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  1. I saw reports from Meltzer (Take it with a grain of salt) that the injury was in her neck. Wasn't sure if it was a botch or a freak accident. Regardless, I'm guessing they are FINALLY deciding to take in-action injuries serious. Hardy's dive and the issue this past week was completely unprofessional and negligent. I cannot understand and it makes NO sense that nobody checked on Alex Reynolds as he laid there. For as much crap that Impact and WWE do and the criticism they rightfully receive, instances like Jesse Sorensen's injury and Paige's injury were rightfully checked in on and the matches cancelled. Even Candice's injury led to the match ending (Despite Beth dragging her a bit harshly). I know that Aubrey tried to cancel the match after Hardy's dive, and props to her; however, some member of management should have called it off and not risk further injury.
  2. AEW Gets Dragged

    Their biggest thing, for me, is their complete inability to handle criticism. So many instances when I've seen fans remark on social media, they either come back with a sassy quip, or completely deactivate. There is such a delusion that everyone in management are bigger than what they are, and that's simply not the case now. The only one who I can say would be Moxley, and that's because he seems to steer clear from all social media. Cody and Brandi can't handle criticism, I've lost all respect for Jericho, and Kenny and the Bucks have not done much since they've been involved in the company. Kenny had so many accolades in Japan, and yes starting up a rival wrestling corporation is an amazing accomplishment, but when people focus on what you've done before you returned to North America, that says a lot.
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    She did post a photo on IG I think last week where she had to have emergency surgery, if I remember correctly. Probably needing some time off to recover. She has been going at this for over 10 years now, so she does need to take care of herself.
  4. Oh, hell no. It wouldn't surprise me if WWE passed over Santana all those years due to her dating him.
  5. Tegan Nox Injured Again

    I feel so bad for her. She's so young and to have three major injuries within 3 years, and never really get your career off the ground in this promotion. I hate that she was supposed to be in the first MYC and got injured, was allegedly supposed to win MYC 2 and was injured in her match, and not in autumn YET AGAIN, she's injured. As much as I feel bad, I can't see her as a trainer in any capacity. Both the Sara(h)'s were heralded and could connect with the women in ways - del Rey was definitely more so with technical and submission, and Stock with the more lucha style, and likely Japanese-style even though both trained. Paige was a pivotal person in NXT and in the way women were seen, and had a short but memorable career on the main roster, as well as essentially having a career-ending injury in the WWE ring. As a result, I can see why they're keeping her around at least for another year or two. Sadly, nothing Tegan has done has WOWed me, and she's even tweeted about folks calling her boring and proving them wrong. I hate that she came in with so much hype as being one of the best in the world, and many women outshined her in almost every aspect.
  6. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    They really giving everyone new names? T-Bar, Mace, and Slapjack? I am beyond done with this company. 
  7. Three knee surgeries for her age is absolutely terrifying. Hope queen heals fast. This gives her more time to drag racists on Twitter.
  8. I've heard nothing but negative things about her, from wrestlers and promoters alike. There were stories about her being hateful towards women in SHIMMER, and apparently they stopped booking her in Shine because she didn't want to help put over wrestlers like Priscilla Kelly. I think I remember she was bullying Madison and Navaeh in Shimmer, and one of them pointed out some hypocrisy she posted about on Twitter when referencing to their own experiences with her.
  9. Squared Circle Sirens Owner Casey Passes Away, RIP

    It's so surreal. He was such a driving force in women's wrestling, he was apart of the revolution. He constantly campaigned for the women to be taken seriously and he was always on their side. Deonna and Mia must be taking it especially hard. Aja even tweeted out about how he helped give her a platform, Candy Lee said he helped her get as famous as she is currently. He helped so many LGBQ+ talent and so many women, even during his health problems. I know he's been battling it for years and the last few months have been ROUGH. I'm happy he's not in pain, but 26... He had so much more life to live. I hate how unfair the world is. Rest easy, Casey.
  10. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    I'm usually not a fan of the zany, over-the-top style of arcade gaming, but this seems like a breath of fresh air from the disastrous time they've been having with the 2K series. I'm really pleasantly surprised the focus was more so on the women in this trailer than the men. I did forget how much I utterly despise hearing Lawler's voice commentating, though.
  11. Chadwick Boseman passes away

    I think what really gets me, and a lot of other people are talking out about it, is how critical people were when he was posting photos and videos earlier this year and his weight loss was noticeable. How people were speculating, and then, because this is just the age of being edgy, people just started making memes with his face on it, and it's just thinking of how he had been going through this for 4 years already, filming, travelling the world, making appearances, in 3 of the most popular movies of the last decade back-to-back-to-back, and nobody could tell. And watching him break down when discussing the two boys who died of cancer before the film was released, and then realizing he had cancer at that point as well? There's just so much I'm trying to wrap my head around. I cried a bit last night. Just is unreal and unfair.
  12. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    I remember Rebel/Reba being pretty meh, but wow, was she awful in this match. That delayed reaction to the frankensteiner was cringe-worthy. 
  13. Apparently, he messaged Sonya before entering her house saying that he was outside by her pool, and that he was going to enter the house to kill the guest she had, so that would've been Mandy. This man does not deserve to see the light of day, period. Disgusting. I cannot imagine the horror they felt.
  14. For me, Jurassic Park is still timeless. I saw it for the first time around 2013, and have watched it a few more times over the years. Even though it's a 90s movie, there's still so much realism to me when seeing the dinosaurs appear for the first time, and of course with the scene in the Jeep that wasn't even supposed to happen adds to the drama.
  15. Ultimate Fighter contestant who left (got fired? IDK) from UFC because it was known he was really into smoking, and went on the indies for a few years and made a name for himself in America and Europe. It was a shock when he got signed, and made people assume the Wellness Policy may be more lax than we realize. His entire shtick is 'Broooo' and wrestling barefoot. I think the biggest shocks for me about this is Jack Gallagher and David Starr. Jack just seemed like an overall chill dude, but the fact that he got fired immediately, no 'Best wishes in future endeavors' or anything, speaks volumes. As far as Starr goes, his entire persona has just been 'woke bae' and has been super active as far as BLM and women's rights for years, so to read everything and his half-ass excuses is just frustrating. But I also didn't realize he dated Sunny when he was starting out in wrestling, so... Bate, Trent Seven, Ligero, Joe Coffey, and Travis Banks- they said the UK/AUS/NZ indie scene was bad, but wow. All guys on NXT UK. And also, adding Riddle and Xavier to the list is shocking. I read some posts from women saying they were annoyed Xavier is being lumped in due to the Paige situation and Maddox wasn't, but I don't know if that's true? That will be the most devastating, by far.