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  1. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    If any spoilers of leak I’d be skeptical. Remember when that fake picture of Victoria’s titantron came out before this years Royal Rumble. But I get you, I’m dying to see the spoilers too tbh.
  2. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    The stupidity jumped out. Can’t believe they still went ahead with it. The whole roster needs a break after this WrestleMania.
  3. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    A nightmare, literally a nightmare.
  4. "Wonder Woman 1984" Officially Pushed Back

    WB really should’ve just released this in 2019 like they were going to. Ugh.
  5. "Wonder Woman 1984" Officially Pushed Back

    This is going to be awkward because I don’t think things are going to be better by August. They may have to push it back again. It also means the latter half of 2020 is going to be crowded as hell with blockbusters. Things are looking messy right now.
  6. ‘Black Widow’ postponed indefinitely

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the Marvel movies shift their release dates backwards, so Black Widow takes Eternals release date, and Eternals then takes Shang-Chi’s date and so on and so forth. 
  7. Eurovision 2020 Cancelled

    The way Coronavirus just cancelled the whole year. 
  8. ‘Black Widow’ postponed indefinitely

    Not a surprise. Waiting for WW84 and Tenet to move. 2020 is really going to be the worst year at the box office in years.
  9. WrestleMania Officially Moved to the PC

    Definitely going to be a Wrestlemania for the history books.
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I can’t believe she fell for this. Why the hell would quarantined Italians start blasting ‘New Foundation’ on their speakers? The clownery jumped out.
  11. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

  12. Golden eagle suit simply looks amazing. As for the release date, June is still quite some way away, and many of the recently delayed films waited just a few weeks until pushing back the release dates. I’m sure WB will wait to see what happens with this damn virus.
  13. WWE confirms that Friday Night Smackdown will proceed with no live audience.

    I think they did. Both sides are just waiting to see who makes a move first. A mess.
  14. WWE confirms that Friday Night Smackdown will proceed with no live audience.

    I think WWE are waiting for local officials in Tampa to cancel it themselves as they’ll at least get an insurance payout according to policy. We all know Vince and he’d be pissed if he has to cancel it himself as they’d of course get no payout in that case. A nightmare, literally a nightmare.