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  1. I just want Becky to make it on the show this week (unless they try to job her to tamina, then they can keep it) 
  2. Happy Birthday, Logan!

    Happy birthday sis! I didn't know which member of PCB to make you so i just gave up and you're getting both 
  3. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    The haus of Deville remains unphased
  4. Raw September 18, 2017: Live Chat

    nawww Bayley being greyed out. My impact 
  5. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Nnn they made the skin tone part of Becky's top way too see through. Sis looks like she came out in a black bra and some suspenders 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ... I ship it
  7. PAIGE Paige smirks seductively as she moves closer to Kevin, hovering over him before slowly lowering herself until she was only a fraction away from Kevin. "You're right Kevin." She purred seductively into his ear. Paige moves back a bit so she's face to face with the larger boy, staring at him with her signature smirk. "So if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go find something to eat." she says with a wink, accentuating her double meaning before abruptly hopping off of Kevin. Standing upright, Paige would sling her jacket over her shoulder as she made her way to the apartment steps. When she gets to the bottom of the steps she turns back to Kevin "Oh and if I'm not back by midnight I won't be back at all. Enjoy your two large pizzas though!" She teases with an eyeroll before walking up the stairs and out of the apartment. 
  8. PAIGE Paige's mind would drift to Seth for a second but she'd quickly shake it, really not wanting to dwell on it right now. "Ok, but how about my girlfriend is she allowed to crash here?" She teases unable to help herself.
  9. PAIGE Paige rolls her eyes realising that Kevin at this point was probably a lost cause. "You know I get that a lot actually. Just like I'm sure you get asked all the time what it was like to play the lead in Free Willy. Don't worry I promise I won't try to harpoon you." Paige smirks as she reaches into her box and pulls out a shirt to cover herself. 
  10. PAIGE Paige smirks devilishly to herself before turning to Kevin and walking closer to him. "Are you sure there isn't another way I could possibly pay it back to you?" She asks, innocently biting her lip. "I mean there has to be something I can do for you?"
  11. PAIGE "Ok but if you eat so much am I gonna get any of those two large pizzas or do i need to get something for myself?" Paige teases as she closes the door of the fridge with her ass. 
  12. PAIGE "Wow I get the whole couch? For real?" Paige giggles sarcastically as she dumps her box on the couch. She then proceeds to remove her jacket and then her shirt, leaving herself only in her long leather pants and her black lace bra.  She quickly grabs the few food items she brought with her and makes her way over to the fridge, placing her items in the mostly empty fridge. "Yo Kev, do you like eat anything else but weed? Cause other than what I brought the only other thing in here looks like it went bad before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth." She asks stepping back from the fridge to look over at Kevin.
  13. PAIGE "Yes sir." Paige says teasingly as she bends over to pick up the box of her stuff. "So where am I sleeping?"
  14. PAIGE "I'm an artist and I take commissions for cash. Now most people don't make good money from that, but that's because they're shit artists. I happen to be one of the few non pretentious assholes out there and if that fails me I could always take up pole dancing." Paige smirks, giving Kevin a teasing look before slowly moving her hips seductively.