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  1. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    It’s not equality and you know that. Roman is a man and people will just brush it off.  Alexa is literally going to be called a locker room slut gold digger for years and have countless dirtsheets about how she sleeps with a road agent, when in reality it’s just Vince’s mold of who he envisions on the top of the division. 
  2. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    Twitter has me FUMING   like I get it, Alexa doesn’t need the briefcase, yeah she didn’t do jack shit, blah blah. It’s fine you don’t like her. But to say shit like “she’s sucking the right dicks” is fucking FRUSTRSTING. We literally came from an era where all the smarks would say Kelly Kelly and Bella’s sucked management’s dick to get their push, and it literally got every diva fan heated because it was 1. Sexist as fuck and 2. Wrong. Now skip to 2018 and it’s the fucking diva fans saying the same shit, being hypocritical. It’s so sad to watch the women wrestling fans revert back to 2010 perspectives on their own 
  3. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    They couldn’t let her hold the damn briefcase for a month?   
  4. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    What song was playing In the beginning of the promo? It was a BOP
  5. NXT TakeOver: Chicago II: Live Chat

    Nikki is lowkey very pretty, idk why they can't just have her be a cute crazy ala AJ Lee and not this homeless get up they got her doing 
  6. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    Girl I’m not lying!!! There’s receipts- Almas liked a tweet that said Almas didnt want to be in the video game.  there was no other plausible reason why he’s not in last years game when the likes of Lars and that former Sanity member made it in the game
  7. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    im suspicious though because Almas should have been in last year's game, but there were strong speculation he refuse to be in WWE video games, which is odd because unless his contract states that, I doubt he has that much of a pull to being calling orders like that.  If that were the case, then I highly doubt we'll see Zelina ever in video game format for a while. 
  8. Debut match at Wrestlemania, first main roster singles match is a title match on a PPV, wrestles only in important matches. We stan a high value superstar  
  9. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    And 2k will fucking play and count Riott Squad/Absolution as part of the in-game "NXT roster". A SvR-2008-Kelly Kelly-as-the-only-ECW-Diva teas  Im really hoping with the lack of NXT girls, they'll give us the RR women's DLC pack. It's really now or never to FINALLY get an updated mocap Kelly Kelly entrance  (and no im not counting her championship entrance)
  10. WWE Doctor Had Relationship with Diva While Treating Her

    shit he's so good-looking   he always looks so hunky whenever theres a brawl at ringside. fuck Jillian leAk his nudes!!!    
  11. RANDOM QUESTION: wasnt there an indy girl awhile ago that her gimmick was literally Britney Spears? Wasnt it Candice Larae? Or am i on crack? :rot:

    1. Gavin


      girl you talking about Kandi Kisses?


    2. Mandy Rose

      Mandy Rose


      omg the poor sis isnt wrestling anymore. :( 

    3. JJ.


      jillian hall?

  12. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    How likely are the following to make the game whether on-disk or DLC? -Kairi Sane -Shayna Baszler  -Bianca Belair -Lacey Evans -Candice Larae -Dakota Kai -Vanessa Borne -Maria Kanellis -Zelina -RR girlies [Torrie Wilson, Molly Holly, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly]  
  13. Who Will Be on the WWE 2K19 Cover?

    unpopular opinion, but I rather have Ronda solo as a cover rather than multiple women on the cover. It's so fucking shady if they put multiple women on the cover and call it "women's evolution" because this is the first time the women are covering when in the past years, it's only been one MAN covering the game.  So if I have to pick between a solo Ronda or a cover with like the 4 HW, I'm picking Ronda because that's fucking hypocritical that the first cover in a while to feature multiple superstars, it'd be the women   
  14. Impact Wrestling June 14, 2018: Results

    Listening to Rebel breathe gave me lung cancer
  15. WWE Doctor Had Relationship with Diva While Treating Her

    Sis got a good looking man that was making MONEY and can hook her up on some good Oxy, and prob had pull on keeping her employed longer than intended. Jillian knew how to play the system   
  16. This bitch is waiting this long to fix her implant??? Isn’t there a high risk for infection by waiting this long? Sis MITB is not that serious  
  17. Raw June 11, 2018: Live Chat

    You really want our fave to DIE after Sasha literally stiffs her with a flying meteroa from the top rope?  
  18. Why can’t Charlotte sell merch?

    have you seen her merch?   and on top of that, what I notice is that those with high merch sales are those that make merch for their intended buyers. For example Asuka's doing well because her merch are what neckbeards and smarks would buy and wear. Sasha's and Carmella's merch are more geared to the *NeneLekes.gif* . And finally, Bayley's merch are geared for the little girls. What is Charlotte's merch catered to? 
  19. NXT Rookies and Pros (2018)

    I'm picking the NXT girls who need the spotlight. Rookie: Rhea Ripley Pro: Becky Lynch Storyline: Rhea is a "risk taker" and makes over-the-top, rookie mistakes because she's trying to impress the audience, but Becky doesnt agree with this. Becky will try to tell her to go with the basics and move on up, but Rhea doesnt take her shit and turns heel mid-season on Becky.  -- Rookie: Tegan Nox Pro: IIconics Storyline: Tegan is the simple, basic white girl that is shy and the IIconics arent having it so they push her around (in a mean way with good intentions kind of shtick) until Tegan comes out of her shell and shows her worth. -- Rookie: Aliyah Pro: Jinder Mahal & Singh Brothers Storyline: Jinder sees more in Aliyah as his assigned rookie and tries to make her his "princess". Aliyah is having it because she's a gold-digging ho and loves the attention. -- Rookie: Kacy Catanzaro  Pro: Chad Gable Storyline: your typical 101 Rookie & Pro team that supports each other. Maybe a love interest storyline here? IDK but usually there's one Pro & Rookie that are just so boring and they are it.   --   Rookie: Jessie  Pro: Titus Worldwide (Titus, Apollo, Dana) Storyline: your kii group. Will serve COMEDY.  -- Rookie: Vanessa Borne Pro: Bayley Storyline: Bayley is very enthusiastic to help out Vanessa, but Vanessa is very pre-occupied with her looks, trying to impress producers to get her a Total Divas spot, and flirting with Chad Gable. Bayley will eventually snap and lash out on Vanessa, but Vanessa wont give a fuck until she's at risk for elimination and begs for Bayley's approval --- Elimination Order: 6th: Kacy 5th: Jessie 4th: Vanessa  3rd: Rhea 2nd: Aliyah 1st: Tegan
  20. Ronda entering UFC Hall of Fame

    I'm not going to knock her for this achievement tbh. Sis really was the first female UFC fighter to get everyone's attention and made female UFC more popular. She deserves it so I'm happy for ha    
  21. At this point of her career, I really think that's one of her goals, if not the main reason why she came back to wrestle. Im here for it though, if she's committed to wrestler (which it seems like she is), I can definitely see her doing well in the indies. I dont think she'll ever be in the top tier in the indies in terms of skill, but I can definitely see promotions using her WWE status to give her a push and giving her more opportunities to showcase her talent. 
  22. Impact Wrestling June 7, 2018: Results

    im legit SCREAMING. I thought maybe you were exaggerating but the sis was really screaming like a banshee for the remainder of the video    Anyway, I was bored and wanted to see what Impact is up to. Kiera comes off so natural and charismatic in that backstage segment i lowkey stan. Tessa, however, is so cringe on the mic. I can feel her trying to get all her lines out before she forgets  And she need to loosen up, i can feel her tensed, nervous body from across my laptop screen. Also her chin is so prominent. This is who everyone is hollering about? 
  23. WWE Releases Zeda

    Damn sis jumped on the first opportunity she could get!    Makes me me wonder if the whole sick/injured rumors are true. Sis wouldn’t just start training/booking matches so quickly if she had nagging injuries or a poor immune system. 
  24. Who is WWE's poster girl?

    Sasha is the only answer to this. I'm not particularly a fan, but she meets all the criteria you listed. She's a prominent face in every WWE advertisement. She has a lot of merch sales despite her lukewarm status at the moment. Despite her lukewarm status, she's always on TV and is viewed as a reliable source of hands (RR, HIAC, Mania Battle royale) And yes, I can definitely see her doing outside TV shows like Celebrity Big Brother so sis has that network appeal.