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  1. Well, he better slow down if he wants to see Branch. Didn't he recently say he's going part time? 
  2. Roman Reigns will not be part of WrestleMania 36

    It's looking like it: If the miz showed up to the PC sick, that's irresponsible af. What don't people get about NOT WORKING WHILE SICK?! 
  3. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally

    We stan a class-conscious socialist queen! 
  4. Dark Side of the Ring

    OMG, OMG, I've been watching the show since last season, it's so good! I thought the Beniot 2 hr episode was really moving. It obviously doesn't excuse his actions at all, it does not take them lightly but it does shine the light on how unsafe wrestling has been, and in a way continues to be, for many years. The CTE stuff, chilling. And it's really important too to show how a smaller physique lead to discrimination in the business in the 90s and early 2000s. We still kind of see it but definitely less so since the rise of Rey Mysterio, Punk and subsequently Daniel Bryan.  I feel the most for Nancy, I didn't know too much about her and it's really not fair that she's been completely erased because of this. She shouldn't be tied to what her husband did, she should be celebrated as a good person and a great manager/valet.  I also didn't know about how Eddie passed away in Chavo's arms, that....ughhhh. I think since we're so far removed from it now and some things have been done to address the wear and tear on wrestling bodies, it's the right time to revisit this.  If anyone is interested in watching the episode or the last season, go here i think vice also uploaded some episodes to their youtube. 
  5. "Wonder Woman 1984" Officially Pushed Back

    We really thought this was gonna be our year too, huh, the clownery
  6. Try not to have a mental breakdown on the timeline challenge, 2020

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    2. Charlotte's Weave

      Charlotte's Weave

      Thank you for the concern @Kat, I'm feeling much better today already. 

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      The stress and worry of the virus and everything, whew, really got me. I had a tele appointment with my therapist and that helped steer me back. 

      @Twisted Bliss i love short meditations! I've also been really into slow stretching and yoga with adriene, she's a life saver. 

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    3. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      Continue those sessions, and just keep up the positivity. 

    4. Layout


      Sending you my love girl :heart: We are in this together #HBStrong


      The mood all month (hopefully that cheers you up sjdjdsk I laugh everytime I watch that video :brandon:)



  7. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally

    No worries sis, we're in this together. My anxiety is real bad today, got bad news yesterday, my job, which i can thankfully do from home, will be cutting all our pay so effectively we're getting demoted. I already make the bare bones salary of a managing editor, now, I'm speechless. it'll also be that time of the month for me this week (ofc, lmao) and now because of Trump, my grandparents think it's a good idea for everyone to "go back to work." what that means, they could barely tell me this morning. BuT MaH eCoNoMy, money doesn't mean shit if everyone is dead. I have to make a quick run to the pharmacy this morning and I'm scared as hell.
  8. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally

    Stay safe sis and thank you for being apart of the front lines with this!
  9. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally

    Seeing their numbers rise continually breaks my heart every day, it's so devastating  NJ looks to follow NYC's lead soon and institute some sort of curfew and mass closure of all the schools in the state. Our cases keep rising too, one of our most populous counties, towns I frequent also, are seeing the most cases.
  10. WWE confirms that Friday Night Smackdown will proceed with no live audience.

    I saw an earnings/investor report yesterday, I believe, and...with the amount of money they supposedly have, I wish they'd just suspend travel and hold events like this for now just at the PC until this whole thing is under control. It's definitely going to be worse here in America because our dipshit leaders on a federal level are incompetent af and the last thing WWE needs is all its talent to get sick or spread this. 
  11. Random Thoughts

    The 80s mullet on that one woman, sjdhjkdhfjsdhfjksdf. I love and miss the aesthetic from the late 80s early 90s. There was something wholesome in that transitional period between then until like 1996/1997. It's probably comforting to me b/c i was a baby/child then (born in 88). Much appreciated.
  12. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally

    As much as I don't want the wrestlers to suffer if some were to be laid off, I think they'd still be able to land on their feet. The landscape is changing now more than ever with AEW so there are still options.  Let's be real, the only thing keeping WWE afloat is blood money from the Saudis and their tv deal with FOX and USA, not live events. 
  13. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally

    And now with Joe Biden looking like the Dem nominee even tho Bernie is right there, me wanting to leave this country (America, even tho NJ is one of the more progressive states) is becoming clearer every day. 
  14. Coronavirus Thread | US records highest number of cases globally