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  1. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    I just hope the cookies in the back are good enough to justify her being in catering for the rest of her contract
  2. Cameron On Why The WWE Released Her

    OMG can you actually imagine that? Cameron, Sonny and Billy Gunn in one team I would so fucking stan
  3. Sandman probably thinks he's still relevant
  4. Might be, but to be honest I'd rather play SvR 2006 than 2kMess any day 
  5. Cameron On Why The WWE Released Her

    They just didn't know what to do with her and that shows the writers' laziness, considering she has plenty of talent on the mic and was actually ok in the ring (always loved her way of selling moves). We need people like her on the roster, at least on a managing role 
  6. The Birth of a New WWE Power Couple?

    So Bluetista was the inspiration behind Queen Sebera's Survivor Series gear?
  7. When you forget who really put you over with the crowd to begin with...
  8. Lena Yada Reveals Reason Behind WWE Release

    She was serving. WWE being WWE as per usual. And this trio had so much potential:
  9. Mariah Carey stars in a British chips commercial

    Wouldn't be surprised seeing "Fish & Chips" on top of the charts with her name on it lol
  10. Best Superhero/Villain Attires/Costumes

    Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman X-Men's Storm white costume    
  11. I just admire her courage tbh ♡ Nothing else I have to say
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Lemme be the cherry on top of his cake    
  13. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    I totally get where you're coming from, but it would be quite stupid on WWE's part for a few reasons: Asuka and Kairi are having an amazing reign so far, they look revitalized and they can actually make the Tag titles mean something because they (especially Asuka) have a huge appeal to the public, while Dakota and Tegan are underdogs at this point, and it's clear they want to make Tegan feud with Shayna to build that gimmick up, therefore we should be safe
  14. "Hocus Pocus 2" In The Works for Disney+

    Please Disney, you're not WWE. Don't fuck this up.
  15. Mike Kanellis Asks For His Release

    When you read "MARIA Kanellis asks for HIS release"