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  1. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    Ok then. 2 choruses and 2 verses. @Jeigz You can replace a verse with a bridge if you want.
  2. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    I can cut it down to 2 choruses and 2 verses which was my original plan but I figured since you were WINNERS you could handle it
  3. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    @Angelic @Dante. @Jake @Jeigz @Katy @Leigh @Mariah. @Twisted Bliss Welcome back to the main stage of Hb drag race. I would like to thank you all for your presentations this evening. I know almost all of you worked really hard on what you decided to show tonight. I would also like to point out that you girls are representing the best of the best right now so if anything I say sounds harsh just know that I believe each and every one of you is talented. I have consulted with legendary guest judge @prince. but in the end. The final decision is mine to make. I would like to reveal the safe queen first before I talk to the top and bottom queens.   Twisted Bliss and Leigh. You are both safe. You will not be lipsyncing tonight. Congratulations you will both be here next week. Now for the top three.    Jeigz - You had us rolling with your comedy but you also showed us that you could do glamour. That versatility could carry you far in this competition. But are you turning into a jack of all trades but master of none? Jake - Your set was clean and had a good message behind it. I think you portrayed Sonya well. You have shown an aptitude for design, but will that be enough to carry you through this competition? Dante - You were late displaying your set and that's a shame because I think what you turned in was actually very good. Will you continue to sabotage yourself in this way as the competition goes on? Now for the bottom three    Angelic - You put a lot of effort into your design and I can tell you truly tried to serve us something great. But you just didn't have an avi as far as I could see, and that was an essential part of the challenge. Plus you made us wait. Katy - You put a lot of effort into your design but in the end you were outclassed. Will this be a trend that continues? Mariah - you motherfuckin whore You did not complete the challenge as it was assigned to you. You showed a lot of nerve coming out here to serve that. But in doing so you disrespected me and the sanctity of this competition. @Dante. @Angelic   You are both safe. That leaves us with two tops and two bottoms. @Katy you are safe. @Mariah. you are ... safe That's right. Nobody is going home tonight. @Jake and @Jeigz as the top two tonight you will be competing in a lipsync for your life. The winner will receive immunity next week.   I'm sure you are wondering how lipsyncs will work in HB drag race. Well I will present you both with a song and then it is up to each of you to write your own parody version of it, which is a hb tradition (think fridge fridge, or that song where Charlie dressed as Latoya and called summer a zapdos). You both will have until Sunday the 29th of March at 6:30pm est to complete your songs and be ready to show them off. Without further ado here is your song for week 1 Good luck, and don't fuck it up
  4. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    *producer from offscreen*  it's more than graphics
  5. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    Now while @prince. and i talk talk talk it out, like real women. Feel free to go untuck in the interior delusions lounge. http://www.heartbreakers.me/index.php?/topic/14714-hb-drag-race-untucked/
  6. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    I really appreciate this even as a former becky stan. I think you really sold your story
  7. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    @Twisted Bliss you're up
  8. HB Drag Race - Week 1

  9. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    @Mariah. let's go. @Twisted Bliss you are indeed last dsasda
  10. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    Not you giving Billie the corona
  11. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    @Leigh you're up. @Mariah. is after you
  12. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    I appreciate this different take on the challenge that you have brought. I think what you did really sums up Ruiby's energy. Is it as couture as the other girl's so far? Maybe not. 
  13. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    @Katy you're up. @Leigh is after you
  14. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    I fucking hate you 
  15. HB Drag Race - Week 1

    In an effort to speed this up a little @Jeigz you are up now.  @Katy you are right after