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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I wish i could sis but while I love Maria, she can be a mess at times and it's one of those times 
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Maria was one of the popular divas in the diva era, had a playboy cover shoot, wrestled in multiple Mania matches, made it far in her season of the Celebrity Apprentice, and was moderately successful in the indies - yet she couldn't pay her rent and buy pizza? And she's bragging about scamming WWE for a contract? Sis...   I love Maria, but sometimes she needs to keep her damn mouth shut about certain topics. She should have saved it for her inevitable spot on Total Divas, but i dont even know if she'll ever get that spot now. 
  3. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    The shoes was a choice
  4. Naomi vs Sonya Deville scheduled for Smackdown

    Bitch then who was gonna face Naomi if they didn’t grant Sonya’s wishes? There was literally no other options left It makes sense. Take the L and just be happy Naomi is most likely winning it sis 
  5. Naomi vs Sonya Deville scheduled for Smackdown

    Sonya wasn’t pin in the triple threat, therefore she has a qualifying rematch against Naomi.  Y’all need everything baby fed? 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    she got a new theme? finally. this theme sucked ass. The good part takes forever to kick in.
  7. She had a character that could have been BIG for the kids, but of course WWE ruins it. Sis deserves more, she really worked hard to get where she is now, especially since she technically got signed in the "Total Divas era" and still had that diva mindset going on - she could have easily been dropped for not being 'pretty'. I am not a huge fan of her character, but I see the potential in it and it sucks where she is at now.   
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    wait at this being a possibly  Naomi has no one to face, queen is SNATCHING the last MITB spot  
  9. I prefer MandyxSonya because this bitch looks like she's trouble. I wouldn't be surprise that Zahra is only dating Sonya for 1. getting off WWE's blacklist, 2. that Total Divas recurring role, 3. trying to get back with Seth
  10. These twitter Alexa stans can get so aggy, but literally 75% of my mutuals are Alexa stans so lemme not

  11. SmackDown May 15, 2018: Spoilers | From the UK

    why the FUCK did they make it a triple threat match?!?! Now who is Naomi gonna face?   Maybe Tamina can wrestle a 3 minute squash for her Team BAD sister?  AND IM HERE FOR BILLIE VS LANA YASSSSSSS  I lowkey hope Lana snatches a spot, but I know Billie has to win this to keep the Iconics legitimate. Im just happy it's Billie in the match and not Peyton. Billie was Peyton's BITCH in NXT and now the roles have reversed. SLAY
  12. Was there a commercial showing who’s competing in a MITB qualifier match?
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ... i'm lowkey here for it if it means she ditches the butch wilderness gimmick BUT im not here for her winning the MITB to make this happen. Sorry but Logan winning the MITB is going to such a dud.   
  14. wait i just realize there's still two spots left, not just one   Why couldn't they even up the qualifier matches?!?!?!  We know Nattie is for sure snatching a spot for next week's match (Nattie vs Dana vs Liv/Sarah) We really gonna have a second chance battle royale and it's gonna be Sasha/Bayley final 2. Im over this mess  
  15. Ronda vs. Nia Announced for MITB

    Tbh after thinking about this, this Ronda & friends steamrolling the division thing was gonna happen sooner or later, so might as well get this shit over with. At least it’ll get more people invested in the women’s division? I’m really just trying to think positive right now