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  1. Endgame surpasses Avatar as all time highest-grossing film

    Avatar is technically now Disney anyway, so even if Avatar is re-released, Disney still wins. The other studios need to step tf up.
  2. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    Just saw it. It was good but it’s nothing compared to the original, and I preferred the Aladdin live action remake. Pumba and Timon were the highlights. Beyoncé was also quite good as adult Nala.
  3. I think they’re going to have another panel at D23 which happens in a month. They may mention more about Blade and may release the release dates for Fantastic 4 and the other sequels you mentioned.
  4. Yeah I think Sony announces their own dates, but it might come out in 2021, as Sony likes to do a Spider-Man movie every two years.
  5. So happy that Scarlet Witch is in Doctor Strange 2 though. Always wanted to see the two magic characters interact more.
  6. Lol. They’re definitely saving stuff for D23. 
  7. I love how Kevin Feige casually mentioned Fantastic 4 and Mutants at the end with barely anyone noticing.
  8. Henry Cavill looks so much better than those preview images because the wig looked terrible before. It looks a bit better here. Will be weird to see him as Geralt though.
  9. "CATS" Official Trailer

    Exactly. It already has a nonsensical plot as a musical, let alone a film.
  10. "CATS" Official Trailer

  11. WTF? lol. That’s really random.
  12. "CATS" Official Trailer

  13. It would be a missed opportunity if they don’t.
  14. I can’t wait. Looks so intense.
  15. Great to see Melina again too. Hope they get a worthwhile segment.