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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    Screaming, what is happening?! Lemme at 2k
  2. Networks like HBO and older series like Twin Peaks revolutionized the game with storytelling in regards to television. Once networks saw that you can have production mirroring high quality movies, everybody wanted in.  Storytelling is magnified and for some series, it really shows through. You can tell a much longer story, create larger worlds, television really has superseded film. 
  3. Yeah, I just read it's because she had a development deal with Columbia-TriStar. I guess they prevented her from doing it? I dunno. It still kinda irks me when a great film becomes a tv show but with a different cast. Like 
  4. Scream, ksdjfsdhjkhgjkdhfgj I used to hate the show because Alicia Silverstone wasn't Cher, like why replace her?!   
  5. Not Moderated: Backlot

    I - was not expecting to see this today: hmmmmmmmm 
  6. When I read the description yesterday I just -
  7. skjsdhfhsdflkjdhgdkhfg what is this ad from? nnnnnnn 
  8. I just hope she's OK. She had one of the most beautiful Northern Lights Suplexes in the business and she definitely deserved more than the company ever gave her.  Iconic 205 Live queen
  9. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Also that tag match between Adam Page/Kenny Omega vs Pac and Jon Moxely As far as men's wrestling goes
  10. Production underway on ‘Chicken Run’ sequel

    wait...what?!  This movie came out when I was 12, nnnnnnnnn. It's almost 20 yrs later, I - 
  11. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    I think they are trying to do this with AEW Dark on Tuesdays. They upload that show to their YouTube. I like Riho, she's all heart, but...the AEW women's division desperately needs something. We also need multiple women's matches per show.  Of course when AEW launches we finally get some multi women development in NXT. I stay sleep tho since Shayna's still champ.
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Yeah, I'm assuming Alexa and Nikki will be a face tag team, while Carmella and Dana are the faces in singles action...there's still too many heels tho and I definitely don't want to see Sasha switch back so soon   Maybe they'll turn Sonya face, I'm not sure of her alignment right now ? It's also rumored that Lacey could be turning face too, I'm kinda ready for her Liberty Belle run, nnnnn. 
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I know  I miss her so much!  There's been some more news about women being drafted. Fire and Desire stays on SD and Dana has moved to the blue brand.  I'm ready for Dana to slay as a top babyface!
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Source: I know Naomi has also been going through some personal stuff but....are they suggesting that WWE is punishing her because of Jimmy? SmackDown needs more babyfaces in the women's division so, can WWE make something make sense? 
  15. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    LOLOLOLOL, what is this? djshfksdhfkjshdfk