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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Bruuuuhhhh. Lana finessing a spot in the main event tonight. That make out session had me cringing   
  2. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    I think if they really are going that direction (and yes I know they might not but it's fun to reach/speculate anyways lol), her cryptic tweets would be the biggest clues. She's only been tweeting dark, emo stuff recently
  3. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    I saw this edit on twitter. It's a concept.. Im not the only one thinking that this is where it might be going lol   
  4. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    Am I though....?  
  5. So as we all know, Liv is going through a "major" character and look change . I started to theorize that she may come back being involved with Bray Wyatt's Fiend character. If you look at her recent tweets, she's been posting some cryptic and dark stuff: She's been teasing with her new look with snippets of her cutting her hair and then there's this video: There's one tweet where she says "Let Me Liv" which sounds awfully familiar with what Wyatt says at the end of his Firefly Fun House episodes: "Let me in"  I'm thinking she might turn out to be Sister Abigail or something else related to The Fiend's character. Honestly if this is where WWE is going with Liv, she would be the one to do it right in my opinion. I feel like she did that Harley Quinn character perfectly especially with the mannerisms. I want to see what you guys think of this theory!     
  6. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    They kinda let that outro go on for too long....
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    OMG I was watching this earlier after hearing the news  The way she knew that John was trash  
  8. I posted my first video on Youtube!

    Aww thanks that means so much! 
  9. I posted my first video on Youtube!

    Thanks! I was literally learning and watching tutorials for premiere pro as I was editing lmao
  10. I posted my first video on Youtube!

    Thanks for the feedback guys! 
  11. I posted my first video on Youtube!

    I made a picnic inspired fashion lookbook for the late summer/early fall! I did all the set up, recording and editing all by myself too. Hope you guys enjoy, and Im also hoping to get any kind of positive or negative feedback too.  
  12. Post Your Pictures

    Thanks! It took forever to accept my natural hair but I did it! 
  13. Post Your Pictures

    Im here to bless this thread!   
  14. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    They should've done a Queen of the Ring tournament, we're tired of these kings 
  15. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    For real thought this would be a squash match lol