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  1. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    No she has to drop it at Mania, whether it is to Nia or Carmella. Her current reign has been almost god-like in terms of how many women she defeated and I’m not here for Ronda being the one to break her reign.    Im also not opposed to her taking a break after her rematch clause. She definitely deserves a few months off 
  2. Who should win the Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royale?

    Lmao at some of y’all saying Shayna will win this. Bitch has a Takeover match and is the favor to win it. Now you think she’ll win the battle royale??? I don’t get the logic??? She’s nowhere near main roster ready, she’s the only legitimate heel in NXT right now (Not counting Iconic Duo since they’ve been MIA since forever and Lacey Enslavens is trash), and Ronda/Sonya are already on the main roster with similar gimmicks. Do y’all hate yourselves?    
  3. my new gif set has me shooketh :shook::shook::shook::shook: 

  4. who do you guys see winning the Women's Battle Royale? Let's pretend that it's actually serving a purpose and not because they are trying to get every women on the card so that they can claim "Women's evolution".    Part of me wants NXTer who is going to debut soon to win. It'll give them momentum and a storyline to begin with on the main roster. I think an Iconic Duoer should win this (in a way where one was sacrificed for the other to win).    but the other part of me wants someone like a Becky Lynch or a Bayley (if her vs Sasha isnt happening) to win this to re-established themselves after a year of bad booking.    Who do yall see winning this?     
  5. Nikki Bella returns to MSG

    Queen coming back for that one kid with the Nikki sign she forgot to clap hands with  a true baby face  
  6. Who's in HOF 2019?

    Miss Elizabeth isn’t in the HOF yet???? Is there tea about this?? I swear to god I thought she was inducted already  
  7. @Taryn using my gif on Twitter. I Stan 

  8. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    there's a difference between forgetting a punctuation in a word vs literally using a wrong word but go off sis (I know Taryn spelled it out purposely so stop coming at me!!!!)
  9. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    not when you cant even use the word hiring right 
  10. oop just found out what ATRL is. What should my username be on it? :hatnikki:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mandy Rose

      Mandy Rose

      wtf you need an invitation to join? :skull: 

    3. Gavin


      no they have registration but they only open it like once a year or something like that

    4. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      It opened in December for a short time so it might be a minute.

  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    matter of fact, literally no one follows her on IG except for Foxy, Liv, and Carmella (as far as who i follow on IG)  not even soccer mom Natty follows her   Sis is really dragging them for filth during scenes for next season of Total Divas  My bussy is ready for next season  
  12. WWE disables comments on Mooloser video

    i wouldn't get my hopes up. I dont see the Mania crowd caring and/or knowing about Moolah's history besides being a HOFer. 
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    queen im ready for her double bulldog to The Bellas in next years Royale Rumble match. Hurry up queen and get back in the ring 
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i hope Kelly Kelly really returns to WWE full-time. Sis looked so good in the RR, and with some time in the PC, she'll be competent enough to keep up with the main roster girlies. I mean, what is she even doing now? She broke up with her athlete husband and WAGs is cancelled, sis cannot rely on Wrestlecon meet and greets. Collect your coins at WWE!!!   
  15. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    this is so messy omg. If they really wanted to attached a name to the battle royale and they do not want to use Chyna's name, they should just make it the "Stephanie McMahon Invitational Battle Royale" or the "Women's Evolution Invitational Battle Royale" or something cringy like that. I rather it be a cringy name than a controversial name tbh.