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  1. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Sorry but Aliyah looks soooooo lost and confused character-wise. You can honestly see it in her eyes that she knows nothing is planned for her anytime soon and she knows time is quickly ticking to her inevitable release. I feel bad for the sis. :/ 
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

      She reminds me of those sassy Haitian grocery supervisors that will give you attitude if you complain the plantains were 50 cents cheaper than what it says on the register 
  3. Wrestling Dreams

    Literally 2 days ago I had a dream Mandy won the RAW women’s champion in a multi-woman match (first pinfall wins). And it was like Sasha doing the Bank Statement on someone, but Mandy came RUSHING into the ring, threw Sasauge out of the ring, and got the pin.    Cant wait for dreams to come to a reality 
  4. Absolution member praised by Smackdown Producer

    Are you sure he didn’t mean Mandy Rose?  
  5. they had to start the MMC with this match 
  6. to think SD was the SHOW to watch, serving 3 DIVA storylines in one night. Now we're stuck with shitty 6-person tag that doesnt mean shit. At this point im ok with Ronda going to SD and annihilating the division.

    1. Mr.wolf2020


      Queen Nikki had to take a break and the show went downhill.

  7. Jey Uso locked in the penitentiary for DWI

    that thread title tho 
  8. Wwe finally signs Candice?

    happy for ha! Sis can really be the next Torrie Wilson in the "Girl Next Door" aesthetics when she gets the WWE make-over.   
  9. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    tbh no one should expect any alumni returning to win the rumble. I mean I understand where you're coming from, but if alumnis aren't going to win in the first place, I rather have 'surprise' or 'shocking' entrants like a Torrie Wilson or Terri Runnels, opposed to serious contenders like a MYC competitor or a Beth Phoenix (prob a bad example but you know what i mean)     
  10. she's so dumb, she should have stayed with TNA for at least another 6 months, rack up accolades and name recognition, and then leave. There's no room for her in NXT, and since she hasn't made a name for herself yet, she won't be sky-rocketed in a push if she does snatch a NXT contract. To think Zack Ryder's peen can have so much power  and influence  
  11. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    okay but I better see a diva beatdown on the RAW girls and officially declaring themselves in the RR match (minus Maria).  I will get my LIFE if I see Jacqueline and Terri double-team on Saucer in the RR match and eliminating her  
  12. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    spill the tea (please)
  13. Camila Cabello

    I'm so happy for the queen her album is AMAZING Havana is on TOP of the charts.    When I was here to stick up for this bitch since day 1 and everyone else was team 4th floparmony, I'm just HAPPY to be a Camilizer 
  14. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    i dont believe it until Paige/ reports it. This is too much to handle