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  1. Lana: -everything social media wise. She comes off annoying and a try-hard. She pretends to be one of those IG models "swipe up to see my new post" shit, but wbk you're doing this because you're literally sitting in catering every week doing nothing. Mandy: -lack of creativity with her gear. I get she's the "Golden Goddess", but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to the same black/gold/red color gradients.  Alexa: -like what others said, looking bored af wrestling on TV doing the same moves when she's hyping herself up on social media claiming she's ready to show us new moves Carmella: -her character being ghetto/trash when in reality she's a basic white girl that likes wine and pizza  Liv: -Her voice, esp when she exaggerates it and it comes off as a Harley Quinn cosplay Maria: -Completely dismissing a return to the ring for whatever reason, but then claiming people "forget" about her. Sis no one is here trying to watch you on 205 serving cardboard to your dull husband Alicia: -her taste in men      
  2. i think the water bottle is a bit exaggerated, but i get it. You were hotshotted to the main roster after not only trashing a beloved former employee 4 months into your signing, but also not paying your dues at developmental and you come to the main roster with an ego. Good riddance   
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Apparently Emma is coming 
  4. The IIconics Receive Their Side Plates

    they're so funny and charismatic  They deserve!  
  5. Who do you HOPE Paige will bring in as her new tag team next week? And who do you EXPECT to Paige/WWE to call up next week? I'm hoping it's Vanessa Borne and Aliyah because they are obviously not going to be a priority if they stay in NXT and it's at this point where they need to just throw Aliyah (and Vanessa by association- but I believe she's been ready) to the main roster and see if they'll sink or swim (but I have a feeling this is what Aliyah needs to help improve herself) I EXPECT them to throw Kairi Sane and Candice Lerae as a random tag team (like Aleister and Ricochet) and that is the dullest combo ever but obviously the smarks will love them.   Who do you want vs who do you see getting the call up?   
  6. Summer Rae is now doing ads for viagra

    this thread has me DYING  
  7. Kelly Kelly Dating Country Music Star?

    so what is his pop star equivalent in terms of popularity? I wanna make sure Ms. Kelly is securing BAGS 
  8. this thread being who has the bigger lips between Carmella and mandy has me    
  9. Sasha Banks to appear on Wendy Williams

    she needs to grow up- she always does this whenever something doesn't go her way. Like i get it's frustrating, but that's life. And tbh she has always been treated as a top tier woman- it's not like she was sitting in catering for 3 months or taking L's to people like Dana or Alicia. She is consistently on TV, booked strong 95% of the time (compared to Bayley, who would take the loss if their team needs to lose), was the inaugural tag champion, always get booked for gigs, and always been in an important Mania match. That's something 90% of the other main roster girls DREAM to have.  If she's truly unhappy then maybe leave? She's a big name where she can definitely succeed in the indys/AEW/Impact/etc. so it's not like she has other options. Ditching a gig last minute is going to look so bad on yourself and the company you WORK for. 
  10. My ‘Mania Experience!

    both you AND your uncle can have your way with me WHEW  
  11. y'all thought i didn't bother to look through this thread and see who tried to eliminate me. I'll remember this
  12. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    you eat two course meals in the time span of 4 hours? 
  13. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    just tuning in, i thought Richochet and Black were involved in this match?
  14. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    Mandy needs to give up the ponytail look- it's not a look for her!  
  15. Amlex - 14  Angelic - 12 AntiKingAndrew - 10 Ari M. - 12 barbiej33p - 10 Brandon - 14  Captain Fox - 10 Charlie - 12 Christon - 12 Cooksie - 10 Crystal - 10 Don Draper - 10 Eric - 10 Foxy - 15 Henry Cavill - 7 Jake - 14  Jeigz - 9 Katy - 11 Kiki - 12 Layout - 12 Leo - 16 Logan Von Erich - 8 Mandy Rose - 12 Ninja Balenciaga - 11 prince - 13 Puggle - 11 puppies - 11 Queen of Hens - 12 Qwan - 14 Rainbow Heart - 14 Raja - 11 Samier - 13 SaraLaGarcia - 10 Shoaib - 10 shumiley - 10 Taryn - 5 Twisted Bliss - 14 Travy Massaro - 12 trishallday - 4 WWFoverWWE - 12