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  1. Draft Guest & Rules Revealed

    Can WWE Icons be drafted and come back in this thing? Asking for a friend.  
  2. Scarlett Bordeaux Receives WWE Tryout

    I doubt they'd acknowledge TNA storylines tho? lol  
  3. MYC III Tapings Announced

    I dont know how I feel about Scarlett possibly being a part of it tbh. I can't see her winning it, and she doesn't necessarily need it even if it'd be cool to show her performing in the ring to the company's fanbase, but if she flops then it could make her lose momentum before she even began her run so idk...  
  4. Scarlett Bordeaux Receives WWE Tryout

    I doubt Killer Kross would be too approving of that but I would.  
  5. Scarlett Bordeaux Receives WWE Tryout

    YES. Ready to be slayed.  
  6. Thoughts on AEW women's roster

    They could've really used Scarlett but welp.   
  7. Total Divas premieres to 252k viewers

    Yikes, cancel it.  
  8. Is this Eva Marie?

    Because the other threads in this sxn are so excitin
  9. Is this Eva Marie?

    This is news to me lol? I know she said her brothers used to be fans or whatever but did she ever mention actually attending show(s)? "I'm 99% sure this is the future Eva Marie in the front row at RAW 899 in LA, 2010, #WWE, #RAW, #EVAMARIE, #2010"  
  10. If they do some half assed disappointing segment again with the girls  
  11. come thru Scarlett bb  
  12. They obviously gave her a bigger platform than she used to have and name exposure in the beginning but realistically they truly weren't doing anything with her, especially when it comes to actual wrestling, so much she's been champion in four other promotions in the past half year while being barely active in the ring on Impact. So she's shown she can held her own outside Impact with her persona and if she wasn't in a good situation (clearly as KK stated) then I can't fault her in wanting to search for greener pastures especially while she still has some name recognition and hype in the circuit to be offered other opportunities.  
  13. They werent doing anything with her for the most part tbh and she has been working her ass off for the past year to sustain and build the hype in numerous indies etc, plus Killer Kross exposed how shitty her contract situation was so good for her. She has a lot of potential and seems ambitious/genuinely loves the business so I hope she gets a better deal with a big company and we get to see a lot more of her, she deserves it!