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  1. May not be a mental Disability, he might just be a right prick. Too many people hide behind mental disorders and use them as excuses to act like assholes; and trust me, the last few months, he’s been a grade A asshole. (He’s been going on about how the wwe is racist, yet he’s been out there calling other black people Uncle Tom, and calling Mexicans “spics” on social media; and other derogatory bullshit. So yeah. He’s just an absolute Enzo level cunt. And you can’t teach that.
  2. Gotta say, good riddance tbh. He had a really bad attitude as of late, and no amount of in ring talent can hide that. 
  3. Tbh at first glance I thought it was Sonya Deville lol
  4. Kris Statlander signs with AEW

    She signed, then in her first singles match got a clean victory over Hikaru Shida (#1 contender for the Women’s championship). Which basically makes me think, the way they do rankings, Shida’s ranking is going to drop, Britt Baker will go up, and Riho will face Baker again at the Bash at the Beach in January.
  5. I’m not sure if they were taking a shot at NXT here or if they were poking fun with them 🤔 I mean it can come off as a little bit of both...   but in all honesty, I wish AEW would do their own thing and leave NXT/WWE alone, and not focus so damn much on what they’re doing. Work on your own product and let that other promotion flop like it has been. If NXT is your biggest threat, and it’s beating your ass still in a few months, change Dynamite to compete with Raw. Don’t nobody watch that train wreck anyway. Besides, the Lana/Lashley angle will still be going on, and there will be about 30,000 viewers total; so much more reasonable numbers to compete with.
  6. Big Swole signs with AEW

    Super happy they picked her up! Momma can throw down! This is definitely going to help lift the division (and probably one of those big names that Omega was talking about in that interview a few weeks ago?)   Im looking forward to seeing who else we get 😈
  7. Thanks! I thought I remembered she worked for WWE, I just couldn’t remember when
  8. The thing with Kong isn’t even about her, it’s about Brandi, and her getting “revenge” on bullies
  9. I think the problem has been that the’ve had trouble getting visa’s for some of the women too, but that should be cleared up by 2020, and we will see the likes of Mayu, Kagetsu, Arisa, or Hana just to name a few.    As for the men’s division (to go slightly off topic, please don’t drag me 🥺) : Marty Scurll’s ROH contract ends in the next few months, and he used to be part of the Elite/bullet club in NJPW... so it’s exceedingly likely that the villain will join AEW. Luke Harper’s WWE contract is set to expire in December 2019, and he will probably join AEW once his no compete clause ends. The Revival’s contracts are expiring in April 2020, so we may see them after their no compete clause expires (around October). And finally, the Hardy Boys (Matt and Jeff)’s contracts expire in March 2020, so again, we may see them in AEW, or they may retire outright (Jeff might hang it up because of the drinking issues he’s had recently), and they simply can’t perform how they used to... but that’s pure speculation. 
  10. Looks like they’re trying to give her as much support as possible, like they did with Becky, seeing if they can replicate it.
  11. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Aubrey Edwards (the Main ref for AEW now)... didn’t she work for WWE/NXT before? And didn’t she work on the main roster for a few of their women’s matches? 😶 Or am I really confused? Also, if she did work for WWE prior, why did she leave?
  12. I mean she’s not fully homegrown... but ok. She wrestled in Australia for Riot City wrestling and Melbourne City Wrestling from 2013-2017. She had the MYC, before coming to WWE performance center in 2018. So yeah. 4 years on the indies. Isn’t home grown bro. She’s imported too 😎   Someone like Bianca is homegrown, because she didn’t wrestle until she got to the performance center. But that’s ok Bubba. You do you booboo.   Though, I do agree, that Rhea should be a star. She’s got the attitude, and a decent move set, as well as the strength and overall ability to go blow for blow with most other competitors. She can also go from technical to brawl to brutal  and match hold for hold... so she’s got the savvy and endurance. 
  13. Why Mauro Ranallo Missed Survivor Series PPV

    I definitely agree with this. I think what graves did was 1000% unprofessional and just disrespectful, using a public platform to openly mock, bully and humiliate your coworker, is just plain wrong. on the other hand, hiding behind the stigma of having a mental issue/disorder doesn’t mean Mauro should get a free pass. But it definitely isn’t Graves’ place to tell Mauro what he’s doing wrong, and certainly not on social media for the world to see. Pull the man aside and have a conversation with him in private. How did graves feel when his wife aired all his dirty laundry when he was cheating on her, on social media? Graves is just a thin Emo JBL with internet, and less hair.
  14. So basically what you’re saying is Becky is the female Roman Reigns? (Sorry, all he does is: Uppercut, clothesline, clothesline in corner, drive by dropkick, Superman punch, and spear. Every single match) and both of them run their mouths off while working their safe move sets too lol.    Going to who will challenge Becky for the title: Technically Asuka has pinned Becky twice on RAW, so she should be the one to challenge her next, but they’re probably going to save that match for the Rumble, and have the horsefaces pick up the tag belts off the Kabuki Warriors at TLC too 
  15. NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019: Live Chat

    Thank you for this loverly cup of tea sis 🥰