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  1. Shazam 2 Officially Announced by WB at CCXP

    I checked this out with semi-low expectations since it came out around the same time as 'Captain Marvel' and 'Endgame', so there was a lot of hype but never saw anyone really talking about it. I thought it was a really good film, it was cute in ways I didn't expect, and I actually cared for a lot of the family. Looking forward to the sequel, they should definitely consider having this be a mainstay in DCEU. Zachary Levi is daddy so that helps.
  2. So... was Bret in on this catfish as well, since he's the one who gave 'Jason' Nattie's number? I just... What?
  3. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    This entire statement. The fact that they had her recreate the spot in the same jacket and the same pose, and the "Oh! That's Adam Cole's girlfriend" comment on commentary was cringe worthy. I really want AEW to succeed, but they're just ridiculous at the moment.
  4. Good, teaches them that they should work on the material more thoroughly than shilling out half-finished games. People should get Fire Pro Wrestling World instead. I know I've mentioned it several times before, but so much more customization and excitement than any WWE game I've played since the PS2 days.
  5. One of the articles was through HuffPost -  - And then there's only a few people during that time period that it was known she was dating, so people on sites like WrestleZone narrowed it down to Rios.
  6. I feel like this was the case, there's been a few articles saying that when she attempted to file an EPO, the guys trainers had connections with WWE and said it would 'hurt his career' since she was a bigger name, and Jay trained under the Dudleyz, so...
  7. Brandi is annoying, but she was backing up her boss (Or boss' son? I don't know exactly). Charlotte really should've just sat there and ate her food. Neither Brandi nor Charlotte really needed to get involved, but Charlotte looks like she's defending KKKlandy.
  8. Impact Wrestling November 19, 2019: Results

    Tessa continuing to show she is That Bitch.
  9. THANK YOU. I saw this interview the other day and just the blatant self-hatred he and the other guy displays is alarming. Being gay and muscular has become Darren's only personality traits at this point.
  10. Black Newcomer Cast in Major Role for "The Batman"

    She's so beautiful, just graduated, and the role is a secret? They have BIG plans for her, I'm excited and high-key scared. All the racist backlash that Anna Diop received for portraying Starfire was awful, so if she's portraying someone established...
  11. Tessa's been a STAR ever since she debuted and is the company's top babyface. I'm happy that they've just included her into the men's division without it ever feeling awkward. It's just, she's there, she's fighting, she's believable, the crowd is fully supporting her. It's been so organic and I love everything she's doing.
  12. Knockout legend gave birth

    'The Voodoo Queen' Roxxi Laveaux, one of the OG Knockouts when they started the division. She had to get her head shaved after a match, and then began a hardcore gimmick. She's one of those who was a good technical wrestler despite limited charisma, but TNA screwed over dozens of times despite the crowd embracing her. IIRC, one of her last matches with TNA was either the one where she broke her ankle, or one of Madison Rayne's 'Career vs Title' victims. Her Barbie Crusher finisher is one of the sickest, glad Garza is bringing a modified version back.
  13. Scarlett Bordeaux among New PC Recruits

    Honestly, I'm mostly here for Indi. She's got a unique look to her and she's only 22. Here's hoping that they sign Tessa soon and let them get their tag team back.
  14. WWE Under Fire Over "Racist" Shirt

    Literally, this. So many people have attacked him on Twitter today saying they didn't see anything wrong with it, and I'm just... Angry doesn't BEGIN to describe the emotion I'm having. We're in 2019 and this is happening in so many companies because they don't have a melanated person to smack them when they make suggestions like this.