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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Sorry, I’m just so tired of that tramp being force fed down our throats, And leaping over other worthy women, I nod off every time she has a mic in her hands, she bores me to tears.
  2. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Am I the only one here who gets the feeling that this company doesn’t want women of color (particularly Asians) holding titles? I mean, sure, Asuka had the longest reign in NXT history, but that was basically a different company (the way Vince runs things compared to Hunter)... and sure she’s had the Smackdown women’s championship... but not for long. Idk, I just get this vibe that the company only wants white women with blonde hair to have titles. I mean look at Charlotte, I mean sure she can wrestle, but she’s absolute trash on the mic. But then you have Alexa, who can’t wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag, but she can talk really good... so I dunno... just kinda get mixed vibes. 
  3. FI’m sorry, do we seem to forget the fact that Chyna once beat Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Jeff Jarrett and the likes of Hardcore Holly, and a bunch of other steroid hulked up roid rage people to be the first and only female to have TWO Intercontinental title reigns, to be the first female to compete in the Royal Rumble match, to be the first female to compete in the King of the Ring tournament; to be the first female to be the Number One Contender for the WWF World Title; and I believe she even won the Hardcore championship. And those were all competing against men. Doesn’t include her accolades against women.    So seth can suck his own tiny fucking dick, when he says women can’t compete with men; when you have the likes of Sasha, Ember, Asuka, Natalya, and Liv.... and probably more tbh but we never get to see them, but we know these girlies can hold their own, and have the ability to back it up; unlike half the men’s locker room.
  4. Tbh I wish this was the case cause it’d be cute AF, or have Maryse take the title from her and then lose the championship to her new baby this way on the Miz and Mrs show, for an increase in ratings... but we know damn well the WWE creative doesn’t plan shit like this
  5. Jimmy Uso arrested for DUI

    So, basically when the Hardy’s do it, it’s months of suspension and rehab. When the Uso’s Do it, reward them with more money and title opportunities. I guess that’s pandering to the audience to try to keep your “diversity portfolio” in-tact, regardless of not only your superstars wellbeing; but any potential person who could have been injured at the hands of said superstar. But then again, we live in the age of WWE where “the actions of this superstar are their own, and have nothing to do with the WWE, or it’s values.” Meanwhile, 3 years ago, the WWE would have come down on this shit like a ton of bricks and dropped their ass like a bad habit. 
  6. Jimmy Uso arrested for DUI

    Tbh doesn’t every time him or his brother gets nailed for drunk driving, have something to do with their father showing up in their life? Or am I mistaken/overreaching? 😶
  7. Truth be told Alexa couldn’t carry a match either... she can’t bloody wrestle. She has to hide outside the ring for 60 minutes then do 20 minutes of rest holds... ever since her concussion shit with rhonald McDonald.... sorry but the ho can’t go.    If WWE want to put someone in who isn’t a stereotypical female for their branding, like say Ember Moon, who can actually wrestle, and put on a good performance; Naomi, who we all know is the single most athletic in the entire division... (even if it’s just to eat the pin, to set up a feud down the line between the bottle blonde bimbos); or Asuka, who can make both other competitors look amazing... then yeah sure, take my fucking money, I’ll sign back up to the WWE network... but this (as it’s currently booked) has tragedy and shitshow written all over it... like Goldberg vs Undertaker, but with blonde weaves and silicone implants (that tend to pop on the regular. Just saying) we need some women of color in this company. I’m tired of seeing these stuck up Barbie dolls with bleached blonde hair with little to no talent getting priority over ladies with undeniable talent. This company has become such utter garbage, and it only reinforces the reasons I dropped they ass like a bad habit.
  8. Tbh after reading all this about how shit the wwe and petty they’ve become, they’ve lost one of their most outspoken and longest running supporters. I’m 33 years old. I’ve been a wwe fan for 30 years. (Brainwashed as a child apparently). I can’t even with this company anymore. It’s such garbage now. 3 hours on raw, and 2.5 of them are shitty scripted promos that Vince thinks will work, meanwhile the talent doesn’t get enough time to rehearse them. The other half hour is all about Shane wrestling a legitimate superstar, and winning. Shane is like 78 years old now, and back in his prime, he couldn’t even beat a 148 year old Vince McMahon in a street fight, nor could he beat Kurt Angle at wrestle mania (where he was suplexed twice through the stage glass) basically he was the whipping boy. Now he’s got no formal training and magically he’s beating legitimate wrestlers? Fuck this shit.   Another thing I’m fucking sick of, is them forcing cancer mccancer face down our throats yet again. We didn’t stand for it last time, and his ass got booed, and nearly tossed out the building by the audience every time he came out. So Vince comes up with “oh hey, you’re going on a 6 month vacation. Well tell them you have cancer so when you come back, they’ll be on your side”. Meanwhile, from a medical standpoint, he never lost any weight, he hasn’t changed at all, and the whole thing was a hoax to get people to stop booing him. And clowns believed it.     my point being is. I’m tired of the wwe cunts and their bullshit. So I killed my dvr (that was probably the only thing propping up their ratings), and canceled my subscription. I recommend everyone else do the same. This company is going the way of WCW, and I guarantee that in 5-10 years time if Vince is still in charge, NXT will have split from the company so they don’t get dragged down too, and AEW will either buy WWE or merge with NXT. 
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Never knew that 😯 thanks for the info! At least we are safe from the wwe lol
  10. Well that might be where this is heading. Shane starts shit with Kofi at summer slam, and Shane wins the title at survivor series or rumble, to solidify and validate kofi’s Championship reign with time and multiple proper defenses. Meanwhile Shane wins around rumble time and mix wins rumble, and challenges Shane for the title and wins at mania. But I doubt WWE has put that much effort or thought into their booking.
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    No but when a superstar signs a contract with the company, the wwe then owns that name, their brand and their likeness, which is what I think (speculation) is what those takedowns are based off; however they can’t blame us for finding the pictures on google lol. If anyone is at fault it’s their superstars who can’t quite seem to keep it in their pants (thank the maker)
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Just throwing this out here for what it’s worth, I’ve heard rumor that WWE is sending takedown notices and shutting sites down due to them having pics of their superstars indecencies exposed. (It’s on JUB, for those interested, or who give enough fucks to look). Point being, be careful with what you post in the open from now on, and maybe keep the more graphic contents to the blogs thread? (Just a suggestion, so we don’t lose our loverly community 💚🤓) - plus, where else (besides the rest of the interwebs) will I go to see people dragging and straight up mugging the wwe creative/Vince for their bullshit every week? 🥺
  13. Lard Sullivan injured

    So, who’s hosting the block party for the jubilee for this giant hairy turd being broke as fuck? And what might I bring to said celebration? 🥳
  14. Only his 13 children that have to pay to see him...
  15. AEW Announces TV Deal

    Didn’t Raw used to be on TNT for a few years before switching to Spike TV, then some other random bullshit channel, before finally settling on USA?