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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    omg, they're not fucking around with Lacey at ALL  
  2. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    Nikki needs to stop 
  3. Favorite Female Faction

    as much as Velvet is such an agg on Twitter, TBP 2.0 (Velvet, Madison, Lacey) was such a TRIO  it also gave Madison a platform to really show how good of a wrestler she is. 
  4. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Yaaaas she’s staying  
  5. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    If this is true, the dumbasses (well honestly Maria because I’m pretty sure she wears the pants in the relationship) jumped OUT.   imagine requesting a new employer to pay for rehab and maternity leave in less than 60 months of getting hired  and not to mention that WWE was still willing to work with them once everything was over for them. I literally cannot. THINK OF YOUR CHILD FFS 
  6. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    so if I download a alt attire of Lacey, will the hat/skirt still be removed in the entrance? Or is it the same situation with Nikki's t-shirt, Naomi's glasses, Charlotte's robe, etc. ?
  7. Lawler signs 2-year WWE deal, pay raise

    ngl I wish i worked for a company that stupid where they forgot to update my contract when im serving the bare minimum, so in return they increase length of the contract and get a pay raise 
  8. Mandy Rose continues her feud with the Black Community

    Not before you get the warning points you deserve, bitch
  9. Mandy Rose continues her feud with the Black Community

    can the mods delete this thread
  10. NXT UK Spoilers

    i hope they sign Candy Floss - she's super cute and is decent enough to invest time and money into making her a future star i cant say the same for someone like Charlie Morgan, who I hope they got rid of because she ain't it 
  11.   I never said Nattie was bitchy to AJ? whew the leemob is on full throttle till this day    
  12. Wbk AJ was a snob to everyone on the roster bar Kaitlyn and maybe Nattie.  
  13. Celebrity Big Brother in the US is based on US format- they play for HOH/veto and vote each other out
  14. WWE opens up second Performance Centre

    So I’m assuming Charlie Morgan, Candy Floss, Millie McKenzie, and that one girl that I forgot are on a pay-per-appearance type deal?
  15. Omg I’m so here for this.   She’s definitely the type that would start shit lowkey, but gets caught and sits on her ass while they grill the FUCK out of her. And she’ll have a confessional about how “she did nothing wrong”. We love a victim arc