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  1. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    The smarks stanning becky cause she is finally making the women's division what they always wanted, the men's division ... but with titties
  2. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    It truly is embarrassing, Her actually making me think 'oh I stanned her?' I think this is what truly fucking bugs me about her and Charlotte at the end of the day. They typically (in interviews) only think about how things effect them. Charlotte saying she needed that smackdown woman's title reign before wrestlemania when sis was already lined up to be in the main event and her getting it caused the other women's mania title match to get cancelled. But she needed it, because she felt sad about not having a title going into mania. Sure if they removed the women's division sub brand nothing would change for Becky or Charlotte. But some women struggle to get through the door as is. Becky acting as if her ass wasn't a loser, struggling to get booked and making quinoa jokes backstage for relevancy even after the women's revolution happened but wants to have a big head now after this push.
  3. Becky Lynch wants WWE to remove the term "women"

    The best thing for the women's division right now would be consistent booking of storylines and some more time. But sure let's continue to blame the terminology 
  4. Colin Farrell Discusses "The Batman" and Debunks Penguin Rumors

    nnn I feel bad but it made me giggle. It trying to serve serious and reference plague doctors but it giving me dorky business man with a penguin fetish instead
  5. Bad Robot Developing Projects Based On Justice League Dark

    It's time for Madame Xanadu to rise
  6. Let her have it, I wanna see the nerds seethe
  7. Bad Robot Developing Projects Based On Justice League Dark

    I love the women of Justice league dark so please dear god let these be good.
  8. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    You writing that big ass paragraph about Nia but leaving Ruby to rot in the back of your mind after she put your fave over. This is not the Riott Grrrl and Nattie Cat solidarity I was promised
  9. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Sign me up, I need to see how hard I lose this year after last year when half the forum was unable to access the site
  10. HB Drag Race - Sign Up Now!

    Actual name for now, we'll save possible drag names for a cast reveal of some sort for the kii
  11. HB Drag Race - Sign Up Now!

    If you sign up it gives you a chance of getting cast. If you get cast each 'week' (may not align with an actual weekly schedule) you and your fellow competitors will compete in a challenge of some sort with those that do well moving on and those that struggle being eliminated. It's fairly easy to compete and I am trying to minimise the amount of time you have to be physically here at a certain time this game (with weekly, or 24 hours deadlines to submit your challenge entry if it doesn't need to be done right away).  It's sort of just a fun way to interact and compete with your fellow forum members and earn bragging rights
  12. HB Drag Race - Sign Up Now!

    It's finally here! Now is your chance to join the phenomenon. Hot on the heels of Drag Race Thailand, Drag Race Uk, Drag Race Australia, Celebrity Drag Race and everyone's favourite Drag U! It's the next instalment in the world of Rupaul's Drag Race spin offs. This will be run much like the other forum games in HB's past (Survivor, Big Brother) but with some classic drag race twists and turns. We are looking for a mix of all different types of forum personalities to join in. It doesn't matter if you are an industry veteran like Chad Michaels or a complete baby queen serving Scaredy Kat, we want your input. Also don't worry this will be done completely digitally you will not have to show your face at all. This is not an actual drag competition lovelies! If you are interested fill out the questionnaire below and send it directly into my pm's, if you have any questions or comment just leave them in the thread below. Thanks to @Shoaib. for sending this to my pm's months ago so I could copy and paste it now. And Thanks to @Jake for the main graphic! So good luck and may the best Heartbreaker win!
  13. Pop Culture Anniversaries: Part Three

    It makes me scream how the theme is probably the thing people remember the most about the show, and it wasn't even the original theme song 
  14. Pop Culture Anniversaries: Part Three

    Also she's a bit less contemporary but Jem turns 35 this year.   
  15. Pop Culture Anniversaries: Part Three

    Me having a tooth brush that used to play this song. I truly was obsessed