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  1. 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Count me in
  2. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    She probably thinks it's "EXCUSE MEEEEE" and not Guerrero, at least judging from what she tweeted
  3. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    Considering the money she made off WWE and Eddie's fame, she should just shut the fuck up. Didn't expect this from her at all.
  4. Aiden English Joins 205 Live Commentary Team

    We deserve to see his butt bounce in that ring, not to flatten on a chair
  5. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    I'd like to disagree. Since joining the MR, Sasha was kept away from the title as much as possible, and her reigns were used just to put Vince's favorites over while she was doomed to lose all the credibility she gained at NXT (same happened to Becky and Bayley, since you mentioned them). WWE's not the indies, so unless the higher-ups give you a chance to do so, which is extremely rare especially when you're a woman in a Vince's era, there's not much you can do to evolve, except in the ring... and not even that most of the times, especially since Sasha was mainly used either to put newcomers/returning girls over (Ruby, Paige) or won meaningless matches that led her nowhere, like most of the rest of the girls. A proper heel turn is all that she really needs to shake things up and go back to be the badass bitch we know she is, because that's where her edge is missing right now
  6. AJ Styles talks anger about Gillette ad, toxic masculinity

    He really just wanted the money 
  7. Lacey Evans...... a Diva Hybrid!?

    I wouldn't say she's been booked well yet, especially on RAW, but she kind of saved herself with her peculiarities being a throwback gimmick and matching mic-skills. I just hope she won't be fed to Ronda... or Nia.
  8. Random Thoughts

    This is definitely a random question, but I'd like to know 'cause I'm curious about the crazy stories that could come up along with it lol: have you guys ever met any other HB member in person at one point?
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Nastyriah got me shookT lol
  10. NXT Live Event Division

    Randy Orton is quaking
  11. I really want Jazz, Lita, Trish and Victoria in only if they'll have a staredown with Bayley, Becky, Charlotte and Sasha. THE REAL WM 4HW match we deserve
  12. - Nikki Cross & Liv Morgan. Their gimmicks are polar opposites, but they share the same traits: craziness, zero self-control and a huge tendency for creating chaos without caring about the consequences. When the Riott Squad breaks up, I wouldn't mind this one at all, either face or heel   - Vanessa Borne & Aliyah. I agree with this one. The expensive taste dominatrix/spoiled gypsy princess pair could actually work. They just need to blend together   - Lacey Evans & Natalya. I know, it doesn't make sense, but here's my idea for it: Nattie is Canadian, Lacey's gimmick is an American patriot. If handled well, Lacey could use Nattie to win the Tag gold going by the fact that Canada is part of the American continent, while trash-talking a lot behind her back and treating her as an afterthought outside of the ring. Once they lose the titles, she could turn on Nattie and start a feud. I'm just tired of Nattie being the one who betrays people, honestly   - Carmella & Sonya Deville. Once Sonya turns face, this could do wonders. Sonya is actually well-rounded in the ring and decent on the mic, while 'Mella is constantly improving and is the best on the mic in the company.   - Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose. Aside from the rumored racism thing goin' on, I'll just go by gimmicks here ('cause I also want Dana to be relevant again). In all seriousness tho, their characters have the same goal: being considered the most beautiful and dominant females in the entire WWE. Plus they're both decent on the mic, so it could work as a heel team
  13. Mickie deserves a seventh SINGLES reign before retiring. If anyone had the right to tie Trish first, it's her. As for Alexa's pick, I don't know. As long as she doesn't go back wrestling as she used to at the beginning of her NXT career and put in work, I'm still not excited to see her in the ring
  14. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    I know the IIconics won't win it, so I just hope it's not Sasha WITH Bayley but with heel Nao instead. Let me dream, please Realistically tho, I can see either Bella Twins or Laycool happening right now. Booking-wise, they're the only ones who can put the titles over successfully
  15. Naomi vs. Mandy Rose Announced for SmackDown Live

    The storyline itself and the segments are actually giving me Sex & The City vibes lol. I just need it to skyrocket with the matches already