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  1. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    well do u expect her to be singing the theme live every time they come out? (I mean u can but dddd )   having said that I just cant wait for her inevitable National anthem Wrestlemania moment   
  2. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    What a DEBUT!!! reminded me of the good ole days   
  3. The full thing is up on Youtube now too.  
  4. No, I didn't contradict myself because I absolutely don't consider any of those things to have been anywhere near groundbreaking and if you seriously believe they were then you need to get a grip and it's pointless for me to even reiterate what I said so here goes nothing: I understand why some wrestlers, who are NOT getting inducted, would feel some type of way about a couple of reality stars that were picked (to do anything they got to do during their second career really) for A reason we all know, and that it's preposterous anyone - who is not a wrestler in their position - would even come for them when THEY have every right to be salty about it, if they even are and care about it.
  5. "All that" like, that's supposed to be a lot for you? Baby, read a book every now and then...
  6. The fact it's been said by other female talent that these girls pretty much blocked opportunities for them back then shouldn't be understated or forgotten either when you're talking about "women not supporting women!!1"". Is it wrong and sexist to keep pointing out one of the most likely (and obvious) reasons why they got their push (and are probably getting inducted now)? Welp, but everyone knows what's up so I'll refrain from typing it as it'll always be something attached to their names and not very "empowering" to women. And they did improve and it's not their fault that that's how the industry has literally always worked so kudos to them for playing their cards right I guess. It's kinda shitty Nikki doesn't get the praise she should at times wrestling-wise but that's about it, time to take off your Diva goggles as they didn't actually do anything groundbreaking or that hadn't been done before in one way or another (unlike some other talent that have YET to be inducted), even if they did have some exciting storylines and a cute reality show exposing the brand to other audiences. And the fact wrestling wouldn't have realistically missed mostly anything that extraordinary without the women they did let "tag behind" says it all (and is probably why they were somewhat okay with doing it in the first place). Of course the hall of fame is mostly a joke and not that serious since it's not supposed to be an unbiased entity awarding deserving talent a once in a lifetime accolade or anything. But them being inducted at their age in 2020 is a huge slap in the face for a lot of wrestlers who are in and who are not in and there's nothing anyone can do about it as it won't change that fact but just because they're women it also doesn't mean they don't get to have valid criticism thrown their way (especially by those affected by it aka other wrestlers if they feel like doing so).
  7. Girl, who cares about Eva here?! She's a very cute girl, but I'd certainly never disrespect Mickie over her and you better not be implying that.  It's not even clear what Mickie was talking about, but even if she felt like venting about the fucking Bella Twins then she'd have more than a right to. Certainly more than any of us (and it's mostly men that I've seen.. the nerve) to "call her out".
  8. Y'all would seriously come for Mickie James over... the Bella Twins?? Couldnt be me.  
  9. Did y'all notice Eva re-followed WWE on Instagram and Twitter last weekend? Then she went ahead and just had like 3 meetings with Netflix this past week, I've given up she ain't ever doing wrestling-related shit we want again. 
  10. Is this why Legend Eva was doing an interview with WWE?  
  11. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    She's shooting a movie with Bruce Willis or whatever  always doing shit no one cares about but she always manages to stay booked doing something. Then every once in a while decides to feed hope of a return, I hate her I swear, I fucking hate that girl.
  12. Nikki & Brie are BOTH Pregnant!

    I screamed  
  13. I don't see any tweets related to this liked by Scarlett's account so did she unlike that Tessa one or was it fake? Or maybe it was by mistake, either way can she debut already or are they waiting for Killer Kross?   
  14. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    Good for her.