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  1. "Zatanna" Movie Rumored to be in Development

    Have always loved Zatanna. Definitely excited for this. No idea who they would cast though.
  2. With Tebet being delayed again, it makes it clear that it is going to keep on happening as WB keep delaying it by the such short periods of time. They’re desperate to have it release in movie theatres soon as especially movie theatres don’t want to worry their investors, causing them to start selling their stock en masse.   On top of that WB wants their third quarterly earnings to not reflect the dismal earnings of the second quarter. I still cannot see them putting it on PVOD or streaming unless they get super desperate where this option is more profitable.  A nightmare, literally a nightmare.
  3. Impact Fires Tessa Blanchard, Strips Her of World Title

    She has such a shitty attitude. She really couldn’t be bothered to just film a promo. At this point, I don’t know where she’s going to go. Don’t think AEW will take her on.
  4. Renee Young's awful week continues......

    And it was all in vain as the ratings were flopping.
  5. Didn’t think they would be doing the Sirens. Looking forward to it if it does take place.
  6. RIP Former WWE Superstar Chloe

    RIP. At least she lived a long life.
  7. Warner Bros must be absolutely kicking themselves for not keeping the original release date. What a mess. That’s 5 moves now for WW84.
  8. Disney's 'Artemis Fowl' Adaptation Bombs Critically And With Fans

    Disney dodged a bullet with this not going to theatres. 
  9. Vince McMahon Reportedly Changes His Mind on a WWE Push Again

    No complaints from me. Many people find her boring.
  10. Zack Snyder Will Release the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘Justice League’ on HBO Max

    Yeah. It was originally meant to be a two-parter as well. I’d be really curious to see the original cut.
  11. Zack Snyder Will Release the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘Justice League’ on HBO Max

    Yeah I have a feeling this will be used to fully separate Snyder’s universe from the current one.
  12. New "TENET" Trailer

    OK, this looks good and has Nolan written all over it. Still wondering what is going to happen to the release date though. Just says ‘Coming to Theatres’ but the description still says July 17th. I’m guessing Warner Bros thinks there is a slim chance it may possibly have to be moved depending on how things in the rest of May, June, and July go.
  13. Zack Snyder Will Release the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘Justice League’ on HBO Max

    Also heard they’re filming new scenes and adding some possible cameos. Remains to be seen.
  14. Zack Snyder Will Release the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘Justice League’ on HBO Max

    Yep. Gonna have high expectations for this with the way they’ve been banging on about this. Either way, WB just did this because they want something big with HBO Max. It’ll be interesting to see, but the DCEU still isn’t going to go back to how it was.