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  1. Allie is heading to AEW

    no offense to any of the girls, but whew this roster is UNSEASONED. Where is the flavor? 90% of the current roster is bland and their gimmick is literally indy darling #_____ I'm not excited for AEW at all. 
  2. I’ve always been the one that wanted less multi-person matches at Mania, but not at the expense of basically no buildup. Why cant WWE do something right?   idk who to even root for here because none of them deserve 1vs1 match at WrestleMania. I’m hoping Asuka pulls a fast one and just challenges all four of them to a 5-way match    
  3. DJZ Officially Signs With WWE

    so happy for him! He deserves after all the injures and misfortunes he had.  but nnnn not them releasing TJP and replacing him with DJZ. It's like they can't have more than 1 Filipino wrestler signed at a time.  At least DJZ isn't problematic and seems more mature than TJP, so it's a better investment in the long run 
  4. i mean if you weren't Charlotte Flair, every NXT girl in that era was threaten to be fired. I remember Sasha and Summer saying something similar when they were in NXT. Do i feel bad for her? Yes because Bill Demott was trash and treated people like shit. But did she really need to flex something that happened to pretty much 90% of the NXT roster at the time?
  5. i hope they give Dana a chance to really show out in this match because i know she's been working so hard  Hell make this her "show us how badly you want this job or you're fired" match because I am willing to bet Dana has been waiting a LONG ass time for this and I know queen will slay this Monday  
  6. Priscilla Kelly Vomits on Joey Ryan's Penis

    i can see why it might turn some people off, but if it makes her stand out then go off  like did you really expect to hear Priscella Kelly's name again after her dud MYC performance? 
  7. Rumor: Hall of Fame Changes

    ig Stacy isn't getting that inductor paycheck
  8. HBW '19 | Roster

    MAKE AMERICA KANDYLICIOUS AGAIN   Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NY  Height: 5'10 Weight: Skinny ALIGNMENT: Heel Signatures: Liberalition    SecreKANDY of State   Finishers: KANDYolitics   Kandy Crush  Gallery:     BIOGRAPHY: Known for her outspoken mind, aggressive personality, and bombastic looks, Kandy made a smooth transition from being a successful political figure in her hometown Country to being a force in the ring. After training for a few months with the legendary WWE superstar and idol - Mandy Rose, Kandy is ready to bring her political expertise and social prowess to the HBW ring. Her goal is not only to win the world title, but make a name for herself in the wrestling community.   Match History: -2019 HBW Battle Royale: Entrance #30 - LOSS -RAW 3/6/19: vs Roxxie  - LOSS      
  9. NXT Spoilers

    i can't wait until Shayna and goons get called up to RAW and Kairi to SD so that NXT can start to push some new girls to the main event scene. I'm excited to see who will step up because its coming to a point where the NXT women's division is using the same people
  10. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    can Dean leave WWE, Seth rehab his back, and Roman drafted to SD because I'm tired of The Shield reuniting every 4 months 
  11. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    y'all are the real MVPs saving me 30 minutes of my life! i can instead rewatch Maria's RR performance again! 
  12. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    omg join the RoseThorns king 
  13. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    was Becky vs Charlotte or the Tag title match from last night worth watching? I turned off my stream as soon as this happened:
  14. this clickbait title  i was ready to DRAG before actually reading the article. We stan a wholesome king