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  1. Sasha is truly the GOAT. She can make or break a match, she can bring out the best in her opponents. Her face character may be stale af, but when she's her Boss persona, she's amazing. 
  2. Yup, it should be Asuka that dethrones Becky and CharLynch should have no stake in the tag division whatsoever, they could just be paired to "even the odds" but to be placed in the tag division maybe going for those titles when we have a few established tag teams right there, I'm - 
  3. I don't really agree with what he's saying. Who's been off RAW for the past two weeks, Becky Lynch, the face of the company, the RAW Women's Champion. And yet who's almost always showcased, Charlotte. Whether she's in the title picture or not, Charlotte is always featured. What the hell are they talking about?! She's a Flair and she's earned her pedigree at this point, she'll be fine. Everyone else in the locker room on the other hand  Where are the IIconics, Liv, Naomi? Dana, Sarah Logan, Nattie, anyone? ANYONE?  
  4. AEW Recreates Britt Baker At NXT Takeover WarGames Moment

    I'm - I'm so confused by this. What did they think they were doing?
  5. Well, I will say when Asuka was getting cocky in NXT sitting poolside and asking if Ember Moon still worked in NXT,  LMAO, they should have pulled the trigger on making her heel. It would have been fantastic timing and made the division more interesting. I'm enjoying her run with it now, but, back then, she could have been a more of an ELEVATED FORCE, PERIODT! As usual WWE is late on capitalizing something again...
  6. Say what you want about Nattie, she deserves. She's really been through IT all and still hangs in there with the current crop of women, we stan a work rate queen!  NAOMI AND ASUKA Rounding it out, the girls snapped on this countdown! 
  7. Resident Evil 2

    I'm so ready and by ready I mean, not because Nemisis is truly my nightmare, nnnnnnnnnnn. I never finished the OG RE3 b/c of him. He looks 937498347589347589 times more intimidating now. I'm - This should be interesting tho. I'm very excited!   
  8. ‘No Time to Die’ Official Trailer

    The World is Not Enough by Garbage is my favorite 007 bop! 
  9. Scream at this Tea  Out of all the ECW people, I'm surprised this bitch doesn't have Alzheimer's yet, although with these comments, maybe he does 
  10. YESSS, I've only watched the first two episodes, there are 4 available right now, and it's - I got kinda emotional, not gonna lie. When I was a child watching the OG trilogy, I never would have imagined we'd get more, like this. It's definitely worth it to see Baby Yoda alone. Pedro Pascal is great too, he conveys so much emotion without any facial expressions since he's constantly wearing a bounty hunter helmet. It also adds more dimension to the lore, especially now since they threw out the extended universe book cannon. 
  11. Anyone interested in a Mandalorian thread? 
  12. Me at my list flopping