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  1. Hello fellow comrades

    I find it strange WWE hasn't picked her yet, especially considering that she was in the 2018's Mae Young Classic and of the possibility of NXT becoming its own brand rather than a developmental territory.
  2. Hello fellow comrades

    She is one of my favourite joshi wrestlers. Her style of wrestling is unique. I do not understand why she isn't more popular, as compared to the others.
  3. Hello fellow comrades

    I have multiple favoruite wrestlers 😀. Plus the gif I had, had colors which were a bit oversaturated.
  4. Hello fellow comrades

    Hola! Don't worry I changed it.
  5. Hello fellow comrades

    Thank you for the greetings! Peyton Royce and Billie Kay always felt underrated, even on NXT. I do prefer slightly Billie Kay from Peyton Royce, but both are great wrestlers. Their gimmick though is amazing. Liv Morgan, I like her gimmick as well, but she seems to be a bit average, in terms of movesets and on the mic. Not as much as Brie Bella, in my opinion. But she still has room for imrpovement.
  6. Hello fellow comrades

    Sorry about that, I got a glitch.  Thank you! I personally like Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella, both are great with the mic and were amazing heels during their run with their respective championships. I do think they are overly hated my some wrestling fans. Nikki Bella was my idol during 2014 to 2015 and made me actively rewatch WWE's maim roster women division (I quit during a period of time after I saw how little time they were recieving). Brie Bella, on the other hand, I wasn't a big fans of hers (not averse). I thought she, during her time,botched alot of her manuevers and was not that well suited on the mic, as compared to Nikki.
  7. Hello fellow comrades

    Thank you for the greeting! 😀
  8. Hello fellow comrades

    Thank you! My faves are Aja Kong, Mayu Iwatani, Asuka, Kiera Hogan. Tessa Blanchard, Asuka, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Trish Stratus, Ember Moon, Bianca Beclair, Kairi Hojo, Nikki Cross, Molly Holly, Io Shirai, Sexy Star, Hania The Howling Huntress, Viper, Minami Toyota, Rhea Ripley, Awesome Kong (Amazing Kong), Kay Lee Ray, to name just a few.
  9. Hello fellow comrades

    Hi. I have been a lifelong wrestling fan for female wrestling (even though I might be younger than the majority of the users here). I watched promotions such as AJW, WWE, Impact Wrestling, Shimmer, Shine, WWR Stardom  etc. I found this forum while browsing availble online forums and discussions for this particular division of wrestling, as most were heavily male-oriented. i hope I can bring some positive contributions here.   
  10. You should also check out Minami Toyota vs Aja Kong at AJW's Doumu Super Woman Great War (1994).
  11. She isn't lying. Also I love how subtle she is about it. The women's division has consistently been the highlight of the show, ever since the four horsewomen fatal four way match from Takeover, back in 2015.