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  1. LOLOLOL, omg, I didn't even think of them, dfjksdhflkshdfljksdhfsdjfhlkjdf
  2. The only thing really keeping them afloat are these tv deals, which includes the one with FOX, and blood money from Saudi Arabia. None of it is a good look. 
  3. Superstar Photo Booth

    I love how Billie serves pampered rich housewife, such a look!
  4. ^^^^ THIS I'm going to be blunt and cynical about this, I don't see NXT moving to USA as a good thing at. all. Especially since now it's 2 hours long. WWE needs less programming, not more of it. And WWE needs to plan long term stories, not just stumble into a good thing which happens wayyyyyyy more often than it should. No other company functions like this. What's the point of the network now? I'm not gonna lie, I like the docu series they put on there but, when there's 0384093734857 streaming services to choose from, the WWE Network isn't on my list.  NXT already has enough trouble as it is building the women's division properly since Asuka's title reign. The main roster has put the women on the back burner again. Hopefully the upcoming Sasha/Becky feud opens up more time for the women but it's been a struggle to even care about the product when it's so inconsistent.  I'm scared for all the talent in NXT and they should be nervous too.
  5. Ronda Rousey books recurring role on Ryan Murphy show

    OMG, who even suggested her as Sonya Blade, she completely ruined her. The dialogue was so wooden any time she was on screen, I couldn't help but laugh, LMAOOOO. Such a shame too, I've always been fond of Sonya, now I'm like What a way to downgrade such a classic character.
  6. Ronda Rousey books recurring role on Ryan Murphy show

    They definitely missed the memo that Ronda can't act...
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Screaming, I know what you mean! Sasha and Becky are incredible together, I'm just hoping WWE doesn't mess this up. They can put some spectacular matches together when they are given the chance. I absolutely loved their NXT TakeOver match, gimme that chain wrestling/reversal shit! 
  8. NXT Spoilers: August 21-September 11

    OoOo, shitt, that's a good idea actually. I'm not sure tho how they'd fare, if they'd just be another mean girls tag team then? The IIconics kinda fit that role in a delusional way, but Aliyah needs a chance, poor girl has the skills but needs someone to light the character/gimmick development fire under her.  These spoils look, OK at best. I don't watch NXT anymore but the Io/Candice feud is the type of thing we def need more of. I wish they'd showcase some more of the experienced women so it feels like we have a full division again. 
  9. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    Happy Birthday Heartbreakers!!!  I was a lurker before I joined and I'm so glad I made the decision to jump in. Ya'll keep me laughing when it's rough or slow at work and I enjoy poppin off in a variety of conversations, whether wrestling or niche threads.  I look forward to growing with you all as we continue to embark on this journey for many years to come!
  10. The only issue I've ever had with Ivelisse is when she misspoke about anxiety and depression. As someone who suffers both, lemme tell you, you don't just "get over it." But good to know those messages ^ are fake. I never know where he gets his material from, you're supposed to cite sources in news articles 
  11. Santana Garrett Signs With WWE

    When I saw the news, I popped. So happy for her, she's going to be a great opponent for the other girls in NXT to bounce off of and they definitely need to spotlight the women more down there, she can only be a great addition for that. 
  12. Live Action Bambi On The Way

    OH HELL NO, the first Bambi scarred me as a child, why - I - this is stupid as hell to do....
  13. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Their NXT TakeOver match was one of my favorites of all time, I'm very excited to see them fight again. The chemistry, jhffjdhsfjshdflkjsdhfkjsdhf, ahhhhhh, here's to hoping WWE doesn't mess this up.
  14. Disney rebooting Home Alone, among others

    What won't they reboot at this point? 
  15. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    Trish's boobs, OMG GIRLLL  She's so incredible, the only thing that bothered me about that match was Charlotte using the big boot like 9475093470594587 times, instead of something else as her offense. I mean, I love that move and I understand why she used it so much, she's so damn tall, but....come on, LOL. My girl did it tho, she really is the queen of all queens! Glad they started the night with Becky and Nattie tho and I feel extra bad for Bayley and Ember, wtf was this that crowd? That match was probably one of the best on the card and the crowd was so fucking dead, it was annoying me. Bayley is such a good wrestler when she's actually given time, she just gives and gives, allowing her opponent to really show out. Ember still has no character tho and it's a damn shame, I hope they start developing her FFS. Not sure who Becky's next opponent is. Maybe Naomi? Sasha is still MIA and rumors have calmed down regarding her status so ?????