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  1. Liv Morgan Shares Videos of Her Main Roster Call-Up Reaction

    Think that's her good friend Dante. They are usually hanging around each other. 
  2. Liv Morgan Shares Videos of Her Main Roster Call-Up Reaction

    Looks like someone that has a lot of passion and also someone who is really excited to be part of the business. 
  3. Queen of Paddle on the Pole Match. Iconic  
  4. Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

    Jinny slays so much. 
  5. Slayed her promo. That is all. 
  6. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    Say what you want about Kelly's technical skills but she was neverrr afraid to try anything or take a bump. She was always seemed game to mix it up and had some great matches and always played HER role well.
  7. Not WWE but at least I can see her regularly and I know she's going to slay and serve diva. She's gotten so, so much better in the ring too. 
  8. Post Your Social Media

  9. SmackDown April 17, 2018: Live Chat

    That's always been my issue with Char lol. Her selling has always been meh. She's not gonna be like Sasha or Ember who act like they are being killed but at least give it a little more oomph 
  10. The IIconics on Chasing Glory

    Peyton being a dancer makes sense especially the way she moves in the ring. Interesting stuff and Lillian is a hot ass mess. Needs to interview some of these Indy girls to get the Lifetime drama she wants. 
  11. I just hope the writers don't drop the ball on them. They are honestly close to the total package.
  12. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I don't know honestly. On one hand, Aquaria's tears looked forced as hell but I've been in that point before when everyone is calling you a bitch and that's what you feel like doing.   Vixen is 100% right. However, her whole schtick this season has been stirring problems up and even in things that aren't her business. She really does go 100 for nothing. 
  13. SmackDown January 9, 2018: Live Chat

    Were they even pink?     
  14. WWE Reality Shows | Official Chat Thread

    Lana is such a hot mess lmao. Even more so this season than last and even with how fake this show is/can seem, Lana comes across the same on this show as she does on Twitter. So problematic but so funny to watch. 
  15. Scarlett Bordeaux

    Thanks @Cooksie <3!    Her ring-work has gotten a lot better especially for someone who's been used mostly for being a valet. She still shows a ton of personality too.