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  1. This fucking article, just the whole thing from start to finish is amazing
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Sis I don't want to be the one ... but I'm gonna be the one. That was literally your gimmick up until recently. I appreciate your enthusiasm though!
  3. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    He did indeed  
  4. Sonya Deville

  5. Sarah Logan

  6. Elias Samson Loses His Last Name

    As someone that lowkey stans him (for no reason) this isn't really gonna change much. His main catchphrase is just 'do you wanna walk with Elias?" Anyway, so not having a last name really isn't gonna effect him. It kind of works with his no name drifter gimmick anyway. He'll be fine.
  7. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    Y'all are fucking disgusting. Sultry (XO) and Femme Fatale deserved better. This is some kind of Phobia I freaking know it!
  8. Random Thoughts

    I'm actually so glad to have her back, the fucking excitement I get when I see something new   
  9. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    The legendary Walk idiot walk making it that high. I was not expecting it but I am so proud to see it. So proud. 
  10. I'm gonna need a name and a list of your top politicians so i can harass them via email.
  11. Your president just announced that trans people can't serve in the military, I'm honestly ready to set fire to the rain. The signing thing is weird but it might just have no formal repercussions, plus legally he can just work around it anyway "I didn't know what I was signing, it wasn't explained to me, yadda yadda yadda" so in reality we have very little to go off that could stand up as actual evidence.
  12. It's suspicious if I am totally honest. Kurt very well could have actually done all of the stuff she is saying, but she chose to settle for whatever reason and take the offer. There is a chance her case wasn't super strong and she just took the settlement since it was a definite way of getting something out of the situation (and going to court costs money). And since she dropped the charges Kurt never had to go to court and therefore was never convicted of anything, it happens a lot. Though that's only a hypothetical and it could be that she is just full of shit. It could honestly go either way and cases like this are always a clusterfuck of mess.  However in the eyes of the law atm Kurt was never formally convicted, he was accused and had the charges dropped. So technically under the good old American system that means he is 'innocent.' The only way we'd ever get an actual answer would be them going back to court and actually hashing it out. Which probably isn't gonna happen. 
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Sis the sites been pretty dead recently, let them argue. We need the post count since Battleground, Raw and Smackdown were flop city
  14. Ok I  got invested and checked his wiki (not the most reliable source ever but eh) "On November 9, 2009, the PFA charges were dropped after he and former girlfriend Trenesha Biggers reached an agreement to avoid contact with each other." So they both settled and she agreed to drop the charges, since she must have gotten whatever she wanted from the deal. So he never had to be formally charged as guilty (hence why he can say not guilty) but she also got something from the settlement anyway.
  15. Superstar Photo Booth

    *lesbian whale noises*