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  1. Tbf NXT is packed perhaps even more so than the main roster rn, I doubt they would have much to do there too
  2. Yeah, I mean it was clearly taped so idgi, then again I still don't get why this was a dark match in the first place and not shown on Main Event or Superstars so  Maybe they didn't want to give away Eva's "in-ring debut" considering her upcoming storyline on Smackdown at the time...? Then why have the match, just so they could show 1 sec during that Total Divas episode when Paige's going off on Eva? 
  3. It was a dark match  on Main Event  I actually think we only got to see that short clip that aired on Total Divas? 
  4. Thank you for sparing her the lashings.
  5.   On working with Eva Marie: "I think I had a few matches against her, she's great. I mean I really like her, she's a sweet girl, works really hard. She gets a really bad reputation I don't why the fans don't like her, I think she's really great. She's hot so I think people are just jealous." Are we gettin an Untouchable stable?  
  6.  Yeah, then again isn't it also weird she's still promoting her NEM/fitness brand along with that Monster Reign one she's a spokesperson of? Plus her Youtube and Cameo channels etc are all still up, I thought they couldn't do that while signed now or w/e.  I'd say her getting a deal now would most likely be for a one-off appearance / short term storyline anyway so maybe it doesn't have an impact on that stuff
  7. Um wait, she just reposted this IG Story where she's pictured in Cali? Was this all a hoax?  But most of the video stories she's posted of herself in the past few days seem to have been in closed gym spaces different than her usual I think, and her leech husband doesn't oddly seem to have been around as often although that could mean nothing   
  8. Maybe she's COVID + If so, they should announce it on TV as a reason why she can't debut ✨ Lol to be fair, she has pink hair on her IG Stories so maybe she wasn't scheduled for Raw anyway.  
  9. She's back with the company,  Meltzer confirmed it too.  
  10. "Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Eva Marie is set to return to the company." https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/eva-marie-set-return-wwe-322406?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter They should make a big announcement about it on WWE.com and act like she's this truly huge signing/scoop so people get real mad. I want (even more) chaos, we've been waiting too long for this!  
  11. You guys it might be real this time   
  12. Asuka isn't ready