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  1. nnn poor Bianca being in since number 1 and being forced to watch every other NXT girl get massacred
  2. nnn the good sis coming in at almost half way despite being injured since before the year started. The power that she has (perched for her to get booted in like 5 seconds adsasd)
  3. I literally scream every time at the beatdown 
  4. asdasdasd me giving her 23 points coming back to haunt me
  5. You guys like Ember or Alexa? *crickets* yeeeeeeeeeeeeah! \0/
  6. I'm not sure that's a good idea
  7. It's what she deserves
  8. Oh wow, y'all seeing a girl from New Zealand being successful and not being able to take it
  9. Aj playing her ds once backstage and y'all never let it go
  10. Come through miss Jessi making her first rumble appearance
  11. Tamina STRUTTING down to that ring to pass off her brittle bones hex to Nia
  12. Becky didn't want to play apparently
  13. The Maryse stan voodoo hit real fucking quick asdasd
  14. Miss Dakota is coming!
  15. Worlds of DC | Wonder Woman 1984, One Year Away

    I am so damn excited