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  1. BITCH IM MAD AF WHY COULDNT SHE DISOWN JESUS IN TIME FOR THE MAE YOUNG CLASSIC?    But I'm here for Satan Taryn to bring back life in GFW  
  2. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18 Roster Reveal (Week #1)

    LMAO NIKKI RUNNING AROUND IN SANITY'S ENTRANCE  She lowkey looks so cute in it    in excited for this game tbh Paige making it makes me think Eva will be in for sure its pretty much confirmed if Cross is in it, Iconic Duo, Liv, and Ember will make it for sure. Aliyah has a strong chance too. Ruby might be DLC 
  3. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18 Roster Reveal (Week #1)

    Ugh if they wanted to show Nikki this week, can they at least provide a good screenshot of her face???? That screenshot does nothing tbh. Show us a screenshot of her in the ring with foam coming out of mouth at least  
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I can already see Alexa being the new AJ Lee when it comes to meet and greets. Poor girl    
  5. If wrestlers were cars...

    Summer Rae: Mickie James:   Alexa Bliss:      
  6. If wrestlers were cars...

  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I don't get it, he looks fine??? I mean he can for sure use some toning in the abs department, but his body doesn't seem like someone was just sitting on a couch for two months  WWE can suck my ass if they are going come for Mike about body issues when they have so many other fatties to go after. 
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  10. Adam Cole Signs With WWE

    I do believe WWE is trying to make NXT the new top "indy" brand if that makes sense. I mean, sure it's a good concept in theory, but i feel bad for all those homegrown talent wrestling in NXT house shows in high school gymnasiums for years and wondering if this is the best they'll get for a push.     
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Carmella is THAT charismatic legend that gets the crowd hype and looks good hurting people and also getting hurt. Queen of getting my sympathetic ass to feel bad for ha eating Naomi's ass and taking the pin    i love ha   
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Just came back from a live show and IM SHOOK. Carmella is a legend she fucking had her friend stop her car so that she can take selfies with me and others  I stan for such a generous queen. She even liked my tweet with her t-shirt I LIV. UGH IM SO HAPPY. SHE FUCKING LOOKED SO GOOD AND IM SO HAPPY TO HAVE A SELFIE WITH MS MONEY IN THE BANK      I almost ran myself into Nattie's car to get a selfie, but I caught myself. I was too shook to get an actual selfie but I will forever remember this moment that I literally almost killed myself for a potential Nattie selfie    speaking of Liv, she was so cute to watch in her match (her/Naomi/Becky vs Lana/Carmella/Tamina/Nattie). I see her being such a cute underdog on the main roster. Lana didnt wear her diaper tights tonight so queen's attire was back to ravishing.  Becky is such a pure babyface. She got the crowd behind ha Naomi's entrance slayed as usual. Got a pop too. Notice that they are not billing her from Orlando, FL anymore. I heard ____, California. Weird.  Match was nice and simple. Everyone looked GOOD   UGH I LOVE SD. 
  13. Superstar Photo Booth

  14. WWE Tampa Has No Choice But to LIV!

    I'm shook  she's really debuting on the MR post-Summerslam   
  15. Ariane "Cameron" Andrew to be on MTV's The Challenge

    ICONIC   I'm ready for Ariane vs Aneesa in a duel-like elimination challenge