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  1. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    Ooop, OK, Alright. Also, guess Ronda really wasn't the investment they hoped for, LMAO!
  2. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    jshdfjksdhhfjsdhfjsd, she can still have that accolade! But, maybe they should look at how the majority of their shirts are designed. It may just be that they're really fucking ugly? But, I dunno 
  3. WWE Posts Revenue Loss

    Source: I have to laugh. 
  4. Bond 25 Cast Officially Revealed; Rami Malek Confimed

    OK, alright. Skyfall snapped and I believe I saw Spectre?  However, if 007 isn't played by Idris Elba another POC, or even a woman, after Daniel Craig, they can keep it! 
  5. Disney+ Star Wars Series "The Mandalorian" Trailer Leaks

    Oooo, another one Imma put on the pirate list  These companies basically trying to recreate cable by having their own streaming services now...don't fall for it! 
  6. Random Thoughts

    Yeahhhhh, it was really, really unpleasant to have to face family in 2016. They didn't raise me to be a bigot or racist so I do not understand what they see in Donald Trump. Fuck, my family growing up was staunchly middle class and even now, they don't benefit from anything any Republican is trying to sell. So, I - I'm constantly impressed that my brother and I emerged as staunch progressives. I'm dem socialist af, nnnnnn.  My mom has extremely progressive views as well but, I think her hatred of Hillary clouded everything else out. She's very misguided on certain things. My dad tho, he was lost to Fox News long ago.
  7. Random Thoughts

    I'm dreading primary season 2020 so bad now . Hopefully he just drops right out before the status quo dems make him the nomination.
  8. Luke Harper Requests Release

    I'm sick and tired of WWE being such a petty pre-teen.
  9. Random Thoughts

    OMG, of course Joe Biden announced his candidacy for 2020. I don't know what I'm going to do if 2020 is anything like 2016. My anxiety was the worst it had ever been, fighting with my family members who voted for Trump just because they didn't like Hillary, uhhhhh. (I'm still salty, just hiding it better). Why Joe Biden when Elizabeth Warren is right there, pushing progessive policies almost weekly now? Even Bernie, Mayor Pete, Beto, or Andrew Yang are better, energizing candidates. I'm - 
  10. Game of Thrones | Season 8: The Final Season

    It was really gratifying seeing all our heroes finally meet after 7 seasons!  But, yeah, Sunday is probably going to be brutal. 
  11. Game of Thrones | Season 8: The Final Season

    Sansa is the definition of growth!  Queen of the North! 
  12. Shadia Bseiso released from NXT

    Source: Wow, I'm a bit shocked  What a waste. WWE/NXT promote the hell out of their "first from X" country but then wind up cutting them loose. Bleh.  
  13. Game of Thrones | Season 8: The Final Season

    Yasss, Oberyn was THAT BITCH! I'm still haunted by his demise  I like the Sands too. It's unfortunate their story didn't translate well into the show   OMG, Ellaria breaking free and going after Cersei would be kii! 
  14. Game of Thrones | Season 8: The Final Season

    I'm not 100 percent sure that The prophecy about Cersei still is in play and I think his kingslayer moniker is going to come full circle. I think I think some minor characters will go out in a blaze of glory but, I dunno. Do you think the Night's King has possibly bypassed the North and is riding to Kings Landing while the army distracts our heroes? I've been reading so much speculation on reddit's GOT and ASOIAF threads