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  1. First Trailer for "Persona 5: Royal"

    Legit one of my most favorite games and I've played all of them. Love, love, love. Can't wait for this one. 
  2. Liv Morgan Interview with Joe DeFranco

    Love her and her personality. So much strength and still so young. I hope she finds a way to thrive on SD. 
  3. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

    Bayley steady getting boo'ed  That match with Eva was definitely her peak. 
  4. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

    The anxiety I had when I saw another superkick Thank god it landed 
  5. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

    Charlotte's selling after that super kick 
  6. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    Ugh the IIconics being what I wanted from NXT call ups. Such an organic glow-up and road to success/the title. So happy
  7. Scarlett Bordeaux

    They really are hot together ugh  And they are dating as well. Bunch of pics of them on her IG. 
  8. Ugh so many Torrie memories. I've stanned since WCW and that lingerie match vs Stacy was so iconic. I remember downloading it on Limewire or whatever. 
  9. Raw February 25, 2019: Live Chat

    OT but I just noticed you have Red Velvet on your avatar. Icon(s). 
  10. Resident Evil 2

    Same but even with how scary it is, it got really addicting! Like I had to get through it. 
  11. Eva Marie Claims She's In Talks For WWE Comeback

    I'm all for that gimmick to come back. Her vs Bayley was a moment and gave me so much life. Give me more moments like that if she's not going to be the "best wrestler".  
  12. Resident Evil 2

    I played RE7 and although I enjoyed it, it didn't quite feel like the Resident Evil I wanted. It still scared the crap out of me though. I'm not opposed to a Silent Hill esque game but I'm just tired of all the FPS stuff since I've never really enjoyed it. 
  13. Resident Evil 2

    It's honestly way better than I had hoped for and I was hoping for a lot. I wished it was a little longer (like Queen Ada's segment especially) but best of all, it like promises a better future for their traditional Resident Evil games
  14. Resident Evil 2

    Of courseeee it's a shame it was during a time when online gaming was just starting on consoles but I fucking loved it. The perspectives of the characters and how MUCH better they can do it with today's technology. That and 3 are my most requested for sure. 
  15. Resident Evil 2

    Has anyone played the newest one or a fan of the older ones? This one is SO good and scary as hell. It feels a little shorter than the older ones but it's so worth it and especially if they give the same treatment to Resident Evil 3 and Outbreak!