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  1. Lard Sullivan injured

    That Kalisto voodoo tho
  2. In a few words, this confirms that Morrison's bratty character was nothing more than his real life persona. Whew, talk about a turn off. Glad that these Queens made up at last 
  3. I agree with this 100%. Good wrestlers don't mean good product in WWE and it has been that way for like ever. Per say, PG Era was just an excuse not to give the Divas exposure because they would eventually outshine Vince's top guys in everything they'd do, whether it may be wrestling skills, charisma or mic work, while the Evolution and everything that came with it just paved the way for Stephanie to get a few more zero's in her bank account, all of this while clearly diminishing every good thing that the Divas made with the little that they were given. WWE has become nothing more than a fancy prison for talent at this point
  4. Alexa Bliss Announced For Smackdown

    More like "A Moment of Shade"
  5. Terri Runnels Arrested For Having A Gun At A Airport

    She was clearly looking for R-Truth to reclaim the (not so) Hardcore Championship. Bish knows wassup
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    If Liv vs Mickie ever happens... how much I would live for this
  7. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Me looking for my dignity:
  8. What release are you most excited for?

    None of these tbh. Instead I'm waiting for madame Lauren Jauregui to grace us with some more gay greatness in the near future
  9. Chris Evans WON | Heartbreakers’ Sexiest Man Alive

    List sent dahling. But not @ you feeling the need to remind me how much of a thirsty ho I am. James Charles could nevah
  10. Maryse announces the gender of her 2nd child

    Awwww ♡ Congrats to them. New Women's Tag Team champs confirmed
  11. Whose your favorite Women's Champion?

    Becky, because she's being booked the strongest at the moment, but that's not saying much MR-wise
  12. The Biggest Big Bad

    Personally, I have to say: Poison Ivy. She has all the qualities a villain really needs: sensuality, subtle yet great and dangerous superpowers (super strenght is so OUT), won't stop at nothing to obtain what she wants, and doesn't do much, if not any of the dirty work, because she has a "servant" for it! Plus, I think her personality and manners stick out from the rest: she's very, very cunning, and linking back to the "dirty work" bit, an instigator, meaning that she plants the seeds (no pun intended) and people do the rest for her to get her prize, whether it's beating people up or pitting men against each other for pure entertainment. And she lowkey stole Joker's girlfriend, so... The Queen ♡  
  13. Sasha Banks Spotted In New York City For WWE This Week

    Yeah, WWE's petty like that. However, with the booking the girls have been given these days, it's a blessing in disguise for Sasha, so she can come back, have a fresh start and hopefully turn heel. On the other hand, Bayley will probably be booed again in two/three weeks into her reign anyway
  14. Music of the moment

    The video is not the greatest tbh, but the song and Ms. Brooke looking on fleek with all these lipstick colors got me sl-ALLY-ed
  15. WWE Adding Another Championship

    I didn't even watch the announcement tbh, but is this Title for Women as well? If not, keep it and push the IIconics, thanks