and Sasha, while I'm actually afraid she's going to turn heel and get "jealous" of Ruby and Bianca's newfound relationship. As for the tag title match, absolutely fantastic. Sasha with the headband tho, it was quite funny to be fair. Edit: I need an Angel Garza in my life
  7. I mean, from iconic multi-women matches to a karaoke showdown... I don't know.


  8. Tegan Nox Comes Out

    Congrats to her! ❤
  9. BREAKING: Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss end BITTER feud

    So we can finally have that feud my '16 yo ass has been waiting for without the risk of them killing each other?
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Agree with this 100%. When Billie came back to NXT as that Femme Fatale character a few years back, she looked liked a total badass, while Peyton was the seductress of the two. They were quite limited in the ring booking-wise already, but both had those mysterious auras that made their characters attractive enough to keep them as a staple in the Women's Division. Wish Dominatrix Kay and Peyton Ivy were still a thing to be fair
  11. Superstar Photo Booth

    Her skin is everything
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

    This is just magnificent 
  13. Impact Wrestling June 30, 2020: Results

    Kiera winning was actually unexpected for me, but F yeah, thank God she did. And the 'hellhound' bit sent me to be honest lol
  14. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    First of all, can we just praise Io and Sasha? The wig department went sold out! Honestly, Sasha just has the IT factor, she has chemistry with everyone she gets in the ring with. As for Io, amazing athlete and great heel. Also, Bayley and Asuka's interferences made the match more interesting. So happy to finally see so much representation within the title picture.   As for the Fatal 4-Way, I'm okay with Tegan winning this one. Io needs fend off some challengers first and Tegan still has a rivalry with Dakota to settle, so obviously she's going to lose because of her and Raquel. Shotzi needs to go solo or get paired up with Ruby.   Also, Aliyah has to be the most (or at least one of) stylish girl in the whole company right now. Her gears have been on point since she had that Versace makeover. The match was nice, it had some great and comedic spots. I truly hope her and Robert Stone stay together for a while
  15. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    Oh sis, this movie was so cheesy but the cast was actually amazing. Aaliyah played her part freakingly good, and Stuart as Lestat always made me have all kinds of hots for him lol