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  1. If they do some half assed disappointing segment again with the girls  
  2. come thru Scarlett bb  
  3. They obviously gave her a bigger platform than she used to have and name exposure in the beginning but realistically they truly weren't doing anything with her, especially when it comes to actual wrestling, so much she's been champion in four other promotions in the past half year while being barely active in the ring on Impact. So she's shown she can held her own outside Impact with her persona and if she wasn't in a good situation (clearly as KK stated) then I can't fault her in wanting to search for greener pastures especially while she still has some name recognition and hype in the circuit to be offered other opportunities.  
  4. They werent doing anything with her for the most part tbh and she has been working her ass off for the past year to sustain and build the hype in numerous indies etc, plus Killer Kross exposed how shitty her contract situation was so good for her. She has a lot of potential and seems ambitious/genuinely loves the business so I hope she gets a better deal with a big company and we get to see a lot more of her, she deserves it!  
  5. Jericho looks awful, df?  
  6. Maryse announces the gender of her 2nd child

    And I peeped Eva Legendarie in attendance making sure she adds that Miz & Mrs USA Network appearance credit to her resumé  
  7. And since WWE/Vince were quick to spread to media outlets how she "apologized via email" to them last year or whatever it should be noted she didn't deny any of her allegations (nor did WWE for that matter I think)... so vile and sad    
  8. omg shocked with Queen Scarlett, shes always been so thankful with impact for giving her a proper shot but I'm excited, she has so much potential.. but WWE will ruin your character girl so hopefully her eyes are on AEW.  
  9. Ashley Massaro passes away

    Have yall read this??   
  10. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I'm so sad  Rip Angel  
  11. That quote on the Iiconics got me riled UP