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  1. Is this really a thing? There's seriously a debate about this? #TeamAJAllDay #WhatIsAn"EvaMarie"? #Leegion
  2. Makes a lot more sense. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. ..Huh? I'm sorry, but due to my grasp on basic English grammatical skills, I do not understand this comment. Please try again.
  4. I hope so as well, thank you for the welcome.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, lol. iBrandon is my twin.
  6. Never said nor assumed you were talking about me, I'm still trying to figure out who the PizzaPapalis girl Carla Shaw originally posted is. I figured since you replied, you knew. I guess not, so...
  7. And where is that? Please inform me.
  8. Thank you for the welcome.
  9. Not 100% sure who this is, Not 100% I would even remotely consider this slayage. Nice outfit though, minus the shoes.
  10. As do I, Thank you for the welcome.
  11. Beautiful name for beautiful people. Hi and thank you for the welcome.
  12. So, you did your homework, huh? That's cute. Yes, that's me.
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