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  1. At the ny rangers game and they deadass can't score a goal,  I'm - :brandon4:

    1. Angelic


      Imagine working there and having to pretend you care about them. Me every game. Knicks is 10x worse. 


    2. Charlotte's Weave

      Charlotte's Weave

      Nnnnnn, omg! MSG is so classy tho, but I imagine that gets old quick. I used to work at medieval times so, I feel you. I never gave a shit about any of the knights, lmaoooo.

    3. Angelic


      You think it's classy. They messy asf here sis. You would think that it'd be fine with such a big building and like 20 different departments. But people's business get around like everyone works on the same floor, and they fuck each other just the same. They nastyyyyy. I keep to myself and fuck with who I fuck with tho. Everyone gets a "hello" and "goodnight", not everyone gets a "how are you" tho.