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  1. Best Wrestling Themes? (Past or Present)

    I think a really underrated theme song is Peyton Royce's Sultry (XO). Every since the IIconics have debuted they've been using Billie's, and everyone seems to love it, but it never really resonated with me. Peyton's on the other hand is imo catchy, energetic, and an exciting tune.  Layla's Insatiable was also awesome. When she returned and they gave her this theme it was awesome. It fit her so well and helped her distinguish herself from Michelle McCool after the latter departed the company. Plus her hoodie in the YouTube video of the song is super cute.  Speaking of Michelle, Not Enough For Me is literally iconic. When you hear that line followed by the high pitched "NOOOOO, NOOOO, NOOOO" you know a legend is about to enter.  Asuka's theme song is really cool too. A lot of the times the Japanese superstars get your basic Japanese entrance. In fact, most of the time foreign wrestlers just get a theme song related to where they came from (Uso's original, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Rusev). Not saying this is bad as sometimes it fits their character, but it's nice to see something new. Asuka's theme song is enchanting, mysterious, and just all in all HYPE.  Then there's the ones we all love: Sasha, Trish, Lita, Torrie... Oh and I also am a fan of Beth's song as it went well with her character.
  2.   Right like when people are saying their scraping the bottle of the barrel, I'm like do you know who Torrie Wilson is? They act like she was some extra on one random Sunday Night Heat. She's fricken TORRIE WILSON! She ran SmackDown for like 4 years, had memorable storylines with Dawn Marie and Sable among others, showed impressive athleticism, was pretty good in the ring and made up for her shortcomings through her character work, and embodied everything a dive stood for. And Divas are important in this Women's Evolution. Plenty of men have gone into the Hall of Fame that didn't know how to wrestle, and plenty of men have gone into the Hall of Fame without winning a championship. So why is everyone acting like the line is drawn at Torrie? 
  3. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    Right and it's EVERY SINGLE TIME WWE is in Chicago and I'm so sick of it. But I did love seeing Stephanie roast Punk & the crowd that one time.    On the topic of crowds being annoying, I hate when the crowd tries to mess up the refs count. Or when someone messes up a pin break and they chant "That was 3." It can be so annoying. And the WHAT chant. It is so annoying. Sometimes the heel is saying something actually interesting but you can't hear it because the crowd won't shut up. 
  4. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    IMO her being champion for so long was a problem when women like Mickie James and Ember Moon, or even SmackDown girls like Natalya and Becky Lynch were doing nothing for so long. For me the final straw was when she beat Mickie, I felt like that was one of the last chances for Mickie to get a title reign and instead they had Alexa beat her and then literally beat her again the next night. Again, nothing against Alexa, it's not her fault the booking was so bad. 
  5. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    Exactly! Like when Beth went in and everyone freaked out. If your reasoning for someone not getting into the Hall is it's too early, then clearly that person is just salty they're gonna get in. I don't think WWE sits down and ranks who deserves to be in the Hall most. If they did, in ten years the Hall would suck because they would have all the people who kind of deserve to get in but kind of don't. It's great to have variety. 
  6. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    Undefeated Streak- Not only does it take away the predictibility but it also usually hurts them in the end because you get an Asuka situation. The girl was undefeated for like 3 years and then all of the sudden she loses every other match? This can work if there's a storyline of her losing her confidence but there's not and it's just lazy booking and confusing. Overpushing- Much like an undefeated streak, but by this I mean a case like Alexa Bliss. I love seeing woman get opportunities. But imo having Alexa be champion for basically 2 years straight and win MITB not only took opportunities away from girls but also hurt the division as a whole. Alexa can wrestle pretty well, but she's not at the level where she should be carrying the division for that extended period of time, because what great matches did we get out of those two years? Not hating on Alexa, I love her, but overpushing her made me love her less. And it's not just Alexa, it's others two (i.e. Charlotte) Bad Tag Team Names (or not having one)- This is such a dumb thing to complain about, but I hate when two people who are teaming don't come up with a tag team name or a good one. I'm not asking for a lot, but c'mon, the Boss 'n' Hug Connection? I love Sasha + Bayley, but what kind of name is that? Bayley doesn't even really do the hug gimmick anymore. Plus, it's such a ripoff of Rock 'n' Sock Connection, and when I hear a tag team name I want to think of that team not a predecessor. And also, a tag team name is supposed to define the team, yet as I said Bayley doesn't hug. And then there's a team like Nia Jax + Tamina. How am I supposed to get invested into a duo when they don't even have the time to think of a team name. It's so lazy! Samoan Sisters, Slaughter Sisters, Samoan Dynasty, Samoan Slaughterers... It's not that hard to do. 
  7. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    All of us women's wrestling fans know Torrie is deserving. Yeah she didn't have a title run, but plenty of big names never had a title run in WWE (Jake Roberts, Big John Studd, Mae Young...) You can't deny her popularity and she was the SmackDown girl until she passed that torch to Michelle. She could tell a story pretty well with her limited wrestling skills and is iconic.  I also love the idea of her going in this year since we are getting two women who are kind of contrasts. Chyna is your strong girl while Torrie is your pretty one (they are obviously both more than that). It shows how both types of women helped create this women's evolution and form what a female wrestler is today. Also I think with Chyna going in people will be more accepting of Torrie since she is not like the only woman in her class. 
  8. Lana calls out Ronda Rousey

    But Trish was good at wrestling.    JK, sorry not trying to hate on Lana, but I'm just kind of suck of her complaining when there are plenty of other girls getting overlooked that deserve an opportunity more than her. Ember Moon, Naomi, The IIconics, Ruby Riott, even Natalya who's been overlooked basically her entire career. And I just get annoyed when Lana is constantly trying to insert herself into storylines on twitter.
  9. Lana calls out Ronda Rousey

    Tbh I don't agree with Lana. How can she attack someone "who's been handed everything" when Lana was allowed to wrestle even though she wasn't hired as one? It'd be like Paul Heyman randomly wanting to wrestle full time, it's not really fair to the other performers. Plus Ronda's been there way shorter than Lana and is miles ahead of her, so why she hating? 
  10. Lana is Salty

    No offense but Lana has no right to complain about not getting to be a part of these historical moments. She's lucky they even let her compete in WWE. It's nothing against her, but she's still SO green in the ring and to be honest, she looked the worst out of almost anyone in both the Royal Rumble and Evolution Battle Royale, two places where she could've showcased her improvements. She was incapable of even being eliminated from the ring realistically. Plus her arsenal is like 3 moves, which is weird considering she made fun of Ronda and said she was green when Rousey has been there like a fifth of the time as Lana and is way better than her. I know everyone loves her passion, but it always kind of bothered me she was allowed to wrestler, because she wasn't hired as a wrestler. You know what I mean? Like if she would've tried out as a wrestler she wouldn't have been accepted, but since she got hired as a manager, she's just allowed to wrestle, and then she has the nerves to feel she deserves opportunities. No no. 
  11. Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey NEED Charlotte Flair?

    As much as I love Becky, her in ring work has never knocked me out of my seat. I don't know, her moveset always just seemed kind of limited. And as much as I'm sick of Charlotte, I know that her being in the match is not only gonna add to it's overall quality, but also create new dynamics and stories to be told. Charlotte is such an important part of this Ronda-Becky feud whether you like it or not; she was the one who faced Ronda at Survivor Series and we never got a clear ending, and Flair and Lynch still have unfinished business. Personally, I like the angle of Charlotte coming in as the cocky daughter of a bona fide legend and being the McMahon's pet. And as I said, as much as I love Becky, I don't know if her and Ronda can put on a 5 star match, which this match has to be. Not saying it won't be a good match, but it won't have the spots we've come to expect from main events. Also, I'm a little iffy about Ronda being in the main event in general after her match with Ruby on Raw, her crossbody of the top rope looked scary as did several other moves. 
  12. Should have been CHAMP!!

    Even though she was not the best wrestler, I think Torrie Wilson should have been given a run. She was improving and you could tell she had the passion and respect the business. Plus she's expressed how it kind of haunts her that she never won a title as she can not be referred to as former Women's Champion but is rather just former WWE diva. Also they gave a lot of girls title runs that probably shouldn't have had won, so I don't think giving Torrie won would have been a big deal.  Luna Vachon and Emma should have both gotten runs too.  Natalya's Divas Championship reign should have been longer and she should have had more too. The same can be said for Jacqueline regarding the original Women's Championship.
  13. How Popular Are YOUR Faves?

    Michelle McCool is at a nice 760,000 followers considering she's been retired for a while now.  Meanwhile Mickie's only at 870,000. Surprised legend isn't at more... Oh, and honorable mention to Lita, who's at 751,000.
  14. Girls who were gone too soon

    Eve Torres: Not that her run was super short, but I feel in the last year or so she snapped when she turned heel and really could've became a big star for the division.  Molly Holly: Was only there for 5 years and while she was a part of so many amazing matches and feuds in that time, I really wanted to see face Molly again before she left. I know she really needed to get away from the ring when she left though, so I respect her decision.  Jacqueline: Not that her time was short, but she never got a good title reign. I wish they would've given her one before she left. Cameron: I'm not a huge fan of her, but you can't deny she was getting pretty good in NXT before she was released. It's too bad she was, because she had the drive and passion, and those are the two most important parts about making it in this business.  Bull Nakano: Was led go due to possession of marijuana, which makes no sense as I bet 90% of the locker room back then was in the same boat. Her and Alundra had a really good program and I wanted to see more from her.
  15. Royal Rumble '19 Predictions/Wishes

    As much as I want these women to get there moment, I kind of agree. Well, Bayley and the IIconics can be in it, but to me, Tamina, Lana, and Dana being excluded is fine. I mean Lana still barely knows how to wrestle, Tamina is way past her prime (if she ever had one), and while I love Dana's work ethic, realistically she won't add anything to the match. The only problem with excluding these women is that a lot of other girls are gonna take their spot and just get eliminated right away.