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  1. Ultimate Fighter contestant who left (got fired? IDK) from UFC because it was known he was really into smoking, and went on the indies for a few years and made a name for himself in America and Europe. It was a shock when he got signed, and made people assume the Wellness Policy may be more lax than we realize. His entire shtick is 'Broooo' and wrestling barefoot. I think the biggest shocks for me about this is Jack Gallagher and David Starr. Jack just seemed like an overall chill dude, but the fact that he got fired immediately, no 'Best wishes in future endeavors' or anything, speaks volumes. As far as Starr goes, his entire persona has just been 'woke bae' and has been super active as far as BLM and women's rights for years, so to read everything and his half-ass excuses is just frustrating. But I also didn't realize he dated Sunny when he was starting out in wrestling, so... Bate, Trent Seven, Ligero, Joe Coffey, and Travis Banks- they said the UK/AUS/NZ indie scene was bad, but wow. All guys on NXT UK. And also, adding Riddle and Xavier to the list is shocking. I read some posts from women saying they were annoyed Xavier is being lumped in due to the Paige situation and Maddox wasn't, but I don't know if that's true? That will be the most devastating, by far.
  2. Diana is one of the most beloved, complex, fascinating people to have walked this earth. Kristen... no. Just, no. I don't think she has the range for this role. And her acting has not gotten any better. Her best role is still 'Panic Room' when she spent most of her time in diabetic shock.
  3. I'm actually more excited to see New Mutants as the months go on. It looks like Magik will have a pretty big role in the final battle.
  4. The addition of Sunfire and Thunderbird makes me really happy and intrigued, especially due to Thunderbird's involvement with the X-Men. I wish they chose to feature another character like Rogue, as she never really was able to come into her own in the original X-Men movies, despite playing an integral role in the first one. She and Gambit really deserved more, Gambit deserved something. I'm happy for lesser known characters, but we'll see.
  5. Cookout Invitations

    Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Mustafa Ali, and British Strong Train Style for me. Aleister Black, maybe. He seems like a genuinely good person, but Zelina has been problematic AF in the past, so I'm weary. Speaking of, the fact that Carmella was one of very few people who spoke up and defended Naomi really actually makes me appreciate her more. Her aesthetic is questionable, but damn, nobody else could have done it?
  6. Celebrating Pride Month with Heartbreakers

    So I don't know if I'll be showing my age here, but I think the very first time I saw a gay character on television was Road Rules: Campus Crawl with Shane Landrum. He, along with Rachel, were my first introductions into being queer. I'd always thought that I was different from other guys - really reserved, a bit of a nerd - but looking back, I was a shy little mixed boy being raised by my white family with no cultural connection and was always the only Black kid in AP classes in my schools until 7th grade while always dealing with the whole "I like guys?" inner turmoil. But nonetheless, I remember have a huge crush on Shane, which likely triggered my Tamera Mowry spirit of being a white man's whore. I remembered rushing to's discussion boards back then and declaring myself bisexual like Rachel identified, and didn't actually come out officially for another two years at... wow, 13. I can't even pinpoint everyone that has played a significance in my life. Queer as Folk for breaking down the barriers, Noah's Arc for being the show that showcased men who had my complexion and where I felt more of a connection to (and that theme!), Pose for showcasing a part of our history that gets glossed over by the mainstream media. Modern Family and The Fosters for showcasing queer families raising kids, giving me my heteronormative white picket fence dream. Schitt's Creek for having non-straight non-monogamous characters and... that was just that, nothing weird, nothing quirky, it just was. And our allies that have fought with us over the years and still to this day. I will forever stan for people like Sami, Mustafa, Aliyah and Naomi. Happy Pride, y'all. Thank you, Marsha P. Johnson. Thank you, Sylvia Rivera. Thank you, Bayard Rustin.
  7. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    Thanks! I am. For anyone who is considering going out and exercising the right to protest, please make sure you are prepared physically and mentally, and have a group of people with you. This shit is terrifying to witness firsthand, on top of everything else we have going on regarding COVID. We finished finals, and went straight into a damn civil war.
  8. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    Thank you. I went out last night to join in solidarity and had to leave early, as I realized I wasn't about that life after getting gassed. It was a frustrating time, mildly liberating, but also seeing how the night turned and seeing how these evening has played out is horrifying. Things have quieted down this evening after the third night of protests, but it's still just like "What's it going to take?"
  9. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    I'm furloughed from my job for an undetermined amount of time (Going on 5 weeks now), I'm in the middle of moving out of a house I've shared with 5 other people this year, I got all my stuff back from my ex who dumped me after 5 years last October. I was going to propose on our 5 year anniversary last month, until he dumped me for a woman he'd been seeing from an art class he taught. I won't see my dogs again now, because it still hurts me to see him. I work for my local government and we're going through budget issues for the 2019-2023 years and I could potentially be laid off. I just bought a car. And even though I'm geeky and effeminate more than masculine with my demeanor, because I'm a Black male, this can be labeled as a threat. I live near where Breonna Taylor was murdered. My city is in turmoil. And I'm just really kind of at a loss for a lot as far as what I want to do, where I want to go, who I want to be, and the spiral that comes with it. And it's just harder on some days, and this has been one of those weeks. Every day something new. And some days, you just get real tired and don't know how to explain why you're tired and numb.
  10. Jojo and Bray Welcome 2nd Child

    Her post on IG indicated Knash turned 1 in the past 10 days. They wasted no time... whew. Good for her, but... naaah.
  11. This... She really just decided to rehash this same tired promo? I'm sorry, I just can't get the hype behind her. Her technical skills may be above average, but she's just not... I don't know. Nothing has blown me away about her, and her delivery in this was off-putting when they initially released it on Impact's Twitter, now I see why since it was recorded 18 months ago.
  12. Wasn't she supposed to win the first MYC tournament, and Vince changed those plans as well? It's kinda evident, if true, that he doesn't see IT in her. Of course, that's been true about performers in the last while and has worked against their plans (Daniel Bryan, Becky, Roman), but fans have consistently criticized Shayna for being too boring. She's a good grappler, no doubt about it, but her dominating got boring. Asuka, at least, pulled off great matches with Nia, Bayley, Ember, and gave Mickie her strongest match since she returned. Shayna was never the must-see woman in the division, especially when dealing with Kairi, Ember, Bianca, and Io. Have the fellow horseys even been seen since Shayna lost her title? The fact they were saved over people like Drake or Sarah is laughable.
  13. Entertainment Weekly covers LGBTQ industry takeover

    He 'officially' came out with his album cover and with the track 'c7osure', but people on Twitter had already known he was from when I believe it was a fan account for the Barbz. He suffered some pretty homophobic stuff after coming out and also this year, and just kinda trolls the people or ignores them entirely, and it's beautiful to watch.
  14. As far as her character work goes, I would love for her to revert back to her Athena character. The spoiled brat, calling everyone a 'hussy', almost cowardly kind of heel that would be in similar style of the IIconics. She's such a talented person, but as you said her current gimmick really was a bit too all over the place, a combination of everything she's a fan of but nothing ever really sticks.
  15. I think what really gets me is just all of the stories pouring out about him as a person. He was a wrestler, he was a doting husband and a loving father. He and JTG put smiles on everyone's faces. Seeing photos of Street Profits and Bianca, New Day, Rich Swann, MVP, Faye Jackson, Kiera Hogan, all these people, especially Black wrestlers, sharing photos and videos, especially of his reaction with MVP after Kofi won the belt, Shad also carrying Kofi on his shoulders at a concert... he was a remarkable man. I hate that stories like those that are being told have to come to light when someone is dead, and we appreciate them too late. He will forever be remembered for his heroism.