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  1. General Gaming

    Give me my fish back. I'm tired of popping these balloons and digging up the wrong stars.
  2. DC Universe | Harley Quinn | Returns in April

    I'm interested to see how things go after Harley did what she did at the end of the episode. Makes me wonder if she'll   
  3. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    I, too, have been waiting for spoilers. And then felt like an idiot when reading that, oh yeah, no fan was there. This company is a trainwreck, and honestly this has disgusted me beyond so many things. I'm already annoyed having to work through this virus with limited contact with coworkers, I can't imagine what our faves are feeling have to wrestle through this crap.
  4. General Gaming

    I literally just bought this game for my birthday and just got around to playing it a few days ago, and was bummed Jean wasn't already playable. Seeing y'all talk about the DLC is convincing me to splurge again.
  5. Illinois and Ohio are closing bars and restaurants, a friend in Missouri said they're planning on doing the same there re: restaurants. I work for my local government and only essential buildings are staying open. Reports are that Ohio possibly has over 100k people infected. This is insane.
  6. Tegan was supposed to be in the first MYC, and she got injured that time, and we got (I believe) Renee Michelle instead. Then, she was able to return for the next MYC, and there was speculation she was supposed to go all the way. She put on a few 'okay' matches, but wasn't really anything special to me. Then, another unfortunate injury. And she's never really recovered since then. When she and Dakota were teaming, it gave her purpose. Both were natural babyfaces, but they still had that 'Cheering them because they're the babyfaces" persona. There was no reason to cheer for them other than Dakota being great at being the babyface in peril. We didn't even get advancement in that, since they decided to turn Dakota heel. Neither one of them have shown much character development aside from Dakota's obsession with Tegan's knee brace, but her pairing with Raquel may work out? Either way, Tegan, Dakota, and gonna throw Candice into the mix. Tegan's been wrestling for 7 years, Dakota for 12, Candice for 18 years. When you look at some of the women on the roster who have been doing it for a similar time frame, like Rhea, Kairi and even Alexa, you start wondering if the other three have 'It'. Mercedes and Candice have 18+ years in this, yet Mercedes is the one heralded as the legend and Candice is...there. Bianca was showing out in the first MYC just a year after she began training and her run has been more memorable than any of them combined. I know they were beloved on the indies, but something isn't clicking in NXT or with staff. If it was, they'd be more trusted in positions that Bianca, Rhea, Io and the like have received.
  7. NXT TakeOver: Portland: Live Chat

    Scrolling through this and glancing quickly, I thought Sonya Deville was helping out Emma and got very confused.
  8. Shazam 2 Officially Announced by WB at CCXP

    I checked this out with semi-low expectations since it came out around the same time as 'Captain Marvel' and 'Endgame', so there was a lot of hype but never saw anyone really talking about it. I thought it was a really good film, it was cute in ways I didn't expect, and I actually cared for a lot of the family. Looking forward to the sequel, they should definitely consider having this be a mainstay in DCEU. Zachary Levi is daddy so that helps.
  9. So... was Bret in on this catfish as well, since he's the one who gave 'Jason' Nattie's number? I just... What?
  10. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    This entire statement. The fact that they had her recreate the spot in the same jacket and the same pose, and the "Oh! That's Adam Cole's girlfriend" comment on commentary was cringe worthy. I really want AEW to succeed, but they're just ridiculous at the moment.
  11. Good, teaches them that they should work on the material more thoroughly than shilling out half-finished games. People should get Fire Pro Wrestling World instead. I know I've mentioned it several times before, but so much more customization and excitement than any WWE game I've played since the PS2 days.
  12. One of the articles was through HuffPost -  - And then there's only a few people during that time period that it was known she was dating, so people on sites like WrestleZone narrowed it down to Rios.
  13. I feel like this was the case, there's been a few articles saying that when she attempted to file an EPO, the guys trainers had connections with WWE and said it would 'hurt his career' since she was a bigger name, and Jay trained under the Dudleyz, so...
  14. Brandi is annoying, but she was backing up her boss (Or boss' son? I don't know exactly). Charlotte really should've just sat there and ate her food. Neither Brandi nor Charlotte really needed to get involved, but Charlotte looks like she's defending KKKlandy.