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  1. Does Raw KILL careers?

    lmao wait I just realize Alicia was not part of last Monday's brawl.  RAW is truly a career killer. 
  2. More Mae Young Classic Competitors Revealed

  3. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    LANA Lana was taken aback from Becky's attitude. Woah. She had never seen someone so freaked out from her sexual encounters. At first she wanted to laugh and taunt the poor virgin for being such a twat, but she realize that she needed to start over a new leaf and be more understanding of other's shortcomings. She got up from her seat and hold Becky's shoulders. "Take deep breathes. Inhale and exhale. Relax you'll be fine."
  4. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    LANA "Oh wow i just love the taste of gooeyness melting inside of my mouth." Lana seductively smirks. She can sense Becky quivering.  "I'd love it if you can show me how to roast a marshmallow. I never really do these types of things ya know? I'm more of a sit-down restaurant type of gal." Lana embarrassingly chuckles. 
  5. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    LANA "Never had a roasted marshmallow before. How is it like?" asked Lana as she stares into Becky's eyes. She is very pretty she thought. Lana shakes nods her head to the beat of the music playing in the background. "Irish... Interesting. How different is it there compared to America?"
  6. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    LANA Lana watches as the marshmallow fall to the ground. Whoops. Hey, at least she saved Becky from a potential belly roll in the future. "Oh my bad." Lana said. She picks up the stick with the marshmallow and throws it into the fire. "You probably don't want to eat that anyways." She noticed Becky's accent and it intrigued her. "British? Scottish? Irish? Indian? Which one sweetie."  
  7. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    LANA After that annoying encounter at the cafe shop, Lana heads to her dorm and quickly showers. She heard there was a bonfire tonight, ew she thought. She hates the outdoors and the thought of fire-roasted marshmallows disgusted her. But she had nothing better to do, so she puts on a cute outfit matched with running shoes and heads to the bonfire. Taking a glimpse of the scenario, it was everything she expected a bonfire to be - gross. She rolled her eyes as she walks past a few people, before seeing a orange-hair lady sitting by the fire. 'Wow her hair is legit' she thought. She heads over to Becky and sits by her. When she took a glimpse of her face, she was starstruck. Becky is beautiful! She immediately glance to the fire before Becky caught admiring her. "...I hate bonfires. I don't know why I'm here haha."
  8. A Ravishing Introduction

    Camila Cabello or 4th Harmony? 
  9. Big Brother

    LMAO how did he go from alpha douche to  slay-queen-slay and stanning Ika?  I know he's gonna serve in his DRs. I just know it  
  10. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    LANA  Finishing her 10 mile-jog around campus, Lana decides to head inside the on-campus cafe to get herself a ravishing ice coffee to reward herself. Still 'in the zone', she swiftly starts her walk to the cashier, before accidentally bumping into Alexa's table, knocking her soy frappuccino to the floor. Lana never notices and goes to the cashier to order her drink.
  11. I think she'll be fine, given that she's going to be working with the likes of Becky, Charlotte, Nattie, etc. I think her timing to officially be a wrestler is perfect because they need bodies on Smackdown after the Superstar Shake-up and since they don't want to promote Asuka up yet, she took the opportunity and ran with it. She needs to pick up the pace though because once the women's tournament comes to an end, there's going to be a lot of women signees in limbo waiting for a spot and who are ready to go in the ring.
  12. Raw June 19, 2017: Live Chat

    This is digusting
  13. Big Brother

    at first glance, I'm so happy that this cast seems "normal" and not the typical models. The girls cast seem very catty, alpha female, and/or "I tend to hang out with guys more" vibe to it so I'm hesitant. The male cast looks great though - they seem like they're ready to play. 
  14. Dana's Destiny: What's Next?

    She's literally this generation's Victoria/Jillian Hall/Aksana.  Not even trading her to SD will do her good. A demotion to NXT will just be another Cameron case. . At this point, sis should just be happy she has a job and they don't do yearly releases anymore.      
  15. Money in the Bank 2017: Live Chat

    !!!! People get so worked up about how it contradicts "women's wrestling", but in reality it adds more to it. I'll give them a day to sleep over this results and if they still coming in hot about how pressed they are about a man getting the briefcase can GO.