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  1. Camila Cabello

    Also not to mention there's rumors that there's a going to be a Camila x Pitbull x J Balvin song on the new Fast and Furious movie. Her Charlie Puth push is coming  poor 4th Harmony
  2. Camila Cabello

    Love Incredible officially out! Her solo career is COMING   
  3. Paige's Life Story Being Turned Into A Film by WWE & The Rock

    this whole concept is a fucking mess  Them making a documentary on a 24-year-old who's current employment status is up in the air after failing TWO drug tests, being featured at indy events when she's not supposed to, and getting involved with someone who has a sketched past. Not to mention that they are also featuring another former talent who isn't on that good terms with WWE. And not to mention someone like The Rock and I think there's another actor that has a good reputation is involved in this movie too. Like shit this is too much.   But Thea is SHITTING in those videos.  She really wants that WWE Actress Ambassador contact if this movie succeeds. 
  4. I don't see her being released over this tbh. If Mandy can get away with blantantly being racist, Nikki will probably just get a slap on the wrist. I love Mandy, but she should have been fired for that Snapchat. 
  5. Draft/Post Wrestlemania Roster predictions

    oops fuck me i should have looked harder at the archives ya'll can close this 
  6. Usually the draft occurs after Wrestlemania. Let's predict who's going where. Realistically, only about 4-6 women were drafted in previous years. So limit your drafts to 6 or less women between brands, 2 or less NXT call-ups, and draft those who are yet to be in a brand. I'm excluding managers like Lana and Maryse because they will most likely follow their man in the draft.   RAW: -Alicia Fox -Bayley -Charlotte -Dana Broke -Emma -Nia Jax -Paige -Sasha Banks -Summer Rae   SD: -Alexa Bliss -Becky Lynch -Carmella -Eva Marie -Mickie James -Naomi -Natalya -Nikki Bella    NXT: -Aliyah -Asuka -Billie Kay -Daria -Ember Moon -Liv Morgan -Mandy Rose -Nikki Cross -Peyton Royce    Unassigned:  Tamina    My predictions:
  7. WWE Games | Discussion

    girl i hate to break this to you, but unless you saved your file on a cloud service, it's long gone. It happened to me before. Don't blame you, the fucking message is confusing as fuck and i didnt know if I should have clicked yes or no. 
  8. WWE Games | Discussion

    does anyone know how to play as Lana as a wrestler on PS4? I downloaded a custom attire of her Wrestlemania gear, and even though I did NOT set the attire as a "alternating attire", the Wrestlemania gear appears separately on the managers section..     
  9. WWEShop Merchandise Thread

    it's literally the same design from her first shirt, but now in neon green  I wished they revamped her shirt, but I guess it's too late for that since she's been promoting the "feel the glow" catchphrase and will probably be on her side plates 
  10. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

    I'm surprised Wreddit isn't completing dragging Rosa. There's still occasional jokes, but overall they seemed to wish her well. Usually when there's a thread about Rosa, they completely destroy her. 
  11. Elimination Chamber 2017: Live Chat

    anyone know what the betting odds are for Naomi vs Bliss? I wanna know who is likely to win before the match starts so I don't get my hopes up 
  12. Elimination Chamber 2017: Live Chat

    I can't even watch this match without thinking any bump can ruin Nikki's neck and ending her Wrestlemania match  
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    no shit I watched her snapchat story because where else would I have known she was getting IV fluids w/ Stella?  and idk something doesn't add up- you don't need to go that extreme to go get IV fluids for partying too much during the Super Bowl. Drink gatorade/water if you're dehydrated, eat chicken noodle soup, take OTC meds, etc. Plus not to add she went with Stella too. Like did yall plan to get so wasted that you can go visit a Doc's office and take cute Snapchat vids of getting IVs?    EDIT: I didnt mean to sound too bitchy, my b.   
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Did Summer and Stella just get IV fluids just for the fuck of it???