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  1. APRIL MENDEZ He was hard not to stare at. Especially right now with the way the remnants of moonlight hit the side of his face from the window near the front door. Did he blush? That made the corner of her mouth turn up before he went on with his friendly advice. AJ's hands come to rest on her hips, the comfy cotton material making her feel like its a safety blanket. Should she really be this upset over somebody she's known for less than 24 hours? The trouble warning makes her smirk and she does nothing but smile at him, her features soft. "Y'know, I've been trying to steer clear of trouble for years but that asshole just sneaks up on me all the time." She says, her tone light-hearted. That sounds like any other town she stepped foot in after leaving home. "But really..I'll keep an eye out. You've just gotta promise me you'll do the same." Chaos wasn't the right word to describe things most of the time...unless, of course, she brought them on that was intriguing to her. She glances around at the walls and shrugs. "One wrong gust of wind and this thing might turn into a box of tooth picks but she'll be a fun fixer up." AJ takes the card from him, balances it between her index finger and middle finger for a moment, before placing it down on the table where she keeps her car keys. She finally looks back at him and lets out a breath. "You know where I'll be. Make sure you advertise in the woods and the next time, dinner is on me." She says before she steps forward and kisses him one last time. It's short, but it's just one more spark of that electric feeling. " I'll see ya, Phil." She says softly. April isn't hard on goodbyes. She'd slammed the door in many faces with no regret. She didn't lose sleep over that sort of thing, but when she went to say goodbye to him those words wouldn't come out. 'See ya' in her eyes, left room for another meeting. Even if it was a snowball's chance in heel. AJ crossed her arms and took her turn leaning against the wall. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the shadows of trees but something was in them. Almost like shadows hiding within shadows. It was like they ran forward to catch a glimpse of life before vanishing into the trees. They were the voices. They were the chaos...and maybe chaos was just going to have to be something she became comfortable with.
  2. APRIL MENDEZ "What charm?" She asks, her tone oozing sarcasm. He's well aware he has a charm. April watches him glance around her room and walks over to her vanity in the mean time. It's nothing special. Just some old thing she picked up in a second hand shop. The wood was once painted a pristine white and after years of wear and tear it's showing age. She makes a mental note to make this another DIY project. Her thumb runs over cracks and crevices while she hears more noises. The breeze through the trees, yes, but soft whispers are behind them now. Many of them. They aren't loud. They aren't yelling in her head but they're present and they want to make that known. AJ catches the tip of her tongue between her teeth before Phil's voice breaks through the whispers. It brings her back to what's in front of her. She stands back up and gives him a smile, admittedly a little bummed that he's on the road again after he walks out the door. "I'm glad you had fun." She says while take a seat next to him on the bed. "I'd be lying if I said that I was excited to see you leave but..y'know.." She says, her gaze looking at her bedroom door before she looks back down at Phil. "I hope the same old shit at least ends up being..better." She says before she reaches her hand out and rests her palm on his cheek. "And thank you for undoubtedly showing me the place I'll cause plenty of trouble in." She jokes, a spurt of laughter escaping her before she leans over to kiss his forehead. AJ clears her throat and stands up, offering her hand out to him. "C'mon, rockstar, I'll walk ya to the front door."
  3. APRIL MENDEZ April feels a shift in the air, a gust of wind outside shakes the trees on the opposite side of her window. It unsettles her just for a moment. She knows there's something lingering, but she's not letting it take her attention right now. It can have her any other night but not tonight. Not now. She hears what Punk has to say but what really bring her back is his thumb running over her hand. She laughs and glances down at their hands, instinct making her bring his up to kiss the back of it. "Don't be embarrassed." She says softly, her eye shifting to meet his gaze while she shrugs. "I'm not the type to jump into that on the first night but y'know..." She shrugged again as if to say 'what can you do?' without actually saying it. The last couple words that left his mouth make her laugh before she sits up. "Oh, honey, I'm just the worst person you could run into." AJ jokes, a genuine smile showing through the darkness. Everything about tonight didn't feel real, but reality was impending. Even if she wanted to stop this moment in time, she couldn't. She was a witch but even certain things were out of a witches hands. AJ runs a hand through her hair and throws the covers to the side, her hands grabbing a over-sized tshirt that she typically wore to bed. She tugs that on over herself before turning her bed side lamp on and finally looking back over at Phil again. "Seems to me that you're the bad influence between us." She jokes with a smirk.
  4. APRIL MENDEZ Part of her was expecting him to just leave after that. Make that a whimsical goodbye kiss and the two would part ways. When Phil kept her close to him she didn't know what to say, but she didn't have to worry about talking. She's just as caught up in the kiss as he is. When he lifts her, her arms drape around his neck while her legs dangle on either side of him. It's bliss. Pure bliss. When he breaks back her face is flushed and her breath is short, but what he says makes her feel some type of way. She can't put words to it at all, but she's feeling the same. All night she's been drawn to him. Even when she wasn't sure at the diner, he had her. April let's one hand come up and it runs through his short hair, her eyes remaining locked on his. "I don't get it either but I feel the same way." She breathes out. "I'm yours. You can have me." AJ gets out before her hands tug on the front of his shirt, pulling Phil flush against her while her lips lock with his again. The softness is skipped and it's right back to that need, her mouth exploring his while she gets as close to him as she can right now. Her head is fuzzy and her heart is pounding, but she knows she wants him. Faintly, she can taste the alcohol on his lips but kissing Punk is better than any spirit she's put to her lips.
  5. APRIL MENDEZ AJ's eyes are locked on his from the second she hands him the crystal. It feels like it's out of habit, but her thumbs runs over the back of his hand while he stands up, head tilting back so she can maintain their gaze. A smirk tugs at her lips at the miracle worker comment. "It's funny you say that, miracle worker is actually my real middle name." She wasn't sure herself how she could change his mind on a town that she had barely any recollection of herself, but she'd take it. If it put him in a good mood, she'd take a little bit of credit for that. The space between them is only getting tinier and she knows what she's about to do is a little uncharacteristic. April's free hand comes up to cup Phil's cheek, her doe eyes still staring into his before she presses her soft lips against his. It's only a couple of seconds but it feels like a lifetime to her, that electric feeling from earlier running through her whole body. She pulls back, her lips just inches from his again. She didn't want to but she doesn't know how he would react. "And I hope you find what you're looking for." She mutters, just loud enough for Phil to hear.
  6. APRIL MENDEZ His comment about losing picks makes her laugh pretty hard. April had a pretty lighthearted demeanor, but whatever the case that comment made her laugh. Probably because she felt at ease right now. Regardless, the sigh that leaves Phil making her look up and she meets his stare. The look he has in his eye makes her look a little confused, but she graciously takes the guitar pick from him. "The smoking hot, nerdy, Pepsi loving musician." April teases, her fingertips grazing Punk's while she takes it from him. She pushes the feeling that leaves her with to the back of her mind and shoots him a smile, her thumb running over the pick. She lets that energy wall down just a little bit and feels that it's heavy. It's been through a lot of sessions like where he's put his heart into it. AJ bites her lip for a moment before getting up and walking to her crystals and rocks. In the back of her mantel there's a tiny one. It's rigid, and it has an ombre effect to it. It starts at the bottom and it's more gray, but by the time it gets to the point it's clear. She turns back to Phil and walks over to stand in front of him, the rock in her palm while AJ offers it out to him. "This is Smoky Quartz." April says, her tone soft. "It's a healing stone. Mentally, emotionally, and's one of the most basic stones out there but it's the best. It grounds ya..helps ya when you're feeling a little out of it." She holds it out for him more. "I'll trade ya. One guitar pick to remember you by, and a pointy stone with good intention to remember the cute rock collector by."
  7. APRIL MENDEZ April pours herself a glass of water before she walks toward the living room. She sees Larry snoozing on Phil's lap and she's in shock for a minute. Larry doesn't typically get this close to anyone that isn't AJ, even when she was around her family all the time he would let them pet him and run off. Even someone as loving as her mother was couldn't get him to cuddle in her lap. She smiles at the dog who doesn't seem to find a threat in sight and nods her head. "That's not even half the collection." AJ says before she nods toward the one she knows Punk touched. "That pink and white swirly stone is called Pink Agate. It's cleansing stone that helps bring you good luck." She says, her black painted fingernail pointing toward the one next to it. It's in the shape of a pyramid. "That one right there is called Obsidian. When you put it in a room it sucks up all of the negative energy among other things." She says, knowing that she could go on about crystals and stones, but she doesn't want to bore him. "As for which one is the most, I'll have to kill ya before I tell ya that." She jokes before she takes a seat on the opposite end of the couch and nods at him. "Do you collect guitar picks?" She asks, already feeling better since she's around the things that boost her energy.
  8. APRIL MENDEZ Full Sail gives her the vibe that is has a lot to offer, but truthfully after she saw the witches near the lake, the thought of going back to a familiar area was comforting. Not to mention, Larry wasn't sitting outside the restaurant when they stepped out and that gave her an instant wave of relief. Her paranoia is gone again, and the silence between them doesn't freak her out. In fact, it's comfortable. "Y'know..that's not such a bad idea. Make a left when you get up to the next stop sign." It was about a twenty minute walk for her to get into a neighborhood that felt populated, maybe an extra ten for her to get into the town itself. Regardless, she liked her literal neck of the woods. While they sink away from the less populated area, the trees nearly swallow the road. The forest is dense, but she finds comfort in it. Except right now. While they drive, she swears she sees movement between the shadows, her doe eyes blinking rapidly to get rid of it. She can't get in her head right now. She won't. April points ahead at her home. It's cute, nothing spectacular. "Welcome to my neck of the woods.." She says while hopping out of Phil's car and walking toward the rickety steps that lead to her porch, her arms extended while she does a dramatic turn around. There it is, the more playful attitude that had been tucked away. The home isn't a complete lump of trash, but it looks like it needs love. There's some overgrown weeds around the foundation, but for the most part she's already cleaned it up. AJ opens the front door, Larry not even giving her a second glance while he sleeps near the end of the couch that you can see from the doorway. "That's Larry, he's my pride and joy." She says, knowing that if he cared enough he'd be staring them both down. It's serene in there, the lightning warm and most of her trinkets already out. "You're not allowed to judge me for how much work this place still needs, and how many empty boxes are still scattered around, kapeesh?" She jokes before letting Phil in and walking over to her kitchen. "Do you want a drink? I have beer, water, Coke..unless you want, like, hot tea or coffee."
  9. APRIL MENDEZ "Hey now, ramen isn't so bad. Especially the chicken flavored packets of it." She mumbled between bites of her burger. April has an innate ability to notice shifts in other people, and for somebody who has the ability that she does, she should be able to pick up on it in herself before anyone else can. At least, so she can manage her behavior to mask it, but he beats her to the punchline. She feels momentarily embarrassed, a long drink of water keeping her mouth shut before she answers. Admittedly, she calms when he acknowledges it. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry, I think it's just the aftermath of buzzed brain, y'know? You didn't scare me.." Which wasn't necessarily a lie. He didn't scare her, but she did feel silly for not at least asking him if he was okay. As stupid as it was, she thought it was treading on territory that she wasn't meant to get into. " 'Scare' isn't the right word. It takes a lot to truly freak me out. Worried, yes...but you seem to be good now, yeah? Worry out the window. I guess I just didn't wanna harp on you over it. " And while she says it, she realizes that's true. "Sorry about that." She says before popping a fry into her mouth and chasing it with water. He's not freaking her out anymore, and after her explanation she feels herself calm down again. She bites her lip and nods. "Just to finish off the second round of three random facts...I collect Converse, I draw, and I have a tattoo on my ribs." AJ says, the last one rolling out of her mouth making her smirk just 'cause it's a little known fact. " So, what's on the agenda after food?"
  10. APRIL MENDEZ April had gotten through her cup of water and was halfway through Phil's by the time he walks out. She's unnerved at the way he looks. His smile is as charming as every other one he's shot in her direction tonight but something feels off. The look in his eyes makes her feel uneasy for just a second, and the way he sounds is odd. " I...don't know." She finally says, knowing that if she doens't speak up it could just add to the awkwardness. Sure, the two of them have made it very clear all night that they had alcohol flowing through their blood, but he's practically a new person when he leaves the bathroom. Larry is in the area and that makes her nerves start to creep up again. Is it him that she should be worried about? Is that why her familiar is outside? She smirks at his last comment, her foot moving to lightly nudge his leg. "Nah, I think they got slaughtered while you were in the bathroom. That'd be a sufficient amount of time." AJ jokes, a wink shot in his direction before she stands up. She needs food. At least to soak up some of the alcohol at this point. "Let me go see what they're doing...." It was a diner in the middle of the night. She could care less if they thought she was crazy for walking over to the window where food was supposed to be waiting. April peaks in the back and notices the waiter playing around on his phone, their food sitting on plates behind him. AJ sighs and clears her throat. He looks up at her with wide eyes and she rolls her eyes. "Thanks for going all the way to the east coast to get our food, give me it. I'll do half of your damn job and take it to the fucking table." He mumbles something but she doesn't care. It's cold at the touch, but a mumble under her breath sends heat from her fingertips straight to it and she sighs. Spells could come in handy for mundane things. She walks back to the table and slides Phil's plate in front of him, opting to put that off feeling in the back of her head while she sits down. "Dude is twiddling his thumbs. Surprisingly, it's still hot and it smells great." And not long after that comment, she's digging into her burger. A hum of delight leaves her and glanced over at Punk. "You're not wrong, the food is amazing."
  11. APRIL MENDEZ April listens to him intently, and the look on his face doesn't go unnoticed. Her brow furrows while he trails off, the look concerning her. She feels like she should say something, snap him out of whatever is happening, or make sure he isn't about to pass out or something. The second AJ goes to open her mouth, he beats her to it and she leans back in her the booth. "Uh problem, I'll just be here." She says lightheartedly before he walks out. The waiter brings out two glasses of water and she takes the time to walk over to the jukebox. She's trying to shake it off as nothing, but this night has already proved that there's something out there. It could be nothing. It really could just be that he's drunk and she's hoping that's it, and instead of paying too much attention she clicks through the options. AJ picks a song that she knows by heart and the second she looks up through the window, she notices a dog. Not just any dog though, it's her familiar. It's her protector. Larry is sitting across the street, his eyes locking on April and that puts her on edge. "I'm okay...I'm alright." She whispers, knowing that Larry can read her lips and understand her regardless of how far he is from her...but he wouldn't be this close if he didn't have a reason. April straightens up and walks back to the booth, collapsing against the worn out seat and now biting on her nail out of nervous habit. Is it the witches? Are there other paranormal entities out there? The brunette sighs and runs a hand over her face, turning to see Larry in the same spot. AJ shakes her head and does her typical calming ritual, a deep breath while she thinks of a soft purple aura running through her body.