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  1. Try not to have a mental breakdown on the timeline challenge, 2020

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    2. Charlotte's Weave

      Charlotte's Weave

      Thank you for the concern @Kat, I'm feeling much better today already. 

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      The stress and worry of the virus and everything, whew, really got me. I had a tele appointment with my therapist and that helped steer me back. 

      @Twisted Bliss i love short meditations! I've also been really into slow stretching and yoga with adriene, she's a life saver. 

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    3. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      Continue those sessions, and just keep up the positivity. 

    4. Layout


      Sending you my love girl :heart: We are in this together #HBStrong


      The mood all month (hopefully that cheers you up sjdjdsk I laugh everytime I watch that video :brandon:)