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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ "Have no fear, I'll make sure you don't eat everything on the menu, but I don't promise the same for myself." April jokes, her eyes instantly scanning over the menu that was in front of her. Her stomach growled, begging for something to be in it besides alcohol. After she decides on what she wants she takes a look around the place and smiles. She's sat in a lot of diners just like this before, but this feels nice regardless of how Phil described it. She snaps out of her wandering gaze when a waiter comes over and AJ spouts off what she wants. "I'll take a cheeseburger with a side of fries and a chocolate shake. please." She says before tossing the menu off, a friendly smile shot toward the waiter. After Punk orders she looks across the table at him and tilts her head. "So, tell me three more random facts about yourself. Keep the game up from earlier." She says before pulling her legs up into the booth and criss-crossing them under her. She rested her elbows on the table and her chin is in her palm while she looks at Phil.
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ April intently listened to every word he said for two reasons: 1) she wasn't an asshole 2) she was trying to keep her mind from going into over-drive from her..ancestors? She was an empathetic, so every word that came out of his mouth had her face slowly twisting into a look of sympathy. AJ doesn't really know what to say to him. She's never truly had a connection like that with anyone, her words wouldn't be relatable. "I'm sorry your friend went missing that...can't be easy. Considering everything else too." When Phil is in front of her, AJ reaches out to put her hand on his arm. "Don't apologize, it was an honest answer to an honest question. I just..y'know...hope wherever you go, that you find something to make you happy. Something that helps you heal." It's not a spell, but it's an incantation. A small one at that, but she speaks it. She wants something to manifest it. To help him. AJ doesn't know him that well at all, but she knows that he deserves to heal. The brunette smiles softly at him and nods toward the steps. "Not to be dramatic, but I'd kill for a burger right now. Let's get out of here." She allows herself one last look at that clearing, the presence their strong. AJ averts her gaze and goes back toward the steps, the weight of her making them creak again as she makes her way down.
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ "Stop moving?" April asks, wanting to be sure that she was positive she understood what he was asking her. "New Jersey was where my dad was originally from and he wanted to go back. I hated it and didn't have a reason to stay when my mom passed away, so I kept moving." She says, her response coming out so naturally that it shook her to the core, but not nearly as much as what popped in front of her eyes. The sight of the 3 witches hanging was burned in her brain. AJ takes in a sharp breath and blinks, kind of convinced that it's her brain playing tricks on her. But would it be? That was her reason for being here. That could have been them reaching out to her. The time that all of this happened in was mere seconds, so she looks to Phil and laughs nervously. "Sorry, think the uh...whiskey is really settling in." She says, hoping he'll take that as a good answer. April looks back to the spot, her facial features soften again. "Why did you leave here?" She asks, eyes flickering back to Phil.
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

      APRIL MENDEZ The second she makes it to the very top, her heart stops. Not because she's in poor condition or anything, but because of the view. It's unlike anything she's seen before. She hears Phil's comment, but she can't think of something snarky to throw back at him. April is completely and totally lost in everything that's beyond her. She puts her hands up to one of the windows, her hand print getting left behind faintly due to the temperature difference. The glass isn't completely misty, but it's getting there the colder it gets outside. Her breath dances in front of her, but her eyes remained locked on the sky. She's not used to staying in places where you can see it this clear. "It's...gorgeous." She manages to get out, her tone nothing short of awe-struck. AJ turns around to look at Phil for a second, her balance a little off while she keeps a hand on the wall while her freehand comes up to point across. There's an opening in the trees that sticks with her, and the words feel right as they leave her mouth. "My mom and I used to have picnics there in the summer when I was little." She says, her words confident when they leave her before she looks back at Punk. "This is fucking beautiful." She says, her boots tapping against the floor while she walks to the opposite window.
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ That careless laughter escapes her again, something that she could probably get used to. "I'm gonna hold you to that." She says while trying to keep up with him, but stops whenever he does. That look he flashes her makes her narrow her gaze, already knowing that he's got something going on his head. April might not know him well, but he seems the type. April watches him and second he says 'race you to the top' she's already running, her hand gripping onto the splintered rail at first but quickly letting go to try and take on all these steps. She clearly underestimated just how many there would be. "Get ready to buy me food, loser!" She calls back to him, her eyes forward while she runs, the creaking freaking her out less and less while she focuses on getting to the top.
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ April playfully rolls her eyes at his comment and watches him go off in a different direction, her eyes wandering over the towers of boxes. They're scattered, some ascending high in the air while others are maybe her height (which wasn't saying much). She puts the lamp down and hums to herself, getting lost in her own little world before Phil jumps out and she flinches slightly, her hands coming up in front of her before she starts laughing. "You jerk!" She yells between spurts of laughter, a hand reaching out to smack his upper arm lightly. "Sorry, bud, if the requirements of being a crypt keeper are ugly, you're not making the cut either." AJ says before walking off toward the steps, a loud creak sounding that stops her before she looks back at Phil. " Depending on how well these stairs are built, we might be haunting this place soon." She jokes.
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ April Mendez didn't have a fear of the dark. On the contrary, it made her feel calm...it peaked her interest. It was mysterious. It could be vast nothingness, or it could be something behind every corner. It was full of surprises. That mirrored the way their night was going completely. She reaches forward, a lopsided grin turning the corners of her mouth up before she grabs his hand. That warmth floods through her body and her brain is still trying to decide if it wants to blame the alcohol or Phil. " I wouldn't dream of it, that would be just plain rude." She jokes before her hand squeezes his. AJ steps into the darkness and lets her combat boot clad feed hit the surface, nothing special to her. She looks around and sees boxes, planks of wood, and junk...but she knows better. Junk isn't always just junk. She walks forward, one hand still holding Phil's while the other picks up an old, oil lamp. A laugh escapes her before she turns to him. " I look like a fucking crypt keeper...and I love it." She jokes while holding it up near her face, a goofy expression being shown in his direction.
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ AJ braces for somebody to come out or some random person to pop up and start yelling at them, but when the environment doesn't change she feels a weight lift off of her shoulders. That look he shoots her makes her chuckle softly and his question makes her sigh. " Shit uhm..." She pats her jean pockets, not shocked to find out that she doesn't have any there. With a look of contemplating, she reaches inside of her jacket pocket and pulls out a bobby pin. She holds it out to him like a trophy, her smile widening. " I think once we get inside, it's just a matter of making it to the top, y'know?" But that's not fun. Running up some steps to the top of a lighthouse is pretty straight forward. "Unless there's more inside of a lighthouse than I think there is...than it looks like you and I are going on one hell of an adventure."
  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ The repetition of 'way,way,way out there' was raising her brow again, the final words of that sentence stopping her from letting a snarky comment fly out of her mouth. However, if he would have looked over at her he could have read that all on her face. April relaxes against the worn seats, her fingertips tapping against her legs while he speaks, everything he said making her think about herself. Honestly, most of the time she did keep to herself. She wasn't one of the most extroverted people in the world, but it took meeting certain people to get this side of her to come out and play. Her grandmother used to tell her that it was part of her gift, April just thought that it was a natural work of the universe. Tonight, she would be able to add alcohol to mixture of why she was dipping into the pool of vulnerability, at least that's what she could tell herself right now. The brunette nods at Phil and smirks to herself. "That, or you can just accept the fact that we're both geeks...but whatever the case, thank you." The second the lighthouse comes into better view, her eyes widen while tries to take the area in. It feels familiar. Like she's been here before, she's laughed here before. It feels comforting. " Alright, Punk." Her eyes flicker back over to him, her eyes twinkling with excitement. "What's the plan of action? How do we go undetected?"
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ April couldn't help but laugh, the alcohol having some factor to do with it but the nickname makes her smile. Ms. Keep People Guessing. With jumping from place to place as much as she did, it was fitting. "You just...I mean, you have the whole tatted, in a band, flirty look in your eye thing going. That's not uncommon." But she shrugs and keeps her eye on the window in front of her, brown hues catching signs that they pass. "But unlike most attractive guys who play in bands, you look like you give a fuck about what you're doing. You were getting lost in it, and then you threw in the comic book comment and that was the nail in the coffin." She says, her tone nothing but genuine. Her red lips smack together, the vibrancy wearing off just from a typical night of not reapplying it. AJ glances over at Phil. "Your turn, Punk, how am I different than what you expect?" She asks, her eyebrow raised before her foot is tapping along to the song that's playing, her eyes focusing on his face while he drives.
  11. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ His comment catches her off guard, and a puzzled look appears on April's face. That's one thing about her that she hates. In not-so-serious situations like this, she couldn't hide her facial expressions even if she tried. AJ's eyebrow raises while she stands in front of him, her combat boot kicks at the asphalt below her. Her eyes don't leave his face while she tries to read his expression, not being able to tell what he means by that. "I don't know whether to be offended by that or not," she says, a lopsided grin quickly pulling on the corner of her mouth. She's not going to give him a ton of shit for it, but it's something she's curious about. "But what can I say? I'd rather keep people guessing than have everyone know what my next move is going to be." It's a simple answer, but it's honest. "Just an FYI, you broke the stereotype I had of you the second your mouth opened." April let's her gaze fall, content with the fact that for the rest of the night she's going to have some form of a smile on her features. Her shoulder just barely misses his while she walks to the passenger side of the truck, her black painted fingertips trailing over the hood of the car while she takes in the breeze and her surroundings. She never would have imagined her night would turn into this. "C'mon, Punk, let's go piss off a lighthouse keeper." She teases with a wink in his direction, jumping into the passenger's seat when the door is finally unlocked.
  12. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ "Well, I'd love to see ya prove me wrong." Her tone is playful but she means every word. April had been to plenty of towns that were kind of like Full Sail. She thought she could get the gist of it, but if Full Sail was going to be an actual adventure other than...well...her own agenda, she was ecstatic. Seeing Punk's smile only widens hers after she laughs at his clumsiness. The options the man threw at her all sounded like the recipe for a fun night, but the last one catches her attention the most. Her light brown hues watch the keys dangle in front of her while she jumps off the path they're taking, onto a nearby park bench, and points off toward the lighthouse. "I like risky business, but if it's not too late after we should totally get food." She jumps back down to the ground and let's the back of her hand brush against his, eyes glancing back up at him before they're back on the lighthouse. "C'mon, Punk, let's go get ourselves into some trouble." There's already adrenaline running through her just at the thought of sneaking around a lighthouse. She can't remember the last time she let herself let loose and have fun like this...even if it might be a little illegal.
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ April was already feeling a sort of giddy excitement. That could be attributed to the events, the time these two were having, or the alcohol, but regardless when Punk brought up comics her eyes nearly bug out of her head. "Dude, no fucking way! Batman is my heart and soul! " It seems as if this night could only get better. His hand touching her's the way it was felt comforting. The gaze that they were sharing at that point felt incredibly intimate for two strangers that had just met not even a hour ago. The silence that falls between them doesn't make her uncomfortable, it doesn't scare her. She doesn't feel the need to chime in with something to break it, but when it finally does there's still a smile on her face at the suggestion. She finally gets the tour around town. AJ isn't paying attention to the music anymore once he speaks. His second comment about dance moves makes her laugh before she playfully rolls her eyes. "I couldn't dance like her if I tried, get outta here with that nonsense." April nods at him and starts pushing through the crowd again, relief washing over her when she breaks out into the cool night air. She takes a deep breath, eyes closing for a second, before she turns to look at Punk with that same grin she's had on her face all night. "Alright, Punk, where's the first stop? What's Full Sail got to offer someone?" April asks before tugging on the sleeves of her jacket and glancing around the surroundings buildings. "Especially since a majority of it looks like it's closed up for the night."
  14. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ The song immediately catches her attention. She has fond memories of this, most of them are car rides in her beat up, old, smokey black Firebird. That car has taken her distances that nobody could guess. She closes her eyes for a second while Punk spins her around, laughter bubbling out of her in the most natural way. April sings along to the words, her eyes opening when she feels him pull her closer to him. That air thinning feeling is back again. Like the room is a full of chaos but all she can focus on is him holding her hand, trying to talk to her, and the way they're interacting. It's not usual to her. AJ shakes that feeling off, her hand giving his a squeeze to give him some sort of indicator that she heard him. She pulls back a little more, just the slightest amount so that she doesn't whip him in the face with her hair while she dances to the chorus before answering his question. April pulls herself closer to him again, her mouth close enough to his ear so that he can hear her. "I haven't stayed in a place longer than a year for the past five years, I freelance write between 'real jobs', and I try to help out at animal shelters when I get the chance." Those were the first three random things she could think of herself to ramble out in a crowded dance floor. AJ looks up at him to catch a glimpse of his face before leaning in again. "Three random facts about you. Go." She calls out, the song switching to the next song. It has a lighter feel to it, but she loves it. It's another one of those car ride songs.
  15. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    APRIL MENDEZ April narrows her eyes at him playfully, a smirk tugs at her lips. "Y'know, I had a feeling you were trouble." The round about compliment makes her smile and she leans back in her seat for a moment, her arm draped over the back rest. "Don't you worry, you'll get all the Woodland creatures coming to your shows." She jokes, though she didn't doubt that they could get the place packed wall to wall. They weren't bad, and that wasn't her just having a now interested bias in the guy. April opens her mouth to respond but when she notices Punk getting out of his chair she stops. She assumes that maybe he's just wandering off, but his attention comes back to her and her brow raises at him. Dancing? Her? "Hooo, buddy, if you're looking for someone to impress ya with dance moves, you're talkin' to the wrong gal." She laughs and regardless of her response, April downs the rest of her whiskey and Coke and that's when she's willing to admit she's a little tipsy. "But you're in luck, I need a good tour around this place." AJ hops off the barstool, her combat boots making a tiny 'thud' against the floor. She told herself she'd break out of her comfort zone, and break it she intended. April reached out to grab Punk's tattooed hand, her's smaller but her grip strong. She shot him a grin before walking forward and pulling him onto the dance floor, the music practically shaking the surface below her.