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  1. How Popular Are YOUR Faves?

    Michelle McCool is at a nice 760,000 followers considering she's been retired for a while now.  Meanwhile Mickie's only at 870,000. Surprised legend isn't at more... Oh, and honorable mention to Lita, who's at 751,000.
  2. Girls who were gone too soon

    Eve Torres: Not that her run was super short, but I feel in the last year or so she snapped when she turned heel and really could've became a big star for the division.  Molly Holly: Was only there for 5 years and while she was a part of so many amazing matches and feuds in that time, I really wanted to see face Molly again before she left. I know she really needed to get away from the ring when she left though, so I respect her decision.  Jacqueline: Not that her time was short, but she never got a good title reign. I wish they would've given her one before she left. Cameron: I'm not a huge fan of her, but you can't deny she was getting pretty good in NXT before she was released. It's too bad she was, because she had the drive and passion, and those are the two most important parts about making it in this business.  Bull Nakano: Was led go due to possession of marijuana, which makes no sense as I bet 90% of the locker room back then was in the same boat. Her and Alundra had a really good program and I wanted to see more from her.
  3. Royal Rumble '19 Predictions/Wishes

    As much as I want these women to get there moment, I kind of agree. Well, Bayley and the IIconics can be in it, but to me, Tamina, Lana, and Dana being excluded is fine. I mean Lana still barely knows how to wrestle, Tamina is way past her prime (if she ever had one), and while I love Dana's work ethic, realistically she won't add anything to the match. The only problem with excluding these women is that a lot of other girls are gonna take their spot and just get eliminated right away. 
  4. Royal Rumble '19 Predictions/Wishes

    As a lot of people have pointed out, we'll probably get less surprise entrants than last year as WWE likely wanted to allow a lot of the girls who worked hard to make a Royal Rumble happen throughout the years actually get to be in it. So as far as legends go, I see Trish and Lita reappearing as they will likely be working a program with Sasha and Bayley up to Wrestlemania. Michelle McCool also has a really impressive showing last year and could go into the Hall of Fame this year, so I wouldn't count her out. I fully expect Eve to be in it, as she missed out on last year's Royal Rumble and Evolution because of pregnancy and mommy duties. You could tell it kind of hurt her not being able to perform at Evolution, and I'm sure the door is open to her for a return at any time, so being in the Rumble seems like a given and I'm here for it. Also, I really hope Melina gets to return. She's been shunned by WWE basically since she left and you can't deny everything she did for the company. Let's be honest, eventually WWE is gonna bury the hatchet and bring her back, so let's just have it happen sooner rather than later. Also, this is Victoria's last year in wrestling, so I really hope WWE calls her up. Her still wrestling might be what's keeping her from making a return to WWE, as they likely are waiting for her to retire to induct her in the HOF and have her make an appearance in a rumble or something. Oh, and lets touch on AJ. As much as I want her to return, I don't think this is her year. So maybe next year?  For NXT Talents getting to take part in it, I'd love to see Shayna, Bianca, or Candice. All three women could have some pretty cool interactions with the main roster ladies.  The winner of the rumble this year is much more of a mysterious than the last. We all knew Asuka was gonna win, but this year there's quite a few top contenders. I'm rooting for Ember Moon all the way as she's one of my favorite wrestlers and hasn't gotten to showcase herself that much in the last 8 months. WWE keeps saying how 2019 is gonna be her breakout year, so this could be a great way to prove that. Plus, she could go on to challenge Asuka for the SmackDown Women's title at Wrestlemania which would be an amazing match. If not Ember, then I would love to see Naomi, Natalya, or Becky (if she's not champion) win. 
  5. 2019 Draft Predictions!?

    Bayley and Sasha definitely are going to stay together now that they are likely winning the Women's Tag Team Championships when they come, and I also see Becky and Charlotte being on the same brand as Ronda leading up to Wrestlemania. Becky and Charlotte are for sure coming to Raw, and that means some people will have to go. That would basically leave SmackDown with Asuka, Carmella, and Naomi as far as top stars go while Raw would have Ronda, Charlotte, Becky, Bayley, Sasha, Natalya, Ruby, Ember, and Nia. I don't think any of those women would be big enough to balance the brands out besides Bayley or Sasha, and as I said they're a package deal. I could also see Ember switching as Asuka doesn't really have a Wrestlemania opponent lined up as of right now and if Charlotte and Becky are leaving there's not many options. Asuka VS Carmella doesn't seem to fit Wrestlemania, and she's already beaten Naomi multiple times. I could see Ember winning the Rumble then switching. 
  6. Who's in HOF 2019?

    I can see four different people going in this year.  Molly Holly will surely go in eventually given her reputation of being a rare saint in the wrestling industry. Not to mention she was the glue of the women's division for much of the early-mid 2000s and could play a heel and face convincingly. Plus she's a 2x Women's Champion and had memorable feuds with Trish Stratus and Victoria. I could see her going in this year because her, Jazz, and Victoria are basically the last three women of that Golden Era to not be in now that Ivory, Jacqueline, Trish, and Lita have been inducted. Jazz doesn't seem like the type of person the company wants to bring back given what she's said about them, and WWE has ignored Victoria for much of this Women's Evolution.  Michelle McCool could be the one to get the induction if Molly does not go in. I'm kind of leaning towards McCool getting inducted because like Molly she's returned for a few of the historic matches over the last year like the Evolution battle royal and Royal Rumble. Plus I'm kinda noticing a pattern ever since Lita of them inducting one Golden Era woman and then one woman from a different era, probably so it seems like there's variety. In 2014 we got Lita, then in 2015 Alundra Blayze, then 2016 Jacqueline, 2017 Beth Phoenix, 2018 Ivory, so if that trend does continue McCool seems like the most likely option. And it's not that she's not deserving: 2x Divas champ and first ever, 2x Women's champ, basically ran the division with Layla for a couple of years... She has plenty of memorable moments, the look, and a good relationship with WWE to make this induction happen.  Miss Elizabeth is often forgotten as far as people not inducted who are long overdue. Every year people talk about Owen Hart, Demolition, Chyna (who I'll discuss next), but forget to mention the first woman to truly make a name for herself as a valet. While this role has kind of vanished from modern day WWE product, Elizabeth has it perfected to a T back in her day. She was just as important to the Hulk Hogan-Macho Man story line as the two men themselves. I'm honestly confused as to why she hasn't been inducted yet. Yeah she died to drugs, but so do like 10% of wrestlers. I think this year could finally be her because it could be a way for them to reintroduce Hulk Hogan into the WWE product in a classy way, as I don't see who else alive could induct her. Then again, Hulk Hogan being the only person who could induct her alive might be what's holding her back. Also she's dead, and they usually induct one posthumous person a year, and it always goes to a man. Plus, we're in the middle of the Women's Evolution, and they're probably going to want a live woman there to give a speech on how proud she is of the revolution. Unless... Chyna gets inducted. 2019 might finally be her year. She's the one deceased woman I really think has a chance of getting inducted soon. They're obviously going to want to induct someone who had a big part in the evolution, and while Miss Elizabeth is surely an important name in the history of women's role in sports entertainment, she wasn't an in ring competitor and didn't represent woman in the way that Chyna did: as strong, sexy, and powerful. Chyna is the embodiment of what it means to be a woman, and is more than deserving of a Hall of Fame induction. Enough time has passed since her death that it seems it isn't disrespectful for them to induct her. And it would seem fitting that a woman like Chyna, who did things only the men did her entire career, would be inducted this year, where we will likely see the first ever Wrestlemania woman's event, something previously only done by men. Chyna has been forgotten in this evolution, and that is truly sad, because she was so important to the improvement of women's treatment in wrestling. 
  7. Where Does the Smackdown Women’s Division Go From Here?

    I'm hoping Ember Moon wins the Rumble so she can challenge Asuka for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Wrestlemania. The chemistry the two of them share is undeniable. The only sad part is the Raw Women's Championship match will likely main event Wrestlemania and this match will be overshadowed, but I'd still be super down for it.