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  1. Superstar Photo Booth

    This is just magnificent 
  2. Impact Wrestling June 30, 2020: Results

    Kiera winning was actually unexpected for me, but F yeah, thank God she did. And the 'hellhound' bit sent me to be honest lol
  3. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    First of all, can we just praise Io and Sasha? The wig department went sold out! Honestly, Sasha just has the IT factor, she has chemistry with everyone she gets in the ring with. As for Io, amazing athlete and great heel. Also, Bayley and Asuka's interferences made the match more interesting. So happy to finally see so much representation within the title picture.   As for the Fatal 4-Way, I'm okay with Tegan winning this one. Io needs fend off some challengers first and Tegan still has a rivalry with Dakota to settle, so obviously she's going to lose because of her and Raquel. Shotzi needs to go solo or get paired up with Ruby.   Also, Aliyah has to be the most (or at least one of) stylish girl in the whole company right now. Her gears have been on point since she had that Versace makeover. The match was nice, it had some great and comedic spots. I truly hope her and Robert Stone stay together for a while
  4. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    Oh sis, this movie was so cheesy but the cast was actually amazing. Aaliyah played her part freakingly good, and Stuart as Lestat always made me have all kinds of hots for him lol
  5. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    So, my favourite movie is Labyrinth (David Bowie), and to be fair there's a lot of great moments in that movie. This is my favourite: And I love me some funnies too:  
  6. WWE Reportedly Interested in Tessa Blanchard

     Sis we got that FH (minus Camomila) connection 
  7. WWE Reportedly Interested in Tessa Blanchard

    If she gets hired for real, I'm gon be truly done with this company.
  8. Impact Wrestling June 23, 2020: Results

    That sudden feeling that Impact will be bringing back 2014 Deonna to job her out to the whole division ×_×
  9. Impact Wrestling June 23, 2020: Results

    Deonna needs a mouthpiece for sure. I kind of get her gimmick now, because she's basically trying to replicate what Gail was, but she's actually coming off as a 2019/2020 Nattie, because Gail always had a mysterious aura about her character that Deonna clearly lacks as she bases the Virtuosa gimmick SOLELY on Wrestling. As for Tasha and Kiera, they better become the new first Tag Team Champs if the titles get revamped, these two are the best duo I've seen in a while since Rosemary and Allie. I'm also starting to like Kylie now that she's paired up with Susie. Her Bayley-esque gimmick alone always fell flat for me.
  10. Impact Fires Tessa Blanchard, Strips Her of World Title

    The fact she was a World Champion and didn't even feel like cutting a promo, which is literally part of her job, speaks volumes. Not only a racist, now she comes off as a spoiled brat as well at this point. Girl, you need to have several seats and grow the F up.      
  11. She ain't wrong by any means. Daddy Deville definitely started to ooze confidence once this storyline got rolling and I'm so here for her FINALLY becoming champ. Totally agree. This match was just a glimpse, and I loved it from start to finish.  
  12. It kinda sucks how her career ended, and how she never really had a chance to shine. I wish the best to her tho
  13. Impact Wrestling June 16, 2020: Results

    I'll be honest with it, I was not particularly impressed by the match between Kimber and Neveah, althought Kimber's selling is fabulous when it comes to impactful moves. I hope Kiera and Tasha don't end up being the heel jobber team, they have so much potential together, and it could also propel either one of them to a Knockouts title run. As for Deonna, the beginning of this promo idea should've been saved for when she might turn face, right now it seemed so out of place for me, but the rest was actually fine. Jordynne vs Deonna looks like a moneymaker tho, both of them are actually great in the ring. I also hope the Suzie gimmick goes on for a while, maybe until late September at least, I don't want Su Yung to get overbearing.   On a side note, Dez could get it anyday.
  14. He clearly wasn't lol. If anything, he pushed Gail aside after the new crop came along, which was a huge mistake. Same with Roxxi, who got nothing in return for shaving her head, Jacqueline just being here and there once the Knockouts Division was created, Traci never winning the Tag Title once after years of loyalty to the company, Daffney not winning the Knockouts Championship despite her work and popularity, Melissa jobbing to everyone after transitioning from Raisha to Alissa, and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, I still love that era because of the great athletes and characters it used to have, but there's so much epic stuff we didn't get to experience because of careless booking.
  15. I recall her saying she turned down the Mae Young Classic's invitation because of the injury that made her retire, but if it is true, I hope she comes back because she was freaking great, and misused big time after her split from Sarita. And I'll never forgive Russo for not giving us Gail vs Taylor as a legit feud. That would've been epic.