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  1. I saw and just commented in the thread made about it. I better see women going after men specific titles then, this is so goddamn stupid. Where's my girl Nikki Bella to clock Becky in the face with real feminism?!
  2. Major Change made to the NXT Women's Championship

    Talk about a company completely missing the point
  3. Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. What even is her statement? She has lost the entire plot, she wants to get rid of the term woman but, where even is the rest of the women's division? It's the charlotte and becky show on RAW when the IIconics, Naomi, Nattie and others are missing and could be around feuding with Kairi and Asuka. And SmackDown is a little better but similar. It's not the term women that's the problem, it's using outdated stereotypes, barely creating characters, or giving the women time that's the fucking issue. I can't with this....
  4. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    The 2018 RR continues to outsell. I just hope Ronda doesn't come back, whether or not she does, I know those MMA hacks will clog up the women's roster regardless, and I'm already tired just thinking about it. Ideally this would be where Sasha could stake her claim since she's really taken a back seat but, having faith in WWE to actually push her, I don't even want to put my heart into it.  Hopefully Naomi returns tho, i miss her so much 
  5. Watchmen | Airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on HBO

    AHHHHHHH, I finished the season this past weekend  It was incredible, no one is doing it like Watchmen is. In regards to a second season, I'm absolutely OK with it not happening. Angela's story is done and yeah, there are a few loose ends that would be interesting to explore but, if Damon Lindelof and the writer's room are done for now, I'm perfectly fine with that. There are so many unnecessary seasons of lesser shows, I'd rather this go out on a high. Marvel ain't got nothing on this, they don't tackle racism, sexism, poverty, or any other societal ills like this. Long live Hooded Justice and Sister Night!
  6. "Birds of Prey" Tracking for $50M-Plus North American Box Office Debut

    I'm pretty curious as to how they predict the opening amount the film will do anyway? Is it word of mouth? Buzz on twitter and other online communities?  I'll lowkey probably check it out once it hits p*tlocker. 
  7. WWE and Quibi partner for “Fight Like a Girl” series

    dshfkjhdfjdhf, well, she isn't one of the meme/gif queens for no reason 
  8. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    NNNNNN, I'm bored of AEW now. I just haven't been able to get back into it after seeing them just talk about how they're building their division but, barely doing anything to showcase or build characters outside Brandi and Kong. 
  9. WWE and Quibi partner for “Fight Like a Girl” series

    This sounds kinda cute, will probably  ill*gally stream when it comes out.
  10. Original "Star Wars: Episode IX" Script Leaks

    I don't...hate this? (charlotte voice*) The whole Palpatine thing did seem out of nowhere, but I also didn't hate The Rise of Skywalker. The whole thing is overblown to be quite honest. The way forward now is through a variety of mini series', there are way more interesting stories to tell in a longer form on tv.
  11. When colleagues laugh when someone asks if our company will upgrade our Windows 7 software to Windows 10, capitalism is a joke

    Related image

    No wonder companies get hacked, LMAO

  12. "Lizzie McGuire" Showrunner Exits Reboot; Show Placed on 'Hiatus'

    I - , I wasn't a constant viewer of the show when it was airing but...I love Hilary Duff, she's so wholesome and the hiatus of the reboot makes me sad. Hopefully they figure something good out before the end of this year.... Can't wait for her to serve quarter life crisis. 
  13. Me waiting for work to end after all my productivity has been squeezed out of me:

    Image result for charlotte flair tick tock gif

  14. Becky responds to women’s wrestling critics

    jsdjshdjkhsdfkjh, oop maybe the clown in me jumped out today.  I'll never forget this tho, sjddhfjdhfkjdf