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  1. HB Council

    there has been countless posts from members here that have the same message, but not actually using the word.  I’ll take the warning, because at the end of the day I did use an offensive word and I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I just feel like all of my posts are being scrutinized and one word that I post that can be deemed offensive, gets reported. but thanks for replying and helping me understand why I got WP
  2. HB Council

    Sorry but I didn’t know Farrah Abraham was a homophobe. I just thought she was very pretty and that’s why I liked her.   i don’t think my warning points was fair nor being called ignorant by the moderator. You really think I keep up with every celebrity? I just knew she was the pretty OG Teen Mom cast member. If I had known she was a homophobe, I wouldn’t even dare post what I did.    Im sorry I posted that and if I offended anyway, but I had no idea what she said/done in the past. I literally just thought she was pretty and thought she would look good in a wrestling gear, nothing about my post suggested I was a homophobe. I’m literally offended someone thought I was a homophobe, no less a moderator calling me ignorant.     @Rainbow Heart
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Wasnt her lungs filled with blood not too long ago? sis is done wrestling let’s be real here. It sucks for her, but tbh she was super bland and generic. Good luck to her tho
  4. HB GIF-cionary

  5. Maria Kanellis is getting ready for her comeback

    Who said I was referring to Shayna? 
  6. Maria Kanellis is getting ready for her comeback

    queen   but idk where they would put her?  RAW/SD are kind of stacked so maybe a NXT run? Queen needs to eliminate some of the uglies down there so im here for iT 
  7. Four More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

      I can smell the Americanism from these posts    OT: I'm so happy for all 4 gals! I really thought this years participants would not serve name recognition as last years, but it's shaping to be a good tourney. Get Scarlett before she officially debuts on impact 




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    2. Amlex


      Nicki is CURSED. She needs to say away from Ariana 

    3. Gavin


      the mv was cute but as far as the actual song goes, did i miss something? why is everyone stanning this song :skull: i genuinely don't understand and want to know.

    4. trishallday


      Not too much Seductress cuz Chun Li was that girl. 

  9. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    ok but realistically how far will she go??? This years MYC doesnt seem to have alot of big names rumored besides lo Shirai & Chelsea Green so maybe Kaitlyn can go far?  
  10. The 10 Most Popular Women in WWE

    Not Lana being in the top 10 despite her first and only shirt so far just released a few weeks ago  Legend KNEW her future merch will sell. Ugh her mind
  11. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    They really have nothing else for Mike Kanellis to do besides be a body for this shit segment? 
  12. Wait don’t they tape episodes for 3 months? Why are we speculating it’s in the spoilers no?  
  13. Big Brother

    This season is soooo much better than last season. I can feel it.   love Kaitlyn love Sam love Tyler love Haleigh i don’t dislike anyone yet so that’s very good 
  14. NXT July 4, 2018: Results

    Nnnn I guess I don’t like her